Back from the Dead - Chapter 42

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:32:10 PM

Chapter 42

Ashton and Callista already reach the town within twenty minutes of walking from the guest house . They were walking hand in hand and what came into their view was something like there was a celebration .

There are a lot of colorful bunting banners hanging around the place, different food stalls everywhere, there were also some stalls to play and gain some prizes . Callista eyes shine upon seeing this wonderful place around her thinking this is the best place that she and her hubby could enjoy going and have their very first date!

"Hubby! It looks like there is a festival here!" Callista exclaimed happily and look around while clinging into his arms and a young lady approach them .

"Excuse me, are the two of you a couple?" The young girl asks while she was holding a pen and a record book in her hands . Callista looks at the girl, she smile and reply to her .

"Of course, we are a couple!"

"Thank god! Please join our games for the couples later! We only needed one last pair so please join!" The girl pleaded and Callista look at her hubby and Ashton just stare at her like he knew what she's thinking .

"Hubby" Callista sweetly said and look at him saying 'Let's join this event!' . Ashton just deeply sigh, If he says 'no' she will be sad so he could only again comply to her request and when Callista saw his approval look she look at the girl happily .

"Put us on the list!"

"Thank you so much! The event will start at 3 p . m and it will be held in the Town Plaza . You could just go their later and have some fun for now . Just fill this up and we will just see you later" The girl happily said and give the record book and Callista was the one who filled it up .

Ashton just look at her beautiful writing then his eyes glow with happiness when he saw her writing his last name as her own now .

Callista Cordiviera, for Ashton it was like a beautiful art in his eyes . After listing up their names Callista give it back and the young girl finally left and Callista started to pull her hubby to the different stalls .

"Hubby! We should try these different foods here!" Callista said and their first stop was the Takoyaki Stall and because she was hungry she started drooling and Ashton was the one order and pay up .

"Give us two servings of this" He coldly said to the middle age man and he just happily serve the young couple and Ashton just took it and give the other one to his wife .

The moment he gives it to Callista, she started to gobble down the food .

"Ahh, hot! Hot! Hot!" Callista exclaimed and fan her mouth using her hand

"Be careful, it's still hot . " Ashton briefly said and looks at her hungry wife

"You should eat that now, this food is tasty . I always buy them whenever I saw it" Callista told him and started to eat while Ashton look at his own food weirdly like it was his first seeing this type of ball-shaped food . So he just eats it like what his wife is doing .

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"So how was it?" Callista ask him and when she saw him eating, she can't help but laugh at him .

"Hmm . It's quite good" Ashton honestly replied and started to finish the whole thing and after that Callista pulled him again to another stall .

Callista bought a pair of cat ears headband and put the other one to her hubby and Ashton just frown looking at his image in the mirror and Callista just took a selfie with him .

"Aww, my hubby is too cute! Midnight would be happy seeing you wearing this cat ears!" Callista gleefully said and look at the black cat ears headband and she was wearing a white one .

Ashton didn't dislike what he was wearing . He just find it a bit odd that he could wear this type of thing . If his family would see him in this situation . He could imagine their faces very well, but the one thing he like the most is when his dear wife bought a pair of color white shirt and she give the other one to him and push him to change into this .

It was a pair of couple shirt . On his shirt was a saying, 'I am forever hers' and to his wife shirt was the opposite . He loves it more and felt even happier when they are wearing a pair of shirt and stuffs . It only indicates that she belong to him and no one else .

"Hubby! What are you dazing for? Let's took a selfie! I want to have a lot of pictures with you and put it on an album!" Callista said and drag her hubby and cling to his arms and Ashton holds her tightly and looks at the camera on her phone and smiled brightly .

"My hubby is so handsome! Let's take a lot of pictures!" Callista giggle and did many different poses while Ashton could smile brightly . There were times that he would look at her that it capture that moment with his eyes full of love and only see her not minding everyone .

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After eating many foods from different stalls and buy some stuff that Callista like and made her hubby wear some stuff that Ashton finds odd and was curious about, there were a few minutes left for the game event for the couples to start so they head now to the town plaza .

The moment they got there, they were a lot of people and they were a nine pair of couples on the stage standing . So Callista drag Ashton up to the stage and stood there with the other couples . The moment they enter the stage they receive a lot of stares .

The people below can't help but be astonished to the new couple that had arrived . The couple was very out of ordinary and the two of them look beautiful like they were a match made in heaven . The other couples on the stage can't help but frown at the two people on the stage . They were intimidated and felt envy and jealous just looking at them .

It's because Ashton and Callista stood out most at the crowd, there were many young, single and also guys in a relationship look at her with stars in their eyes like this is the first time they had seen a beauty like this .

Ashton's face turn darker the moment he saw those lustful gaze at his wife and he can't help but hide her at his back and throw them a cold penetrating gaze telling them 'look at her or I'll rip your eyeballs' then those pitiful guys could only look down upon seeing that but some were so hard headed that like to steal glances at her .

When the organizer saw that all the couples that join the event are all here, she immediately goes up the stage with a microphone on her hands . It was the girl earlier that approach Callista and Ashton to join .

"Good afternoon everyone! What a lovely day to celebrate our town's foundation day and it already existed for more than 300 years! I'd like to thank everyone for coming here today and also for the couples that have joined for today's event!"

"I'm Ana and I'll be your host today people! So today, this main event is for our dear couples to play . This will test how strong their relationship foundation is and we will see how they communicate to each other and of course there are prizes waiting! Last year's prize for the champion was a trip to Egypt and gets to receive one of the most prized possession and product of our town the Moon Silk! So before we could start I'd like to interview our couples first!"

The host said and everybody cheer and she started to interview the couple with some simple questions like how they were doing or how long they have together and because Ashton and Callista were the tenth couple they were interview last .

"Everyone, we had a married couple for our event today! May I ask for how long are you married?" The host asks and it was Callista that answer .

"We are a newlywed couple and we just arrive her earlier and this is our first time to attend this kind of event" Callista answer cheerily and cling to her hubby and look very proud .

"Ohh, I see, it looks like it will be tough for the both of you later . Well, congratulations for your marriage and we humbly welcome you . " The host kindly said and Callista just answer with a smile while Ashton stood their expressionless .

"So, that's all for our dear couples . So today I'll be explaining the mechanics of our game today"

"There are only three stations for this game and I'm telling you it won't be that easy!" The host giggles and looks at the paper on her hand .

"Every year is a different game, so for this year we have prepared this and for the first station, the title of this game is 'Find me' . Well the one responsible to find their partner are the females . Each of you will have a different line up of ten men's and your partner will be part of them . You will be blindfolded and its up to you how you will find him, the only thing you're not allowed to do is to speak and the six fastest pair to finish this can proceed to the next one!"

"The second station is called Dance Attack . In this game the remaining six pair of couples will be put in a big circle and you will dance . But here's the catch, you must not stop dancing and get out of the circles, if you will, you're out and you can attack other couples to stop them from dancing to eliminate them but the both of you must not stop dancing and let go of each other . The remaining three pair of couple will be able to proceed on the last station"

"The third station, the title of this game is 'How much do you know about me' . The one will be answering this question are the males . We will be giving you questions and before that the female would be the one to answer first before the male . They're supposed to answer each question the way they think their partner would respond . The winning couple has the most matching answers!"

"Let the games begin!"