Back from the Dead - Chapter 40

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:32:20 PM

Chapter 40

Callista's mind was occupied that she didn't notice Ashton's arrival making him to get out off his car and look at his wife who was staring blankly to the ground .

"Cally, is there something wrong?" Callista was back to her senses when she felt someone touch her shoulder and it was only her hubby and it ease here little trouble heart .

"Uhh, it's nothing I was just thinking what to give to Carla . So let's go now!" Callista just reason to him and pull him in and go to his car while Ashton just didn't mind it and went to the driver's seat and drive away .

Meanwhile, Callista was busy streaming on her phone when something pop on her mind .

"Hubby!" Callista called to him and turned around to face Ashton that was focus on driving .

"Hmm?" Ashton responded and took a quick look at her .

"Two months from now, it will be the 56th Anniversary of the Orphanage, I'm bringing you home with me and I'll be introducing you to my father . I really miss that old man, it's been a while and maybe it's time for me to be home for a while . " Callista said and Ashton looks at her for a little while

"Okay,I'll go with you . I can't wait to meet your father also" Ashton briefly said and he can't help but smile .

"Make sure you don't have any business appointments that time, alright?" Callista firmly said and look at him with sharp eyes and Ashton just chuckle a little and answer her .

"Don't worry, you're my priority" Ashton said and it made Callista's heart flutter .

"Hubby, where are we going now?" Callista asks . She can see a lot of trees and not so many cars passed by and she can see the view of the ocean .

"I'm bringing you to my grandfather's guesthouse . The view of the ocean there is beautiful" Ashton said while Callista just listen to him talking while enjoying the view .

"It's a town called Haroon, it's a three hour drive from the City . I guess will reach their at lunch time" Ashton continued .

"You're grandfather's guest house? Is he there? I can't wait to meet grandpa!" Callista exclaimed, suddenly Ashton feel gloomy and Callista sense that something is wrong .

"Uhh, hubby? Did I say something wrong?" Callista asks and Ashton just deeply sighed . This is her first time seeing her hubby like this being sad and depressed . It's rather a new side of him that she was the only one could see this .

"He already passed a year ago" When Callista heard this she just immediately shut up and the atmosphere turned a little gloomy . She just unbuckles her seatbelt and moves a little closer to hug him sideways .

"Don't be sad hubby, or grandpa won't like it . I bet he send me to you to be your guardian angel! I'm here now so stop being so depressed, okay" Callista said, she knew that he love his grandfather very much .

Ashton who was feeling depressed a little, his mood was back to normal and he can't help but think she was right that maybe his grandfather sent her to be her angel .

"Why don't we stay at grandpa's house? We can just buy some of our necessities later and also we can go back before the Fashion Awards and also we can celebrate being an official husband and wife!" Callista exclaimed happily in her suggestions .

Ashton just smiled hearing what she just said and replied "That's a good idea, a perfect time for our honeymoon"

Upon hearing it, Callista's face turn red on the word 'honeymoon' she can't help but gulp down her saliva .

"Uhh, can I take it back?" Callista bashfully said and Ashton can't help but be playful at her upon seeing her reaction .

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"No, you suggested it so no turning back and there is only room there and I have no plans sleeping on the couch" Ashton said and can't help but chuckle when he saw her face turning red .

"Yah! Stop teasing me!" Callista just slap his arm and she was flustered at the passenger seat yet her heart was fluttering and the atmosphere of love between the two came back .

After a few hours a driving, they finally reach their destination and Callista saw a 2-story Cabin house near the cliff and her hubby was really right, the view of the ocean is really beautiful from above .

When Ashton parked his car, Callista immediately jump out of the car and run near the cliff and stood their feeling the breeze in her skin and the smell of the ocean soothes her soul like for the first time in her life she was relax and there was no tension in her complicated life like it was all wash away in this mere moments .

Ashton followed her wife who was enjoying herself . She looks at her figure standing on the center of the cliff . She was wearing a blue pastel floral dress . Her platinum blonde is like a wave from the ocean when the breeze passes by and her dress flutter beautifully .

She was like an angel who descended down . He realizes that he already falls deeply for her and it feel so surreal . This was his first time experiencing this type of relationship .

He didn't get to experience to have a girlfriend . He was not like his older brother who was always gets pair with some famous actress and known women in the industry and also nor like his younger brother that always changes his girlfriend's fast like the way he changes his clothes .

He also hated the way his parents put him on blind dates and proposed a marriage to the other party that it made him drive to madness . It wasn't like he hated the opposite sex it's just that no one could just caught his interest until his grandpa's death and his will that it changes everything and finally meet girl who was now actually his wife .

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It may be too sudden to happen but there is one thing he knew . She came at the right time, at the right moment . She was his sunlight that lights up his dark world . She was not like those other girl's he had met before . She was unordinary . She made his silent life be hectic and noisy .

He can't explain what to call this emotion he has been feeling, but he knows that other people called it love . Well, for him no matter what it was, he was sincere and he was not willing to let go of her . The moment that she enter his life, she was destined to be his and the only one for him .

"Hubby! It's truly beautiful in here! I wonder how grandpa found a beautiful place like this . " Callista shouted and she just saw her hubby walking towards her .

"This is where my grandpa met our grandmother . These were their favorite place and like to spend their time"

"Ohh, I see . Your grandparents were really sweet and love to be lovey dovey . "

"Well, I guess you can say that . It's already lunch time, aren't you hungry yet?"

"Actually, I'm really hungry . It was also too sudden that we go here how about we go down to the town to buy some things . " Callista suggested and she can see the view of the town from where she was standing and it was quite lively seeing it .

"We can just eat outside and we can just buy the things we needed later" Ashton said and with that Callista just skipped to him and hold his hand and smile at him .

Ashton felt her warm touch and firmly hold her hand dearly and walk away .