Back from the Dead - Chapter 24

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:33:58 PM

Chapter 24

The sun lit up brightly in the balcony of the VIP Room where Princess Amirrah is standing drinking a hot chocolate which was made by Callista for her .

It's been three days that she's staying with the Little Princess in the hotel and talking about some plans to achieve her goals and ensuring the business deal .

While she was staying with the Little Princess she didn't knew that back home the entire Mansion was in uproar when the Young Lady of the Household hasn't been home for three days!

Butler Yedel receive an early morning call from their Young Master asking about the welfare of his wife and Butler Yedel could only tell the truth that she wasn't home, they haven't even caught a glimpse of her shadow . They don't know where to find her!

When Ashton heard the news that his wife was 'missing' he ended the call and call his own Elite people to look for his wife . His been gone only for three days and his wife is already nowhere to be found . He didn't want to jump to some conclusions . He needed to know if she's okay or not . And if wasn't he would immediately leave and fly to his country back .

While Callista didn't know what circumstances her hubby is thinking she was leisurely drinking a cup of green tea and looking at the proposal paper that the Little Princess prepare for her hubby . The are still four days left before the business deal .

Suddenly, she heard a knock on the doors and her brows creased up . She didn't request anything and she find it very odd . She put the down the cup of her tea and she signal the little Princess to stay put and from knocking the door they now heard a loud banging on the door .

"Miss! W-we were being attacked!"

"Young Misses! Y-you should get out now"

Callista heard the loud noise outside and she immediately pull the little Princess at her side and open the door a little and took her pocket mirror and she saw some security guards lying on the floor stained with blood and along them there are some guys wearing an all black outfit .

The guy who was banging the door was already shot to death and Callista close and locked the door . Both of their exits was blocked and she pulled the Princess to the kitchen its because the manager told her there was an escape route .

She took some five steak knifes and immediately open the big cabinet near the refrigerator which it can fit a human to enter it and click the small button and it showed the hidden pathway . She shove the little Princess and she enter as well and close the cabinet door and before she closed it she heard a loud crash inside the room .

"Are we being pursue now?" The Princess asked and walked to the small pathway that she didn't know where it leads to .

"Well, what do you think?"

"I'm sorry, it's because of me that you are in this mess with me" The little Princess said depressingly . If something were to happen to her she would really blame herself .

"Save your sorry . What matters now is we have to get out and survive" Callista said and look behind from time to time if they are being pursue . After walking the narrow path they saw a stairway that leads down and followed it and after an endless of steps a door showed up .

Callista talk the lead to open the door and took again her pocket mirror and it looks like they were in the underground parking lot .

"It's clear . We can go out now" Callista said and walk out of the door . She grasped the hand of the little Princess and she can feel it trembling . Even if she looked calm on the surface there is still the fear that creeping in her heart .

"Don't worry, I won't let something bad happen to you" Callista assured her and Princess Amirrah took a deep breathe and follow her .

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They took many turns and hide from the cars in case there are some pursuers in the parking area and because her car was park very far from where they came from and in a glimpse she already saw her red car came into view .

They were already twenty steps away to reach her car when they heard some gunshots raining on them . She immediately pulled Amirrah to duck down and behind the gray car . Callista can't help but curse many times . Her gun was on her car and she only has this steak knifes for defense .

The windows from the car shattered and it was filled with bullet holes! Princess Amirrah's body tremble when she heard those gunshots and it made her remember what happen to her and his bodyguards on the road .

If only it was her it would be easy as pie to escape but she needed to assure the safety of this little Princess or else the Royal Palace will hunt her down . She wasn't afraid of the Palace but the other party that is backing it up and Amirrah doesn't know any of this .

She saw the six bastards who keep on raining them with bullets . Callista took out her five steak knifes and sneak out leaving the Princess to hide on the other side . Callista used the advantage of the parked cars to hide her self and immediately throw the knife to the person that was near to her ten meters away and *thud* the knife stuck into his chest breathing his last breath .

The other five men were shocked not knowing what happen when they just saw their mate lying coldly to the ground and they immediately took their positions to hide .

