Back from the Dead - Chapter 22

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:34:04 PM

Chapter 22

In a certain elite bar at Olive Bay Club, VIP Room no . 5

A handsome young man in a Emporio Armani suit is sitting while drinking a glass of whiskey and he was accompanied by two middle age man dress in a Western Royal dress .

"We didn't expect that Princess Amirrah escape the ambush" the middle age man in a Gray western royal dress said . He was disappointed knowing that brat escaped .

"Elder Wilson, she may have escaped for now but she has nowhere to go, she will only be unfamiliar to this country" the young man said while swirling his whisky and this man possess an aura of competitiveness, power and identity . He was not your ordinary young man that will meet up in the street .

"Your highness is right, it will not be too long before she called for the palace to rescue her and when she will, it will be the end for her" the other elder in a dark red western royal dress said . While the young man give him a smile of playfulness .

"We cannot let her sign the deal, it will be a big problem if she manage to sign a contract with him" Elder Wilson said while holding his chin thinking how to resolve the problem

"Elder Junn, make sure to find her whereabouts before they find her . I can't believe the one you hired failed, I thought you said they were the best" The young man said and gaze at him with a cold chilling eyes and the Elder just tremble when he receive his gaze .

"My apologies your Highness! This is due to your subordinates lowly act . " The Elder name Junn immediately kneel in front him and the young man just neglect it .

"Elder Junn, there will be no next time . I don't want such failures, the crown prince is barely hanging on a thread and we don't want that little pampered Princess to take the throne, understand?" the young man chillingly said while the elder tremble in fear .

"Yes your highness, this lowly subordinate understand"

"Your highness, even if that brat Princess manages to attend the business deal it won't be easy to persuade that man" Elder Wilson said . The Princess has no abilities to do some business talk she will only end up damaging the reputation of the Royal Palace is what this Elder is thinking that the Princess is no good .

"Hmm . The King of Empire is a very hard man to deal . According to my source his away for a one week business deal so the Princess is still waiting . We should strike her first before she met up with Mr . Cordiviera" Elder Junn suggested thinking it would be the best approach to attack .

"One week is enough to dispose of her, we can't let Mr . Cordiviera go to her side, he will only end up with us and when we have him on our side, Your highness will have a strong back up to take the throne" Elder Wilson and smile cheerily thinking the young man is the best one fitted to the throne .

"Make sure that everything is according to plan"

. . . . . . . .

At Wafflers Azure Organization

"Bunch of fools! Just merely disposing a little Princess you have failed that mission!" A man in his 40's shouted angrily at the seven remaining young man in a dark blue suit while some of them are wounded .

"Just seven only of you manage to survived from those puny securities?! What of my organization has done to recruit you these bunch of fools!" The man shouted again and emitted a chilling death aura to them and kicked one of them sending him flying to the side and cough a mouthful of blood .

"The head of their security wasn't ordinary! When we battle the old guy we manage to see the 7 rainbow colored star in his shoulder!" one of the young man said still trembling in fear .

"So he was from the Seven Stars Organization! That Royal Palace has some guts!" The man snorted in anger . While his organization ranked the third all over the world, the Seven Stars ranked the second and the Blood Dragon Palace ranked the first . He just gritted his teeth in anger and kicked again the young man in front of him .

"Also, we saw the girl that save the Princess! It was Silver Fox!" The other young man also exclaimed

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"What nonsense! Silver fox is already dead!" The man said and wanted to slap the insolent fool when he answered again .

"Leader! She was really alive! We didn't manage to see her face but her hair! It was really platinum blonde! Only she had this hair color!" The young man exclaimed not wanting to experience being kicked or be slapped!

The man knew that he wouldn't be spouting nonsense . No one would even dare to mimic her not even her hair color and her identity only death would only arrive at their doorstep when they act as the Silver fox! There was one time when someone acted as her and when the real Silver fox and her organization found she was tortured to the point that she wish someone had invented to cure her regret .

The man stop his actions from slapping the poor fool . They found out that Silver Fox died during a mission and it spread widely to every organization across the world and to think about it her last mission was in Mauvellio Country and them finding her during that situation it became fishy .

"Are you sure that she was the one who rescue the Princess?"

"Yes! Yes! We saw the Princess get in her car and the old guy pushes her to drive away! we saw it all clearly!" the young man said and all his fellow agents answered back by nodding their heads .

"So the Blood Dragon Palace is deceiving us all along! Wait until the other organization found out about this! And also that Seven Star organization! i didn't believe that they will ally themselves to them!" The man snorted and an evil glint flash in his eyes .

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"Go and found out her whereabouts! Release this news to the higher ups" The man just ordered and immediately those bunch of fools jumps faster than the rabbit .

He can't wait to see the downfall of these two organizations . He needed to make sure if that Silver Fox is really dead or not . If she's alive it will be the end of the Blood Dragon Palace!

Silver Fox wasn't just an ordinary assassinator . She was also the Empress of the World Assassination Organization from the First to the Eight Continent . When the organization found out that the Empress was dead a thorough investigation was done and until now it is still on going and many other top female assassins were eyeing the seat of the Empress when she was announce as dead .

Now that he have a piece of news about Silver Fox he can't help but imagine the downfall of the two organizations he wanted to crush so much! If the Emperor found out about it will be their end and their Waffler Azure organization will be the number one!

He knows very well how madly that Dragon Emperor is deeply in love and values the Empress . Knowing the temper of the Dragon Emperor he can't wait to see his glory coming .

Meanwhile at the Blood Dragon Palace, the higher ups felt a chill to their bone thinking something is bad is coming and also the Seven Star felt that chill not knowing what the two organizations had done to be able to feel this sudden fear .

They didn't knew that because of the stubbornness of the girl to die that she also led the on-coming death of her organization . Callista didn't knew that a certain accident of saving someone will led to a bigger problem coming to her .