Back from the Dead - Chapter 37

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:32:41 PM

Chapter 37

The moment they heard her choice they can't help but be dumbfounded and shock! What nonsense is this!

Even the models that were eliminated felt this audition was unfair! They enter the modeling industry for a long time than that rookie and in the end she is chosen among them? What utter nonsense!

If these eliminated models can't help it, how about Christine? She felt even more embarrassed and she lost to this rookie? That she, an international top model was rejected?

For the other top models Ciara and Farrah felt displease that the one who will get to wear the final piece was the rookie, well even if they are feeling displease they were also glad that they got to be part of the upcoming awards .

Christine who was now shrouded in embarrassment and anger blow up and shouted .

"Even if she got the vote, it's still only one vote and it means it's not valid . You still got to vote again" Christine exclaimed while looking at Callista like she was about to chop her into pieces .

"I already voted and I choose her as the model for the final piece . I don't even care if you have two votes from the other judges" Callista said in a cold voice and she can't help but laugh in her mind .

"What right do you have to even be here? You're not even a model or a designer! Let's say you're famous because you're the Queen of Gourmet food but you're just a chef what does your talent got to do with the Fashion Industry!" Christine shouted and the models that was still in the room was angry too .

"Sister Christine is right! I think there is something wrong with the judging here"

"Christine is more talented than that rookie! Even if she was the judge she is judging very poorly!"

"She's judging very poorly because she had no idea about what's real modeling!"

Everybody felt the tension in the room and the other judges can feel the enmity of the models toward Callista yet she was still calm and unmoving .

Aria can't help but worry, she was about to say something when Callista stop her .

"What right do I have? Of course I have every right to be here and to the fact that I'm the Chairman of this audition and I have the final say here" Callista said but still it didn't appease the anger of the models .

"Girls, girls, calm down maybe Miss Callista had her own judgment . " Aldric said and try to calm down these models . Well, of course he knew that Callista had every right and to choose the model she wants because it was her designs after all!

"Then we need to know her judgment on why she choose that rookie instead of Christine who is much better than her" A model shouted and Aria can't help but frown .

"What a bunch of fools, I thought they are classy models they just turn out to be some chicken flapping around" Callista spouted and can't help but scorn them and the moment they heard her their anger boiled higher than a hundred degree Celsius .

"Let me tell you this, your Christine right? For how long have you been modeling? How long are you in this Modeling Industry?" Callista ask her and her eyebrow raise up . What kind of question is this?

"Instead of asking that, tell us why are you choosing this rookie! Stop changing the topic here!" Christine shouted and throws a disgusting glare at the rookie beside her .

"I'm not changing the topic, just answer my question" Callista said and look at her in the eyes and Christine felt that chill in her spines .

"Since I was seven! I've been modeling for 15 years! Now that I answer it, what does it got to do from this?" Christine fight back and she saw how Callista smirked at her .

She had confidence in her talent . Ever since she was a child, they already cultivated her to enter the Entertainment industry . Both of her parents were big figures in the circle so no one had question her credibility .

She was even chosen for many top brands and commercials all over the world! How can this mere chef only say that this rookie is much better than her! She can't accept it!

"Since you've been modeling long enough, tell me do you know a Goddess name Thlipsi?" Callista said and everyone can't help but wonder why would she ask this?

"Why would I care about that? And what's that got to do with me?" Christine said and she can't really point out this girl .

"In Vienna Country, there was certain place that worships a certain Goddess and it was her . She was called the Goddess of Sadness . " Callista said and continued

"During ancient times, there were people that was shrouded in too much happiness and because of that they can't even feel sad when their love ones died instead they are still feeling happy and the people was drive into madness"

"Because of that, This Goddess Thlipsi descended and helps these people feel what sadness is like and seal only their happiness and with that the people feel grateful to her and started worshiping her"

"Through the years, for the people who had their fill of sadness suddenly wanted to feel happiness and wanted to take that back yet the Goddess didn't even give it and the people was drive with rage and kill her through burning her"

"The Goddess was just standing in the middle of the fire, but one thing was in the midst of what is happening she just stood there calmly, yet still dazzling and waiting for her death . No matter how sad she was because the people wanted her dead she still love them with all her heart"

"In the end, the people didn't know the reason why the goddess didn't give them back their happiness . Few years later, they found the tablet from the Goddess Sacred Place stating, 'In the midst of sadness, remember those special moments and that can only heal your worried heart"

"Upon learning what it was, the people felt remorseful and the goddess had nothing to do with their happiness, she just only seal them not took them away . It was up to the people on how to remember their special moments and bring back there happiness"

After telling that story to everyone, they didn't know what to react . Is this a storytelling place? What does it got to do with them? Yet all of them didn't get what Callista is pointing out .

