Back from the Dead - Chapter 4

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:35:40 PM

Chapter 4

While Ayane slash as Callista is feeling aggrieved that she was ugly assistant Albert don't know how to respond to her question . His boss just like to scrutinized people .

"Assistant Albert! Give me a mirror! I bet there is one at the comfort room! Hurry!" she shouted while touching her face . Albert just looks at his boss .

"Go get her a mirror" his boss coldly said and he walk to the comfort room to grab a mirror .

'Boss, why are you suddenly listening to her? And why am I grabbing a mirror instead of handling some business and paper matters?'

"Your face is fine and there is only a bandage on your forehead . Why do you still need a mirror?" The man said to her . He didn't find any other wounds on her face .

"I don't care about the wound! I want to know if I'm ugly or not!" She exclaimed while touching every inch of her face .

The man just raised his eyebrow .

'Ugly? What did she mean by that?'

Even though she has a pale complexion it can't hide her jade fair skin and if she regains her complexion back, I can tell she's a certain beauty .

"Miss Callista here is the mirror" the moment Albert handed the mirror she immediately took the mirror and look at her face .

"Hey, your joking with me right? How am I still alive? I'm still dead right? I guess this is just a dream" she said while looking at the mirror .

In the mirror she can the see reflection of the body and the face she's looking at was her real face! Her real face before she died!

Does this world like to play with me? Giving me a taste of hope and crush it in front of me .

"What do you mean Miss Callista?" Assistant Albert said and can't seem to understand her along with his boss .

"Is this the result for me of defying the heavens? I don't care anymore! Dead or alive nothing matters anymore . " She said while looking at her reflection in the mirror .

"Err, Boss do you think she hit her head too much that she's going crazy a little?" Albert whisper to his boss but he just looked at him coldly .

Suddenly, Ayane realize that there is something wrong! The color of their eyes! It is different! She has a pair of hazel color eyes while this face she's looking at the mirror has a pair of blue eyes!

"Assistant Albert! Did I have something with me during the accident? Did I bring any bag or wallet?" I anxiously asked him . While he walk to a cabinet and grab a zip lock bag .

"Your things are here, is there something wrong?" Albert asked . He can't understand this girl . In a moment, she was feeling sad, then happy, then later feeling crazy and now being anxious! Is she a bipolar or something?

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'Boss, why are you just suddenly watching us? Can't you just say something?'

Poor Albert he is being neglected and he forgot that his boss don't like speaking that much . While he was feeling sorry for himself Ayane is busy rummaging the bag .

She saw some comb, lipstick, pen and other stuffs but she just throw it away and found she was looking for the owner's wallet!

She immediately opens it and took all the identification cards she has . While looking at it she feels like her head is going to burst from this . All those pictures it looks exactly like her! Well except for the color of their eyes and it only means one thing .

That girl must have some sort of connection with her . It is possible that she is my sister or some relative . From her memories and my memories we grow up in an orphanage and were both orphans! Nothing is impossible in this world . I need to investigate this matter!

"Miss Callista? Are you okay?" Albert anxiously said .

"Yes I'm fine . Sorry for my actions earlier . When can I leave this hospital?" I asked and regain my composure and put back the identification cards in the wallet .

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"You need to stay here for a few days . You still need to recover" The man answer .

She looked at him and finally realizes that this man looks very good and so handsome . She finally remembers that she needs someone to marry!

"Hey Mister! Are you single or not? Answer me immediately" she asked and the man was taken aback from her question .

"I'm single" he answered honestly .

"That's good . Then how about marrying me?" She asked while looking at him in the eye seriously .

When Albert hears this, his eyes almost popped out . He doesn't know if this girl is joking or not! He remembers that his boss is finding a wife due to his late grandfather's will . But he knows that his boss wouldn't fall for this .

"Tell me, why should I marry you?"