Back from the Dead - Chapter 26

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:33:50 PM

Chapter 26

Callista finished on what she was doing and immediately delete the traces of her from entering the organization site it would be a big problem if they found out that a dead person open this account and they would trace it back .

She turned off the laptop and did some stretching because her body ache so much! She forcefully perform those energy draining techniques of using those knifes . Her body is not the same as the one who is at the peak of the number one assassin and it took a toll on this weak fragile body .

After her stretching she immediately freshen up and change into some comfortable clothes . She needed to talk and clarify some things with the Princess

Her safety for now is just only temporary and no one would even dare to enter this Villa even though those cunning bastards are powerful . But it was only temporary and she could not hide her forever and she will just face them anytime sooner .

She leave her room and saw the time on the wall clock and it was already past noon . She called for Butler Yedel when she saw him .

"What are your request, Lady Callista?"

"Prepare some lunch for us and please assist the Princess to go to the gazebo in the garden . I'll be waiting for her there" Callista instructed . She was quite thankful that Butler Yedel didn't ask too many questions and probe on why she was gone for three days . She just head to the garden and wait for the Princess .

. . . . .

Princess Amirrah was sitting quietly in the bed from the guest room . They give her clothes to change and some snacks and refreshments for her .

She just sit there and no one knows what she was thinking . She just patiently wait for Callista and she heard a knock on the door .

"Come in" she just said and she saw a girl dress in a maid uniform .

"The Young Lady wants you to go to the garden, please follow me" the maid politely said and Princess Amirrah just followed her quietly .

Her savior is a mysterious one . She was really right that Callista has some big background and she was a young lady of a big mansion .

They were already outside the mansion then she saw the gazebo came into view and there were a lot of brightly colored tulips surrounding the place . Then she saw Callista sitting in a rattan chair with two cats on her side . One was black and the other was white .

"You called for me?" Princess Amirrah asked and sat at the opposite chair and the maid just serve her a glass of juice then left .

"Yes, I need to talk to you regarding about your matters" Callista said seriously and stop stroking the fur of the cats .

"Did you find out anything?"

"Yes, I already know who is the one responsible for the ambush and the who is so itching to kill you" Callista said in a straight tone and Princess Amirrah almost lost her grip on the glass .

"W-Who was it?" Her voice tremble when she answer . She didn't want to ask and know who was responsible but they want to kill her and not just even her as well as her brother too .

"Princess, your heart is too soft . You need to face the reality no matter how harsh it was . When fighting for the throne, blood is always spilled . You need to harden your heart and show to them that you are not easily taken down" Callista said and when she hear this she can tell she was right .

"It was your cousin Damian Clavestine and he wants Daniel to stand on the throne" Callista said once again and Princess Amirrah's world crack .

"W-what? but Daniel doesn't want the throne!" Princess Amirrah exclaimed . She knew his cousin very well even though she and her cousin Damian aren't that close she and Daniel were much more closer before her brother .

"Daniel is a two-faced person, his only deceiving you"

"No! Your lying! Big Brother Daniel is not like that! His a kind person to me!" Princess Amirrah shouted and slam the table . Callista just sigh she knew it will be hard for her to accept this . When she did her research she immediately found out everything .

"Tell me, you told him you were going this country right? Aside from your Father and Brother he is the other one who knows this, am I right?" Callista said and the moment she heard that it was like there was series of cracks in her world shattering into pieces .

"N-no, it can't be" Princess Amirrah muttered . She didn't know what to say . She didn't want to believe that the other person she trusted would also betray her .

"Your cousin Damian wasn't just an ordinary businessman . He made a lot of travels and investment to other powerful people to have a strong gained to the throne while his brother was his eye in the palace to monitor the happenings and about your circumstances"

"Even though Damian is the one controlling the strings behind the scenes, you can't neglect the fact that Daniel still betray you . You were the one who is close to him and it will be hard to accept that undeniable truth" Callista said once again . If she didn't force this harsh words to her this little Princess would just be a softhearted girl .

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"For the sake of the throne and power will it all be worth it? When they gained the upper hand and kill us, would that make him be truly happy?" Princess Amirrah subconciously said and tears flow down on her beautiful fair face .

She grow up with him by her side . When she needed her brother at her most difficult time her Big brother Daniel was always their cheering up for her and making her happy and well .

She was his little Princess and yet in the end it was all just an act and it breaks her and her heart ache so much .

Suddenly, she just laugh maniacally that Callista felt goosebumps listening to her laugh .

"Haha! You want the throne? Want to kill me and my family? Let see about how will you do it!"

"If, I, Princess Amirrah Moira Clavestine doesn't give you a fate worse than death then I'm not qualified to be a princess!" Princess Amirrah resolutely said and her demeanor slightly change .

"What would you do now?" Callista asked her and she felt that very soon a big change will happen to this Little Princess in front of her .

"It's not too late to make things right . I will ensure the business deal to Mr . Cordiviera and when I go back to my Kingdom, it looks like it will need some cleaning" The little Princess resolutely said and she can see the fire burning in her eyes and her determination to win this battle .

Callista didn't know what to say to her so she just drink her juice and she saw Butler Yedel going to their direction .

"Lady Callista, Young Master's assistant informs us that he will be going back tomorrow" The moment Butler Yedel said the news the glass on Callista's hand slip causing it to fall and break to into pieces .

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"Lady Callista!" Butler Yedel rushed to her side to see if their are some broken shards that hit her and called for the maid to clean up the mess .

"W-what? My hubby will be home soon? I thought he will be back after a week! There are still four days left!" Callista exclaimed . If his going home tomorrow her plans to help this Little Princess will be ruined it would be bad if she find out that she has some sort of relationship to him .

"Sis Callista, is something wrong?" Princess Amirrah ask when she saw her indescribable expression . She was already used to call her Sister because she is younger than her .

"Yes, young lady . His business is already done and he found out that you were gone for the last three days that's why his rushing home" Butler Yedel said .

"I'm sorry, it's because of me that she wasn't home I can explain it to him" Princess Amirrah suggested . It would be bad if they blame or punish Callista because of her .

Callista neglected the both of them . It would be a big problem if her hubby did an investigation to what had happened to them three days ago .

Knowing his power, she knew he already did things about her circumstances and she miscalculated that he wouldn't found out . It would be bad if he found out that she killed some bastards and found out some information regarding her previous identity .

Callista curse many times already in her head . This is not the right time to tell the truth about her she needed to know her origin first before she explains everything about her .

She just need to tell a little white lies and made sure her hubby won't doubt her that much . She silently pray that tomorrow he won't found anything unusual to her .