Back from the Dead - Chapter 38

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:32:23 PM

Chapter 38

Callista and her co-judges earlier were in an exclusive Restaurant eating dinner .

"Callista, you're not an official employee of Aria right? How about you join me in Paris?" Aldric said and drink his glass of red wine .

"Hey!" Aria can't help but give him intense glare

"Haha! I'm sorry but I don't have any plans in entering the fashion industry . I'm quite satisfied with what I had" Callista answered him and he can't help but frown . Such a wasted talent!

"I can see that designing is just your hobby, I could say you will be a great competitor from us when you join the industry" Zerra said and everyone laugh . They were really enjoying the atmosphere they had .

"Your right Zerra, even Aria gets to acknowledge it" Jaime said while holding his glass of wine .

"Well I'm glad that she was my sis- friend!" Aria said, she was about to say her sister-in-law but she just change it quickly . Gladly no one notice it but Callista caught a glimpse of it and can't help but chuckle .

They just continue eating dinner and made some small talks not until Callista felt a slight discomfort like she feel someone was watching her every move and it creeps the hell out of her .

She look sideways and look at outside but she can't see something unusual . Lately she's been feeling this and she's feeling a little paranoid .

"Callista? What are you looking for?" Aria nudges her and she was back to her senses .

"Ahh no, I was just admiring the ambiance of the place" Callista said and just smile to her and continue eating and her phone instantly ring .

She rummage to her bag and took her phone out, looking at the caller name her eyes immediately shine and her heart start to flutter and more like there were butterflies in her stomach

"Excuse me, I'm just going to take this call" Callista said and she look at Aria telling it was her brother then she made her way near the comfort room area and answer the phone .

"Hubby!" she greeted him gleefully like a little child

"Where are you right now?"

"I'm at Golden Oxon having dinner with my co-judges and Aria is with me . What about you?"

"Still at the company, I'll fetch you there were going home together"

"Yes! Yes! I'll wait for you here! Drive safely, I'll be going back now"

"Okay, eat well . I love you and see you later"

"Yes! Yes! I love you too!" Callista said and was feeling a little teenager and after their conversation she was about to head back when she felt that gaze again like it was scrutinizing her .

She turned around to look at her surroundings but she can't see someone who is suspicious . Callista just shook her head and made her way back to their table and continue eating once again and talk some stuff .

A while later the dinner ended and said there goodbye to each other and go their separate ways while Callista was outside waiting for her hubby .

"Callista, hop in! I'll be sending you home" The moment Aria's car stop in front of Callista she lowered her window and called to her .

"I'm good, your brother will be here… . and speaking of his here!" Callista said when she saw that familiar Black Mercedes-Maybach approaching them .

"Okay! I'll be going first, greet my dear brother for me" Aria said and bid farewell to Callista and drive away .

Then Ashton's car pulled over near Callista and the driver made his way out to open the car door for the Lady . The moment the door was open she saw a handsome young man in his black suit and Callista finally enter .

"Hubby!" Callista called him and snuggle to his embrace like a little child and the car finally drove away .

"You're so energetic today, did something good happen?" Ashton asks and can't help but played with her small and tender hands .

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"Haha! You knew I was chosen by Aria to be a judge right? I was so happy that she chose my designs!" Callista said and talk about what happen during the audition and Ashton was just quietly listening to her and it was like a sweet music to him listening to her voice .

"Hmm, that event will be four days from now"

"I know, Sister Aria give me an invitation . Will you be attending this event?" Callista ask him

"Of course, it was your designs that Aria used . I'll be glad to attend to this event" Ashton said .

"Yes! Yes! We should support Sis Aria! Let's also call Mother and father to attend it will be awesome if the whole family is there to support her!" Callista suggested and of course Ashton would comply with what her requests are .

The moment Callista suggested this, she would really bring a great wave of calamity in the event . She didn't knew that for the past years that Aria joined the event only their Mother and Beatrice attended and if she would bring the whole family of the Cordiviera to support it would be really seen as an unforeseen event that no one will be able to believe .

"Hubby, have you already registered our marriage?" Callista ask him because she's been waiting for him to call her out if he needs something for her to do with .

