Back from the Dead - Chapter 32

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:33:14 PM

Chapter 32

Meanwhile at Ashton's Mansion

Callista was busy cooking their dinner while Ashton, Albert and Princess Amirrah seated at the dining table patiently .

Princess Amirrah remembered how she was drag to Ashton's study room by Assistant Albert when they just got back from the hotel and to look for Callista to know if she's okay or not

Then she saw a middle age man leaving the room while Ashton was seated in his chair

"When you visit her, don't talk about the ambush" Ashton coldly said and Dr . Muyin's word was still etched on his mind .

"Why? Did something bad happen? Is sister Callista okay?" Princess Amirrah ask and hold back the fear she felt just facing him and she silently prayed in her heart that nothing bad had happen to her .

"She's fine . I can't tell you some other details about this matter, I just wanted you not to tell about the ambush she had experience with you"

"Okay, I understand, I'm glad that Sis Callista is okay" Princess Amirrah said and breathe a sigh of relief . She didn't want to probe so much further on her affairs and knowing too much will lead you to something dangerous and she just visit Callista in her room .

After that, it looks like Callista was back to her usual self again like nothing had happen earlier .

"The food is ready!" Callista shouted and took out the dishes she had cooked and the other maids carried it while she sat beside Ashton .

"Congratulations Amirrah! Thank you hubby for helping her!" Callista said joyously and keep on congratulating her while Ashton and Albert look at her curiously and the Princess could only thank her .

"Thank you sis Callista! Also I want to thank you Mr . Cordiviera for this, I'm sorry if forgot to thank you earlier and it's been a great pleasure for the both of you for taking care of me here in your country" Princess Amirrah stand and did a ninety degree bow .

"Are you going back?"

"Yes, After the proposal is sign I need to go back to tell my father about this and also some other matters to settle"

"But, It's dangerous to go back your cousin is still there . I bet his planning something big when you get back" Callista said in a worried tone . It's been a week that she had known her and she was already close to her heart .

"If I stay here, I don't know what might happen to my father and brother and I won't hide here just because our direct line is in danger . I need to grow and face this danger head on" Princess Amirrah said and Callista smiled . This girl just grown well just this passing day and she knows that very soon she will bring a great change of tide in their Kingdom .

"She can use our private plane to get back from her country . My guards will escort you back to your palace and after that you will be on your own" Ashton said and she was clearly to what he said .

"Thank you Mr . Cordiviera, I appreciate it so much" Princess Amirrah said and they continue their Dinner Celebration

. . . . . .

After the dinner, Princess Amirrah was back to her room to prepare some things for her to go back while Callista was enjoying the company of Midnight and Moonlight .

While Ashton and Albert are in the study room talking about some matter .

"Boss, did Lady Callista alredy forgotten what happened earlier?" Albert asked when he handled the black folder to Ashton .

"I don't know, Dr . Muyin said their is a chance that she won't remember but she will remember when her killing intent is trigger" Ashton grimly said and Albert felt only speechless . It looks like they still didn't knew well who is Callista .

"The thing I ask for, are you done with it?"

"Not yet boss, but I found out something . Their target that time wasn't the Princess, it was Lady Callista" Albert said and hearing about it Ashton demeanor turned icy .

"Did you find out who dares to touch and hurt my wife?" Ashton coldy said revealed his murderous aura and Albert felt dropping to his knees .

"Not yet boss, we just saw pictures of her from the enemies car and there is something off with it boss, just look at them in the black folder" Albert said and look at the black folder in the table and Ashton just open it to look what it was and upon seeing those pictures he can't feel but be confused .

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It was a picture of a girl with a straight platinum blonde hair and her eyes were hazel in color and she was wearing a black leather outfit all over with matching black boots and holding a pistol in her left hand .

"They may look alike but I know it's not her" Ashton coldly said while looking sternly at the pictures in his hand .

"But boss, who is she? Is it possible that she is her family? Or our . . . . Lady Callista . . . . . cause she really look like her" Albert gulp and slowly mention those last words and Ashton look at him like he was about to bite him or chop him to pieces .

"She was an orphan, it may be possible but still investigate more and use the Arcanum System if you need to" Ashton said and keep the pictures in his drawer while Albert was still shock that his boss let him use the Arcanum System .

