Back from the Dead - Chapter 25

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:33:53 PM

Chapter 25

The moment they saw their Young Lady they immediately rush to her and throw the things that they were doing and expect her welfare if she got any wounds or not .

They cringe when they saw her disheveled state . Seeing how haggard she look alarmed the worries of these servants . If the Young master found out about this their days would not be peaceful!

They asked too many questions that she got an headache listening to their worries but she felt quite move to their concerns for her .

"Young Lady! We were so worried about you, thank god that your finally here! The Young master was so worried!" Butler Yedel exclaimed while making his way to the girl . When he found out that their young lady is home he rush out to see her .

Callista didn't know how she would react . She forgot that this servants really cared about her welfare and about her hubby she forgot that over protectiveness of him .

"I'm really sorry for not informing you about me these past three days, escort her to one of our guest room first" Callista said and let the other servants took the Princess .

While she made her way to her own room and took the laptop on and type a site and immediately the screen of the laptop turn black with the symbol of a golden crown and a robotic voice was heard welcoming the person who entered the organization site .

"Welcome back, Empress"

. . . . . . .

In Slovenia Country at a certain VIP Hotel .

It was already late at night and Ashton was sitting on the sofa and he almost finished the bottle of wine . He was still waiting some news about his wife . His business deal was already finished and the last thing he would be doing here is to visit .

A while later, Albert enter the room while holding a piece of brown envelope and even though the room is cold he was sweating . When he receive the information about the lady boss he almost fainted not believing what the Elites told him .

"Boss, here is the information about what happen to Lady Callista" Albert said and handed the envelope to him while his hands are trembling and he can feel the cold aura emitting from his boss .

Ashton took the brown envelope and immediately open it . He took the pictures and read some information regarding what happen to her these past three days when he was out .

The instant he read the paper and look at the pictures, he look at Albert with his eyes half squinting while emitting a bone chilling coldness and it frightened the hell out of him . Looking at his boss face he was truly scary!

"What is this?" Ashton asked and throw the pictures and paper at the table .

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There was some photos when Callista visit the restaurant and Callista's pictures in single shot and some with the Princess entering the hotel and the most terrible one that Ashton see was Callista's picture killing someone and other one was a picture where it was shot like she was looking at the camera with a cold blank expression .

The person that Callista sense in underground parking was part of the hidden elite that Ashton assigned to her welfare . Even the elite who had taken this felt like the Lady boss was about to kill him anytime .

When Albert saw this picture, he never wanted to believe that their Lady could do it and he was just telling himself that maybe this person was her twin or maybe someone just pose as her but Albert knew it was just a wishful thinking .

The evidence was right in front of him and neither both of him and his boss believe that it was the same person . The room temperature immediately drop and Albert felt like his about to die from this coldness . He wanted to cry but there were no tears .

"Boss, I really don't know what happen . They just told me that Lady Callista was ambushed and the girl who's with her is the Princess of the Kingdom of Philan"

"According from the sources, their target was only the Princess and Lady Callista was dragged into this series of killing"

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The moment Albert said the word 'killing' Ashton's cold aura intensify more and a murderous aura emit along with it . Albert felt like he was about to suffocate .

"The Princess has some business deal with us . To find out more about what truly happen, we could only ask Lady Callista" Albert suggested thinking it was only the solution to find out what truly happen . If he keep on staying in this room he would really suffer a fate worse than death!

Ashton's facial expression was indescribable . It was like as if he had lurked out in the depths of hell and was about to kill someone at anytime and would rip those people apart on touching his wife .

"Investigate more, prepare the private plane were leaving tomorrow" Ashton coldly said and looked again at the pictures on the table . The moment Albert receive his request he immediately storm out and breathe deeply outside the room .

Albert silently pray that when they go back their lady should still be intact and if not his boss would really go into a massacre mode!