"Yes, I already did" Ashton said and Callista was in utter disbelief

"What? You already did? When?" Callista can't help but ask him and she started frowning .

"Before I leave the Country to Slovenia" Ashton said and suddenly he sense that something is not right with her action . Isn't she happy?

"How did you even do that? Do you know that the both of us should be present for applying a marriage license? I know you can have my identification cards! How about my signature?" Callista said and can't help but feel gloomy . She wanted to be with him during the process yet he did it all by himself .

Ashton suddenly feels her being gloomy .

"Uhm, while you were sleeping, I took your fingerprint . I don't want to disturb you so I just made the preparations" Ashton said and with that Callista was feeling gloomier .

"What's wrong? Why are you feeling so unhappy right now?" Ashton can't help but ask her, no matter what the important thing is she's now married to him, right?

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"I'm not happy! Not happy at all! You should have brought me!" Callista throw a tantrum and she was just like a little child that got her candy taken away .

"But, our marriage is already registered" Ashton said and Callista face turn even darker .

"Then, that's not valid! We need to register it again and this time I'm with you!" Callista said and squinted her eyes at him looking like she's about to devour him anytime if he wouldn't comply with her request .

Ashton just took a deep a breath before answering her .

"Fine, I'll do it and this time with you" Ashton just weakly said and Callista just giggle and snuggle to him like a kitten .

"Good! Good! That's right! Let's do it tomorrow then!" Callista happily said and for Ashton he didn't much have any choice to satisfy her wife's happiness .

. . . . .

Callista and Ashton was finally home and go to each of their own room and when Callista was done changing, she was busy combing her hair when she heard the sound of water dropping outside and she can't help but look at her window .

"It looks like it's raining" She mutters . The weather earlier was a little gray and chilly and it was really possible that there is a chance of raining today .

After being reborn to another person this is her first time hearing the sound of rain in this season and suddenly she jumps out of her chair when she heard the loud heavy thunder .

"Fuck!" Callista curse and put her hand around her chest and it's like her heart is about to jump out and it was beating so fast and she felt that scary sound of thunder .

She wasn't afraid of thunder no matter how it resonated in the sky before and now she's feeling fear just from hearing this?


"Ahh!" Callista screamed and run to her bed and hold a pillow . She can't help but think that this body must have a fear in thunder and because she's in this body that she was feeling this .

"Curse this weak fragile body!" Callista cursed and again there was a loud thunder again and she can't help but run to the connecting door and enter it .

Ashton was done changing himself and he was busy drying his hair with a towel and when he heard the connecting door to Callista's room open she saw her wife being scared and slam the door loudly .

"Cally? What's wrong?" Ashton can't help but ask and walk to her .

The moment Callista heard his hubby's voice she turned around and saw his hubby walking sexily to her . He was only wearing his white and black stripe pajama and he wasn't wearing any top and it shows how perfect the shape of his muscles and that Adonis body and those complete perfect abs .

Callista wanted to drool seeing that Godly body walking to her but it stop her daydreaming when she heard the loud thunder resonated again .

"Ahh!" Callista shouted and run to his hubby and hug him like a little koala not letting go .

"You're afraid of thunder?" Ashton said and looks at her wife who is clinging to him like she was holding for her last life .

"Yes! Yes! So let me sleep with you or else I would be frightened to death!" Callista said in fear and she can't help but hug him more when she heard that frightening thunder again .

This was such a good moment that she get to fantasize her hubby and it only ruin her moment because of that fucking thunder and she can't enjoy this moment that only pass by .

"Alright, let's go to bed it's already late at night we still need to go somewhere tomorrow" Ashton said and can't help but smile and look at her wife clinging to him .

"What are you smiling for?" Callista frowned she felt like he was teasing her .

"Nothing, this will be my first time sleeping with you" Ashton just casually said and Callista can't help but blush so she just look away and follow her hubby to his bed .

She finally lay down and Ashton just wears a tank top and finally lay beside her . He hug the girl beside him and Callista just wrap her hands around him and finally she was feeling sleepy and didn't mind the sound of thunders anymore .

For Ashton, it's just a long night and he knows that there will be more to come and he just kissed her good night .