Back from the Dead - Chapter 41

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:32:15 PM

Chapter 41

Somewhere, in the Eight Continent

"Sir, here are the things you needed . I already arrange your flight back to Mauvellio Country"

"Good, it's time for me to go back anyway . It's been six years since I last saw her . Do you have any news about her now?" The man in a maroon suit said while looking at the picture frame at his desk .

"Not yet sir, it looks like the miss is not living in the apartment now . It looks like she move out"

"Hmm, find her whereabouts . It will be dangerous if she was left alone"

"Yes sir, I'm sure that the young miss will attend . She wouldn't forget about the Anniversary of the Orphanage" His assistant said like he knew her very well and handed down the papers he was holding .

"She sure will, and also give an invitation to my friend . I want to introduce her to him" The man said and look once again at the picture frame and swivel his chair .

It was a picture of two young people under the tree with the leaves falling . One was a young man in his twenty's wearing a black jeans with a white shirt smiling brightly while his other hand is embracing the girl's waist .

The girl was beautiful in her white floral dress and her platinum blonde hair is like a wave flowing to the sea and it matches well with her blue eyes . She was like an angel that has descended from the heavens .

Looking at this picture, one can tell that they were really close . The man sitting on his chair look at the girl with loving eyes and he can't help but smile thinking he would get to see her again .

"Just like what I promise, I'll be coming home my love" The man said and looks out the window with a smile plaster on his handsome face .

. . . . .

Meanwhile at the Dragon Blood Palace

"Elders, here are the results of the test" A young man in full black outfit with a purple mask on his face said and handed down the documents to the three Superior elders sitting and accompanied by the Higher Elders of the Dragon Blood Palace

It was Superior Elder Jao that receives the documents and immediately opens the result . It was a good thing that they have a preserve blood of the Empress and it was their people that conducted the test to make sure no one has tampered it .

The moment he saw the results, the glimmer of hope in his eyes was gone and when the other Elders saw this, they also heavily took a deep breath .

"It's positive right? You think that we the Dragon Palace will deceive the organization?" Elder Gaudon spouted and can't help but be angry . He felt sad that they disturb her peace .

"It is truly the dead Empress, now that we have confirmed it, who is the person that looks like our dead Empress?" Superior Elder Jao and put down the documents and everyone saw the positive result on the paper .

"I bet she is an impostor posing as our Empress!" Superior Elder Saldon said and the three Higher Elders could only sigh and Higher Elder Martin signal someone and a person in a black suit enter and handed a red folder to the Elder .

"Superior Elder Saldon, you are mistaken she is not an impostor . We investigated her and these are the results" Higher Elder Martin said and the three Superior Elders look at the red folder and it show the information about the girl who look like their Empress .

The moment the Elders saw the profile they can't help but gasp and read more about what the Higher Elders have gathered up . It was information about Callista Rashmore and all of her status .

"She wasn't an impostor . She is a celebrity chef and we look back at her origin and she was at the same orphanage like Ayane . " Higher Elder Gaudon explain to them and all of them came into the same conclusion upon seeing the results of their investigation

"Higher Elder Baron just misinterpreted the situation . He mistakenly recognize her as the Empress because they look alike" Higher Elder Don said and the other Elders agreed with him

"Looking at this girl, she must be a relative of the Empress . They were both an orphans, so the possibility is big . " Superior Elder Edd said and touches his chin planning something and the Elders sense it well .

"Superior Elder Edd, what are you planning?" Higher Elder Gaudon can't help but twitch and frown . When it comes to him, his plans are always not that good .

"Aside from us, no one knew what was the result of the test right?" Superior Elder Edd said and the other Elders just look at each other and he continues what he was planning .

"We could hire the girl to be our Empress . " He said and the Elders almost burst out in anger .

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"Are you out of your mind Superior Elder Edd?" Superior Elder Saldon exclaimed

"The moment we introduce her to the organization they would eventually find out that it's not her even if they look alike! We already announced that she was already dead and now she's alive?" Superior Elder Jao said and slams the table .

"Superior Elder Jao, we could just say that the test was negative meaning she was still alive . We could just reason that out and when she's here of course we will train her to be like what the Empress has did" Superior Elder Edd said

"Then what will happen after? The blame will be on us, thinking that we betray the organization!" Higher Elder Don said

"That won't happen, we can just tell that someone made a fake corpse of her" He said and they remember that someone betrays the Empress and because of that they will put the blame on that traitor .

"This is risky! We can't deceive the other organizations for this! We just have to show them the result and tell it to them it was just a misunderstanding! The Emperor would go mad and investigate this!" Higher Elder Gaudon exclaimed .

"Just burn the result, we just have to reason out that the investigation is still on-going . We just have to get the girl on our side and train her at the same time . The other organizations would be happy if they found out she's live . It's a win-win situation for us"

"It's not that easy to train someone from scratch! She's just a mere celebrity! She will only ruin the image of our empress!" Superior Elder Jao exclaimed . Even if he wants to do it, he can't do it .

"It's not that hard to try it first . Let's just keep it as a secret . There are always some preliminary trials, we can just let go of her if ever she can't be like our Empress" Superior Elder Edd grinningly said .

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"Higher Elders of the Dragon Blood Palace, I know that Jason Fernell is one of your best agents here . Call him now" Superior Elder Edd order and their faces turn grim upon hearing him mention Jason's name .

"What do you want with him?" Higher Elder Don expressionless said . Just talking with this old man is just getting them a lot of headaches .

"We will assign this mission to him to bring the girl here" Superior Elder Edd said and the three Higher Elders almost vomited blood the moment they heard his request .

"Superior Elder Edd! The other Elders did not even agree to this, why are you ordering us now?" Higher Elder Gaudon can't help but exclaimed and let out his anger .

He knew very well how close Jason is to Ayane . They grew up together in this place and he saw everything that had happened between them . He knew how Jason grieved for Ayane's death when he goes to us .

If he saw this girl, he knew what will happen .

"I'm a Superior Elder and I have the highest authority among them . So don't question my credibility" The Elder coldly said and Higher Elder remember that if the other members of the Elders can't decide the last decision will be follow up to him .

"Find another person to bring her here . Jason is out of this" Higher Elder Gaudon said and clenched his fist tightly .

"My decision is final . I won't take no for an answer" The Elder absolutely said and the three higher elders could only grit their teeth and hide their anger .

"The three of us will finally head back . Elders of the Dragon Blood Palace, don't disappoint us"