"So, what's your point in telling all of us that?" Christine said still not knowing that a great calamity is upon her and the judges beside Callista knew what the story mean and they realize how foolish their choice of model is .

"You want to know why I choose the rookie right? After hearing that, you should know what I mean right now" Callista said and Christine felt even confuse as well as the other models . That story has a connection to why she was chosen? Ridiculous!

"What? You're telling me that you choose her because she had the resemblance of that goddess? That she was more beautiful than me?" Christine said and the moment she said it Callista can't help but burst out in laughter! What an idiot!

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"Haha! Until now you still didn't get it? I wonder how long you lasted in this industry!" Callista said with a mocking voice and Christine's face was turning red from anger . Her assistant can't help but feel angry to what Callista said she knew even better how Christine trained to be a great model .

"From the looks of you, I can tell that you train very hard to be a great model but your lacking in a another aspect . "

"I can tell you're really good, from the way you walked and show off the dress but the way you portrayed it was only in elegance and beauty . You didn't portray what I wanted from my design . To be model, you should be one with dress not just being fifty-fifty in it" Callista said and the moment she said it Christine can't help but be shocked!

She wasn't shocked to the fact that she said she lacks something it's because she said 'my design' it will be different if she's the one who had design this!

"What! You design this?!" Christine can't help but exclaimed and the models was confused but Callista didn't answer her and remain tight lip only Aria was the one who answered her question .

"Yes, Callista was the designer of this piece . Actually the designs you would all actually wear to the Awards was design by her we only provide the materials for that" Aria said dropping a big bomb in the room .

No one could believe what she just said! But she was the Fashion and Art Director she wouldn't be spouting nonsense and that event was not just an Awarding ceremony . It's a big event for the top designers around the world!

They also saw the copy of those designs and no matter what, wether they believe it or not it was still Callista's design and she had really the right to choose the model!

The models that are feeling angry and aggrieve was now trying to hide their presence and wanted to run away from this room . They were truly ashamed for spouting some nonsense .

"Christine dear, you didn't have problems when you walk with the dress but it wasn't just enough for the Chairman and the one who portrayed it the best was Phoebe and also you Shiela did the same thing as Christine" Zerra said when she realize all of this . The models can't help but frown, it was like slapping them that this rookie was better than them!

But no matter how angry and bitter they were, this was the result it will only show how competent they are .

"Phoebe portrayed the best thing I want from this . My idea of that design came from the story I told you earlier, it's a dress that was still Dazzling in the midst of Sadness . " Callista said and look at Phoebe who is almost in teary eyes .

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"Phoebe was like that Goddess, she was being look down earlier and being scorn because she was just a rookie and how could she compete with these top models? But, no matter how remorseful and sad she was, she still portray the best out if it and walk like she never care yet still showing off that she was calm and that show the beauty in it" once Callista said her piece the judges couldn't help but applause for her judgement

"Truly the best! I was really glad that I got to be part of this!" Aldric exclaimed and couldn't help but praise Callista in his heart . It was like she was the epitome of beauty in the Fashion Industry .

"She was really the Chairman and knows the Fashion industry well" Celestine said and applause for her

"So, Christine and Sheila still got something to say?" Jaime said while looking at the ugly expression of the girls .

Christine just turns away and left the stage as well as Shiela and the only one that was left was Phoebe .

"Congratulations, you are now the final model" Aria said and that marks the end of the audition .

Everybody left the audition room and the five judges were still there as well as the chosen models .

After Aria give them some instructions the models all left while Phoebe the model that was chosen made her way to Callista .

"Miss Callista!" Phoebe greeted and Callista just look who it was and she can't help but smile .

"Ohh, it's you . Congratulations!"

"Thank you Miss Callista for choosing me earlier! It is really my great pleasure to be part of this and that's because of you" Phoebe said and bowed to her if only she could kowtow to her she would really do that .

She wasn't really that new in the Modeling Industry she was really modeling for a long time but she didn't have any strong backer to help her up and she only got to join this audition because of her manager and she didn't expected that she will be chosen and apart from that she got to wear the final piece! She was truly thankful .

"You deserve it, you have the potential and only few can see that . " Callista said and after talking to her she left with the other judges to have dinner with them .