Back from the Dead - Chapter 28

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:33:36 PM

Chapter 28

Ashton headed to his own study were his own little office is located and Albert just followed him .

It looks like the boss has some important thing to do regarding about the Lady boss . Just by looking at his expression he can tell that she might not be in a good condition .

Ashton just sit on his swivel chair and just massage his forehead . He was still having a jet lag .

"Call Dr . Muyin I need him to check up on Cally" Ashton said and Albert was a little dumbfounded to his boss request .

Dr . Muyin was their family psychiatrist and is also a renowned doctor and he was also Beatrice doctor when she had a big trauma due to the accident few years ago .

Calling him means something not good had happen to their Lady boss!

"Cally told me everything that she had killed them and i'm afraid that she will have a deep trauma . " Ashton said when he saw the confuse look of his assistant and told him Callista's actions .

The moment Albert heard what happen his expression turned ugly and curse those bastards to never reincarnate forever and be burned to hell a million times!

"I'm afraid that her psychological welfare well be affected . Call him back in secret and make sure not to alarm my parents" Ashton coldly said . It would be bad if they found out these matter .

"Yes boss, what about the Princess and the other party involve in this matter?"

"She just have to stay here or else i'm afraid my wife would go crazy if she leaves . Investigate the matter concerning the Princess and make sure to let those other party suffer greatly for touching my wife" Ashton grimly said .

He was really angry and he was also blaming himself for not being able to be with her . If he was their maybe she would not kill those ants with her own hands .

. . . . . . . .

Late night at Gardenia Hotel in Louoise City, Mauvellio

Prince Damian was angrily staring at the two elders in front him . He just receive a call at noon when those other business partners on his side has been cancelling the contract with him and his blood was boiling in anger on what the hell is happening .

"Care to explain? That little brat has escape once again!" Prince Damian coldly shouted and swept away all the glass and the bottle of wine from the table causing a loud crash and the white carpet that is colored white was stained red .

"Your highness!" Both of the Elders shouted when they saw the blood dripping on his hands

"Is it really that hard to dispose of that brat?! Even the important people on my side are backing away! If that happens Daniel won't even have the chance to take the throne!" Prince Damian snorted and kick the chair away .

"Your highness, it looks like someone powerful is backing up the Princess! That is the only reason we could think on how she already escape the two assassination" Elder Wilson said and when they investigate to find out who it was they can never know and they can't even trace their location

"Someone powerful? How could she met someone like that? Daniel knows everything what she is doing in the Palace and she doesn't even know someone from here!" Prince Damian coldly snorted and stare at the Elder intently .

"Your highness, if someone wasn't backing her then how could she even escape from us! The people we hired are already part of the Top notch assassins!" Elder Junn said .

"You think the Seven Stars Organization is helping the Princess?" Elder Wilson subconsciously said and the two people look at him .

"The Queen is already dead do you think they would effort to help that little brat?" Prince Damian snorted . The only time that the Palace was powerful because of the Queen because she had the strong backing protecting the direct lines and that was none other than the Seven Stars Organization . Till now, they didn't know what is the Queen's relationship to that organization .

When she was alive, no one would dare to confront her or even have the slightest courage to attack the palace and the direct line to the throne . When she died two years ago it weaken their power to now and it give them the best time to seize the throne .

"The Queen may be dead but she's still the daughter of the late Queen so it's best to think that they are still protecting her" Elder Wilson said and it made him worry more . It would be bad if that power and authority from the organization fall to her .

"They are just protecting her . Can't you see even the organization is neglecting the palace and the Crown Prince is already declining" Prince Damian said he wouldn't let this opportunity pass him by . He will do everything to give the throne to his brother .

"I will take it from here . I'll make sure that little brat is already dispose and only her corpse will be sent back" The Prince said with a cunning smile display on his handsome face and the two elders just look at each other .

. . . . . . . . . .

Ashton put the last folder on his table and look at the time . It was already eleven o'clock in the evening . He put all his things away and made his way to her room to look at her condition . He was afraid that she might do something bad to herself .

"Cally?" He called out when he open the door and scan her room to look for her when he saw she wasn't in bed .

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He saw her at the balcony squatting down and staring above at the moonlit night . He frown when he saw her barefooted and she was slightly shivering from the cold and he took a blanket .

Callista felt something in her shoulders and turn around then he saw his handsome face like it was carved to perfection and she only notice now that the he has a pair of gray eyes and it was beautiful to look at like it was sparkling in the night sky .


"What are you doing here? It's cold out here you should be in bed now or else you will get a cold" Ashton said in a concern tone and hearing his voice it comforts her wavering heart .

"Will you still love me the same? No matter for who I am or what I am?" Callista subconsciously asked .

There is something in this man that she can't let go of . When she think about her circumstance of being a complicated being and think of leaving him it breaks her heart so much and it hurts that not even a strong dosage of morphine can take out that feeling of pain .

Ashton squatted in front of her and showed his smile that can even melt the snow in the north pole and answered her .

"No one in this world is pure and perfect, if you avoid people for their stained being you will always be alone in this world . The moment you said you wanted to marry me I didn't hesitate to think twice and accept you wholeheartedly"

"There was only you in front me and no one else . For more than a month that we've been together I know what I feel towards you . Ever since I met you, you change my lonely world, to me you are the brightest star that shined my dark world"

"I can't tell how much I feel for you, but the only thing I know is that you are that biggest piece in my heart and my wife"

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When Ashton said those words to her she felt those warm words and it comforts her itching heart and she can't help but to cry .

She left the world of killing and wish to live a normal like any other person . She envy those people who get to have their life live a fulfilling one and she wanted that too .

She wanted to get married, have kids and live a fulfilling life but when she died it shattered all her hopes but now it looks like the Gods still didn't abandon her no matter how tainted she was .

"The terrors in my life, you wash away all of them . When I'm happy, sad, needed to calm down I always think about you, for me you are my greatest cure"

"Come to think of it, I always think about you all the time . Which I think is the best thing that had happened to me in this life"

"Enough of thinking, how about a kiss to celebrate this harmonious day" Callista said and pulled the man in front of him and kiss him passionately .

Ashton was shocked when Callista made the move first he thought he will be the one to make a move first . He felt a sudden wave of emotions in his heart .

He felt her soft hot lips . He just held the girl's head and kissed her back passionately this was their first kiss . When he felt that she's lacking air he already stop and looked at her with his brightly loving eyes and Callista look at him in the eye resolutely and lay her head in his chest and drop of tears flow down from her cheeks .

"I love you, hubby" Callista said and close her eyes . I will do everything in this life to be with you and no harm will come to you . No matter where you are, even if you are in the ends of the Earth I will follow you . Not heaven and hell can break us .

"I love you too, my dear wife" Ashton answered back and he can feel her heavy breathing and it looks like she fell asleep . He just embrace her more and then carried her back to her bed . After tidying up her in bed he kissed her good night in those perfect shape pink lush lip of hers .