Back from the Dead - Chapter 3

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:35:42 PM

Chapter 3

The assistant of the young man that was sitting on the sofa of the hospital room was named Albert Fernell and he was so anxious for almost five days while holding a bunch of papers in his hand while his boss was sitting in a chair near the patient bed and reading a Japanese book .

He keeps on receiving so many calls and text messages from the higher ups in the company . He was being tortured for many days and here he was sending new clothes, books and foods for his boss everyday here in the hospital .

'Boss, if we keep on staying here maybe the moment we got back to the company we will be hanging on a thread!'

Assistant Albert could only hope that this girl will immediately wake up or else she will be the cause of many deaths from their company!

And thankfully it looks like God didn't abandon him and hear his plea .

"Hmm . . . "

When she woke up she saw a white ceiling and adjusted her eye sight because she's feeling a little dizzy and looks at the left side of her bed because she can sense someone's presence there . She saw an IV drip and there was man near her bed in a fitted black suit .

"Hey . . . I'm alive?" In a hoarse voice she asked the man and reach out her left hand to him to touch him but she was quite weak and her hands fall but the man grab it and hold her hand .

The moment she felt the touch of the man she can feel this warm feeling in her hand and in relief her tears flow down . The man was dumbfounded when she saw her crying and doesn't know what to do .

"Albert, call the doctor now!" He called and Albert that was shocked looking at the boss hand holding the girl's hand because this is his first time seeing his boss like this being intimate . When his boss called out he immediately left the room to look for the doctor .

"Your alive so don't worry" the man said in an assuring cold voice .

When Ayane heard his voice she felt a sigh of relief and in a moment a flash of memories came through her mind that she felt like her head was going to burst .

"Are you okay? Are you still hurt?" the man stood up looking aggrieved when he saw her pain reaction .

Ayane realize that it wasn't her memories . It was from the previous owner of this body that it belongs to . It looks like she now have her memories and it was a success that she have this body now . She realized that she could only possess a body that has already died and it happen when she saw that accident .

It looks like the thing she saw from the accident was the owner soul leaving her body . Well that was she could formulate right now . I really don't know if I should be thankful that I have her body now or should be sorry for her that she died .

The man stood their looking at her pale complexion and finally the doctor came in and examines the patient .

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"We will run some test to know her condition more and due to the concussion that she had a headache . Don't worry sir, she will be alright after this" The doctor explains and examines her more after he leaves the place .

"Thank goodness I'm still alive!" Ayane exclaimed and look at the man beside her .

"Uhm . You could let go of my hand now" She said and looked at the hand he was holding and the man immediately let go .

"Hello Miss Rashmor, I'm glad that you're awake now . I'm Albert Fernell the assistant of Mr . Cordiviera"

Rashmor? Ahh, now I remember . This body I possess is namely Callista Rashmor . A sous chef at a Three Star Michelin restaurant . She was an adopted daughter of a priest from the orphanage she came from . After turning 18 she leave the orphanage and move to a small house she owns and live alone . What a lonely life this girl had .

"Are you the ones that brought me here?"Ayane asked . Looking at the man and the assistant they don't look like just any ordinary people and from the interior of the room it's like i'm in a VIP room .

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"Uhh yes, we were the reason that you are lying in that bed" the assistant said feeling sorry and apologize to her .

"It was an accident and the important thing is that i'm still alive and breathing!" Ayane said happily . There is nothing more important than me being alive and that's all that matters .

Ayane consciously look at the man beside assistant Albert who is staring at me so intently like doing an X-ray or MRI scan in me .

"Uhh . . . Assistant Albert does your boss have a problem with me? Why is he staring at me like that?" Ayane asked anxiously . Wait! He stares at me?

Is it because I'm ugly? No! I didn't manage to see the beauty of this body so I don't know if her looks is below or above average .

Looks are important also . If i'm ugly how can I get married!? This can't be! It's okay if these face is average I can accept it . . But the way that man looks it looks like I'm ugly! No!!! This can't be!

With that thought in mind, she started to panic .