Back from the Dead - Chapter 27

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:33:37 PM

Chapter 27

Callista didn't sleep so well last night and she had dark circles under her eyes . She was busy thinking a lot of things and reasons to tell him if he found out anything about her .

It was already ten o' clock in the morning yet she was still in bed contemplating to might what happen later if her hubby would scold her or torture her to gather some information about her .

She was literally going crazy and she was in daze looking at the ceiling . While outside, Princess Amirrah was already done with her breakfast and she was in the living room waiting .

She was worried to Callista because she still haven't left her room . She knew the Young master the Butler mention wasn't just an ordinary person that could get her be agitated . She wanted to visit her when saw the servants rush outside the mansion .

Not until she saw a man in a gray suit with a blank expression on his handsome face . The moment she saw the man she felt he was familiar then it came to her that this man was Mr . Cordiviera! If she hadn't saw his picture she wouldn't believe that it was him .

But her question was, why is he here?

"Welcome back, Young Master" all the servants greeted him and her question was finally answer . But what is his relationship with Callista?

Albert felt someones gaze looking at them and he looked at the living room and he immediately jolted when he saw the Princess look at them confusedly

'What the hell! Why is the Princess of Philan here?'

Ashton saw Albert weird actions and look at to where his eyes is pointing and he frowned when he saw the Princess who is responsible for dragging his wife to her own mess .

"Where is my wife?" Ashton blankly said and remove his gaze from the Princess .

"The lady is still in her room" Butler Yedel answered and he made his way to her room .

Before he leave the country, he already register their marriage and she was her official wife from that day on . She was his Mrs . Cordiviera her only wife, the first and last one and he won't let anything bad happen to her or else they will pay a heavy price for touching her .

He won't feel good if he can't see his wife in a good condition . He open the door and saw her lying on the bed and quietly staring at the ceiling .

"Cally" He called out and it looks like she didn't hear him and he went near her and saw those dark circles around her eyes and it made him frown .

Callista felt like there is someone near her and turned her head to see who it was .

"Hubby!" she called out and pulled him in her embrace and her tears suddenly fall down .

He felt her hug tightened and he can feel his neck getting wet it looks like she was crying .

"What's wrong?" He gently asked ask her . He had many questions regarding to what happen three days ago but the moment he saw her acting like this all his doubts was erase like it was washed away with a large wave .

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The moment he said those words Callista cried loudly and he felt her trembling that it worried him so much .

"Why are you crying? Tell me, what happened?" He asked again and he tried to face her but she just hug him tightly .

"I-I'm a b-bad person" Callista stammered and her voice is hoarse due to her crying . He just pulled her back and look at her . The moment he saw her tears falling like a waterfall it made his heart broke like there was a heavy mountain above it .

"Your not a bad person" Ashton said in a warm gentle tone and hold her two slender hands trying to coax her to stop crying but Callista cried hardly again .

"No! I'm a bad person! A bad person! I-I killed someone! Not just one but six! My hands are tainted with blood!" Callista shouted and cried hardly again and Ashton felt if this go on further his wife would literally go crazy . He can't help but curse those bastards to death leaving his wife to be in a trauma .

"Honey, look at me okay . Remember, your not a bad person . You did that to save yourselves so it's not your fault okay" Ashton said again trying to assure that it was not her fault and it was only for self defense .

"B-but I k-killed them" Callista cried and was looking very depress while Ashton was really itching to find those bastards who made his wife like this .

"You didn't kill them, it was only for self defense . Forget about what happen just think of it as if it was just a dream" Ashton tried to make her calm down .

"W-will you blame my f-friend for d-dragging me down? I-I only wanted to help her I d-didn't knew that this will happen to us!" Callista cried while explaining .

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"Don't worry, I'm not blaming her she was a victim too" Ashton said and he felt that she had calm down a little bit . Callista let go of his hand and hide it her hand to her back .

"What are you doing?" Ashton frown when he saw her acting weird .

"Y-you shouldn't touch my hands! T-they are dirty!" Callista exclaimed and tried to hide and rub her hands away .

"No matter what you did, your not to be blame . No matter how dirty or clean your hands I accept you and you are my wife . Stop thinking of those nonsense things again, okay" Ashton said while she took her hands that she was hiding and kissed it .

"You should rest first, it looks like you haven't eaten yet I will send some food here . Don't worry about your friend she is a guest I will treat her well" Ashton said and laid her in bed and kissed her forehead . He saw how reluctant she was for him to leave but he assured her that he will back later .

The moment she felt that her hubby is already gone, she wipe out those tears in her face . This is the only solution that she think of and she felt bad doing this to him this way . She was really saying the truth that she was bad and her hands were already tainted .

She didn't think that he would see it as a self defense .

When it is the right time she would really tell him the truth .

. . . . . .

Princess Amirrah was still in the living room sitting and opposite to her was Assistant Albert who is staring at her intently that she can feel his anger emitting .

Albert was silently praying in his heart that the Lady would be okay and if not it will be the end for them too . He would really blame this pampered princess for dragging her to her own mess!

"Albert" Suddenly Assistant Albert heard his boss calling to him and he immediately stand up .

"What are your orders boss? Is Lady Callista okay?" Albert said and Ashton was about to said something when Princess Amirrah interrupted them . She stand up and walk to Ashton .

"Mr . Cordiviera, please don't blame Sister Callista . This is my fault for bringing her into my problems . Punish me and not her, I will take the responsibility" Princess Amirrah said and bowed to him . She never did this to anyone . She lowered her pride because Callista was the one who save and help her .

"It's not your fault and I don't blame you . You were a victim also" Ashton just blankly said to her and she felt a little relieve but she's still feeling guilty .

"Uhm, can I ask what is your relationship to her?" The Little Princess ask .

"She's my wife" The moment Ashton said those words to her he signal Albert to come with him and left the dumbstruck Princess in the living room .

Princess Amirrah felt her world turn upside down . She felt truly scared! She didn't know that her idol was the wife of the powerful King of Empire!

If something really bad had happen to her they would really hunt her down along the fall of the Palace! She really felt relieve knowing that both of them are still alive and if not she couldn't imagine if Callista was killed along with her .