They maintained their cool knowing that they have the advantage thinking it was the only weapon the other party has and they have guns . They only have to kill the girl and it will be over but sadly Callista already pinpoint their location and she was like a rat sneaking in their loopholes and she moves very fast and swiftly .

She painstakingly kill already three men and there were only two men two go and she only had one knife left in her hands . The second last men that spotted her was about to fire his gun but Callista was more faster than him leaving the knife stuck on his throat .

The last man hold dearly to his beloved gun like it was his savior and he didn't know that his other men's are lying coldly to the floor now . With no weapons in her hands Callista just casually walk to the last man position .

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"Do you know what happens when someone is trying to pick a fight with me?" Callista said in a chilling murderous voice . When the man heard the voice that as cold as ice he tremble in fear knowing that death is behind him . He was about to pull the trigger when he heard that voice again .

"You know it's futile to resist, face me" Callista said without changing her tone .

The man knew if he make a dirty move it will only be a matter of time when he will met the King of hell and the instant he saw the person behind him . Shocked and fear was register to his face not believing what he is seeing and he tremble more that the gun fall off his hands and his complexion turn pale .

Her platinum blonde hair the symbol of knowing she was and he saw those cold blue eyes with a glint of murderous aura showing him no mercy and only death awaits him .

"S-silver F-fox!" He stammer and his voice is trembling just mentioning her code name . They receive the news that she was already and yet here she was standing in front of him . He didn't want to believe it but it was the reality . He wanted to pinch and slap himself but he has no energy to do so due to the fear his feeling .

"Who's behind this plot?" Callista asked him and just neglect him calling her Silver Fox . She wanted to know who is behind this plot .

"I . . I don't . . . know! We . . . we . . . were . . only . . . task . . on . . . on . . . this . . . mission" The man stammered and Callista looked at him very deadly and he sweat profusely .

"Its . . . . the truth! I . . I really don't know!" The man exclaimed and drips of sweat fall down from his face . God knows he really didn't know anything! They were only tasked to kill them but he didn't expect that Silver fox would be here and she would be alive! And also she was talking to him and standing in front of him!

Even if he was given billions he wouldn't accept this mission! He wouldn't have the courage to deal with her even if he has a hundred courage!

"Useless" Callista coldly said and in an instant he just smashed his head hardly to the car and because of her fast movement the man didn't knew how he had died!

There wasn't a trace of mercy from her eyes . She just stare blankly at the dead man on the floor . It was like killing a mosquito for her . Not everyone of the Assassins know her as their Empress they just knew her as the number one female assassin and the ruthless and deadly Silver Fox . Only the higher ups know her other identity .

She just walk out and pulled the trembling girl to her car .

"A-are they gone now?" She asked but Callista kept quiet and push her to the passenger seat and immediately she turned on the car and leave the hotel .

She still sense that in the parking lot there was still someone lurking and she want to leave hurriedly she didn't want to expose herself more and maybe some details about her being alive leaked out even if it wasn't her literally .

To prevent someone from following them around she abandoned her car on the roadside and her heart crush when she left the car . It was such a beautiful car but she had to abandon it for their safety and they change taxi's three times to ensure no one was following them .

Along the way, the both of them were very quiet . The little Princess wanted to ask questions on what happened to the one who just fire some bullets to them . She was with her a few days and she sense that she wasn't just an ordinary chef, there is still something more to her .

No matter how curious she was, she just kept her mouth shut . She already save her and she wouldn't that naive to ask more question if she doesn't want to tell her about it . The little Princess just follow her quietly and she didn't even knew where are they now .

They just enter a place name called Green Plains Villa and they just walk aimlessly . She saw some few big mansions and they enter once again at a big silver gate and saw the alignment of trees at each side . She was tired from all the walking yet she didn't let out a word of complain not until she saw a big mansion .

The people outside from the mansion who are running back and forth due to their Young Lady that wasn't home for the past few days suddenly burst into tears when they saw her walking .

"Young Lady!"

They all called and cry to her! If she only knew how much torture and pressure they've been feeling . If they haven't caught a glimpse of her, their Young master would really beat the hell out of them .