It looks like this case is really serious for the boss to let him have access to it . The only one who could have an access to this are only the three persons on boss side .

"Prepare also the private plane and some bodyguards for the Princess tomorrow . "

. . . . . . . .

"Once again, I like to thank the both of you for helping me and exchange for that I will grant any request you will ask for me" Princess Amirrah said and right now they were in the airport to said their goodbyes with each other .

"Your welcome, come visit us anytime okay . I'l be waiting for you" Callista said and hug the girl in front of her .

"Your highness, it's already time to leave" The bodyguard said and look at his boss and Ashton just nodded .

"Give my regards to the King, Princess" Ashton just plainly said .

"Yes, I will . " Princess Amirrah replied back and said their goodbye to each other while Callista was feeling teary .

"Don't worry you will see her again" Ashton said to her while looking at her sad expression .

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"I don't know how long that time to come, that girl will surely be much stronger the next time I will see her"

"Every two years there will be a Blue Spring Festival and it will be in this year . I'm sure she will invite you" Ashton said to her and upon hearing his words her eyes sparkled .

Windy Blue Festival is a worldwide event that happen every two years in the Kingdom of Philon and many people from the other corners of the world attend this . It is where a type of plant that produces a variety of blue color leaf and a white flower and it only grows from that kingdom .

"Let's go, we need to go somewhere else first" Ashton said and lead the girl to his car and drove away from the airport .

Meanwhile, Callista was just sitting in the passenger seat and she didn't knew where they are going cause it's not the road to the mansion and little later they arrived at a 30-storey white building namely the Scintilla Center .

"What are we doing here?" Callista can't help but to ask her hubby when they enter and this wasn't an ordinary place . It's like a hospital for people with psychological defects .

"Let's go, we need to met someone here" Ashton said and hold the hand of the girl and walk with her and enter the elevator to the 27th floor .

Upon reaching the 27th floor they walk at the hallway and stop at the color beige door and there was a name plate on it .

'Dr . William Muyin, Psychiatrist'

Without knocking, Ashton just enter the room with his wife and they saw a middle age man sitting at his desk with some folder he was holding . The room was filled with medical books and some awards and trophies . There was also a lab coat that was hanging at the side .

"Ohh, Ashton your finally here with your wife" Dr . Muyin stand up when he saw the person who had enter and he welcome both of them .

"Dr . Muyin, this is my wife Callista"

"Hello, Dr . Muyin" Callista greeted and till now she's still confuse to why they are here and she remember that voice very well . It was that same voice who diagnose her with a disease!

"The test are already ready, I just needed to some final check wait here first" Dr . Muyin said and let them made their seat first .

"Hubby? Are you taking some test?" Callista can't help but question him . Did he had any psychological issues?


"Then why are we here if your not taking any test?"

"Your the one who's taking the test"

"What?! Why I am taking a test? What kind of test are you letting me take?!" Callista can't help but raised her voice . Do I look that crazy? Then she remember what happened yesterday .

"What's going on? Did I do something wrong? I'm not having a weird disease right?" Callista asked in a panic voice and hearing her say this Ashton can't help but feel guilty .

It looks like she doesn't remember anything at all . He didn't say anything to her that they will go here .

"It's not like that, we just have to check on something . It looks like you didn't remember anything at all" Ashton said while holding her hands that are trembling .

Callista knew what he mean . It was the yesterday's ambush and it was his first time seeing her like that . It was a good thing for her that she is really good at concealing her real emotions this time and acting like nothing had happen . It looks like this changes from her personality cause a deep trouble .

"Remember what? What kind of test are we doing?" Callista ask and before he could answer Dr . Muyin was already back and the test was already ready .

Callista was reluctant to leave and Ashton can sense the fear in her eyes . But this is the only way to explain what is going on with her so he could provide a good and healthy environment for her to not trigger her killing intent .

After rounds and rounds of different psychological test, Callista felt like her head is spinning and drain from answering . She can't count how many test she had undergone and she even took a test if she is a psychopath!

Why did my hubby even let me to take this test! There was a test when they let me hold a gun and there was an image of him being torture that I get so angry that i wanted to kill all of them! If that was a real gun I would have already killed the one who invented these nonsense!