Back from the Dead - Chapter 29

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:33:32 PM

Chapter 29

The remaining four days passed by in an instant it was the day of the business deal . For Princess Amirrah this was a crucial time for her . Even though Callista said that she would help her through the business deal she wanted to show her efforts and not because of Callista's connection to Mr . Cordiviera .

For the past few days she's been spending a lot time with Callista and asking some pointers to manage the deal . Callista was feeling proud to the girl's enthusiasm, she didn't hug her thigh to request to tell my hubby to sign it away .

The two of them sat at the back of the Black Mercedes-Maybach car while Assistant Albert is at the passenger seat . It was suppose to be only Ashton and the Princess to head at Prima Pearl Hotel where the business deal would occur and Callista keep on insisting to go with him and he has no choice but to comply .

"Is it really right to let the Princess go ahead of us? What if there is an ambush waiting for her?" Callista worriedly asked . Just after the little Princess left, they also left the mansion to follow to the venue

"It would be bad to her side if they saw us with her and there could be a conflict on the signing of the deal" Ashton said . Aside from the Princess there was also the other party from the Kingdom of Allion who wants to sign a deal with him .

"Don't worry about her safety the guards I assigned are top notch" Ashton continued and just look at her worried face . He didn't want her to go along because to the fact that there are still those assassins that are targeting the Princess and she was already entangled with her .

"What's wrong? Why are you looking so gloomy?" Callista asked when he saw his expression getting ugly . Just when Ashton is about to open his mouth when they hear a lot of gun shots firing their car .

"Boss! Were being attacked!" Albert shouted and the car swivel on the road and Ashton embrace the girl and duck inside the car .

"Ahh!" Callista couldn't help but scream and put the both of her hands into her two ears to prevent those shots from hearing .

"Fuck!" Ashton couldn't help but curse loudly . He was afraid that something may happen to her and trigger what she just did .

There were three black cars following them and keep on firing them . No matter how bulletproof their car it couldn't hide them inside forever and in an instant they hit the tire of their car causing to blow and spin their car making it come to a stop .

The two cars on where the special bodyguards of Ashton rushed immediately to shield their boss car from being torture from the other party knowing how dangerous it was for their boss and their Lady is also with them .

They immediately took their guns and fire back also causing the other three cars to stop and exchange with blows from one another .

"Stay here in the car and never leave" Ashton said to his wife and took a gun under the seat while Albert also took his gun and made his way out to see who are those bastards that are really dying to immediately sent to hell!

"Hey! Where are you going?! Don't tell me your going out too? No! Stay here!" Callista cried to him and cling to his arms never letting go .

It's better if she is the one to finish those bastards that attacked them . But she just can't make her move knowing that she already show some of her colors from killing those six bastards .

During this time she can't believe that she's still acting this way but she has no choice but she just can't let his hubby go face them! She will literally wipe out those bastards from this face of the earth if they hurt him!

"Don't worry, I'll be okay . They are just a bunch of ants asking for their deaths" Ashton coldly answer to her and no matter how Callista cling on to him he just brush off her hands and made his way out .

Ashton's murderous intent flowed out from his body causing the other bodyguards to tremble . Their boss is really mad right now! and Ashton fired some shots sending them some to their deaths .

The other party got out from their car also and keep on firing non stop . They have to get the girl no matter what or else the higher ups would skin them alive .

Inside the car, Callista wanted to rushed out so badly and her hands are itching to kill them . They don't really learn from their lessons! She just peeked a little outside to see who are the bastards that are desperately calling to their death .

"Shit!" Callista curse when she saw those bastards and they are really familiar to her!

"What the hell are they doing here?!" Callista can't help but mutter and curse non stop in her head .

They are none other than those bastards from the Emperor! They are part of his Secret hidden bodyguards .

That damn prince couldn't have hired them because they aren't for hired! There was only one thing came into her mind . They are not here for the Princess! They are here for her!

"Fuck! Don't tell me my identity is leaked out?" Callista cursed once again . This is bad! To make that shit Emperor make his move is not a good sign! Who the hell leaked out that she is still this same person! Even if it is her but this body is not really her! Her corpse should have been already at her organization but what the hell is this!

So much for living a quiet life!

"Ahh! Damn it! Whatever! I don't care anymore!" Callista said in a frustrated tone and run out of the car and took the two guns from the bodyguard .

The bodyguard that was snatched from didn't know what to react . He just saw a sliver of a platinum hair and it was fast and in a moment the gun he was holding was gone now .

Instantly, the moment the other party saw the one they've been waiting for there are eyes shone brightly and stop shooting for they are afraid if they shoot and wounded her the Emperor would really cut them into a thousand pieces!

But they didn't knew that the Goddess of Hell had descended not to come with them but send them immediately to hell .

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Ashton didn't know what just happen when he just saw her wife in the middle walking to the enemies like she was just sending herself to them .

"CALLISTA!" He angrily shouted and run to where she was before she got killed but in a flow the course change and Callista fire some shots taking two lives in an instant .

The other party that rejoicing that they could finally go back and send her to the emperor, in an instant was thrown into a massacre mode .

'What? Why is the Empress killing us!'

'Didn't she know us? Why?'

Before the bastards could point out what was happening Callista already killed some of them . Bloodshot was shown in her cold blue eyes . She was like the Goddess of death walking in the fiery pits of hell .


Before the bastard could shout the word Empress, she shot him straight to the heart to not utter some despicable words .

Ashton and his other companions was shock to the point of that their jaws felt like they were hanging . They just witness on how brutal and ruthless their Lady and to think twice if she was really their Lady boss!

In a few seconds, Ashton realize that the remaining enemies was already dead and lying coldly to the ground and not believing on what just fucking happen!

Albert didn't know what to react too . He knew that their Lady killed some six bastards but seeing her in action like this he really said in his mind not too provoked this Killing Goddess!

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"Callista" Ashton silently called to her and she just turned back to look at her hubby and prepare her acting skills once again .

When she turned around she saw his complicated expression and from her cold eyes it change from fear and she look at the both of guns in her hand and it instantly fall to the ground .

"I . . I . . no . . I didn't . . " Callista stammered and step back and tremble looking at the both of her hands and look at her hubby in a teary eye and he made his way to her .

"No! Stop! Don't come near me!" Callista shouted in fear and took a step back away from him .

"Cally, hey, It's okay, don't be afraid" Ashton was careful with his words . Even he doesn't understand how could she turn from being the target to being the one who is hunting . He was afraid that she would lose a sense of herself from what happened now .

"No! I . . I . . killed . . . killed . . again!" Callista shouted in fear and her tears falls down like a waterfall .

"No! You save us okay" Ashton said and he was trying his best to coax her and go near her step by step afraid that she would run away .

"Hubby . . . I'm sorry . . . I'm sorry . . " Callista cried and slump to the ground crying for what she have done . She was never sorry for the bastards she killed, she was sorry for her hubby thinking on how he will just of think of something about on what just happen .

Ashton just pulled the girl slumping on the ground in his arms . He was so confused but not angry to what she did .

"Stop crying now, it's alright . You didn't mean to do it" Ashton keep on coaxing her to relax her mood and when he heard that she's not crying anymore it looks like she fainted and he just carry her back .

"Albert, I want a detailed investigation for those people . Attend the business deal for me, you already know what to do" Ashton instructed and put the girl inside to the other car and head up home .

Albert and the bodyguards were left to the bloody road and can't just explain on what just happen . It was too sudden that it made their hearts tremble seeing their lady being in that state and before leaving they could just clean up the place and hide the questions in their hearts .