Back from the Dead - Chapter 44

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:31:50 PM

Chapter 44

Ashton was quietly shock when Callista kiss him and it's in public, well he didn't mind it because for him this is one of his ways to show that this girl belongs to him, only him alone .

"Naughty girl" Ashton said when he broke off the kiss with her while Callista smile to him and giggle like a teenager .

They got up to their seat and stand near the second station of the game to wait for the other participants . The crowd could only look away to their sudden display of public affection . Well they didn't mind it because they are a couple and a newlywed too .

It took twenty minutes for the other five pair of couples to proceed to the next station . When the other guys saw earlier what Ashton did, they tend to move nearer to where their female partner is and with that strategy the first station is already finish .

For the couples that didn't get to proceed to the next round they were given freebies and the six pair of couples was ready for the next round .

All of them now are inside a big round circle and the space is just exactly for them to fit in for the next round of the game .

"Congratulations for finding your partners everyone! Were only a step away to the final round and before the final three pairs could proceed, you will survive the Dance Attack first! A reminder for everyone, you must dance and no stopping until there is no music . Don't bully each other too much guys and music STARTS!" The host announces

The music started and it was music for Tango dance . The moment the music started Ashton immediately caught her wife in position and his right hand were on her back firmly holding her and Callista's left hand was in his shoulders and their other hands hold on to each other .

Ashton talk the lead and made a tango walk while Callista just follow his lead and avoid those feet's of the other couples from entangling or tripping them .

"Hubby, I didn't know you could dance like this" Callista giggle and Ashton immediately made a turn and brought her to the other side preventing them to crash to the other couples .

"My grandfather thought me a lot of different dances . He once said that 'A man who can dance can strengthen their bond and relationship to their partner'" Ashton said and guide her to a tango cross walk and kick the other guy's leg that wanted to kick Callista earlier and with Ashton's kick the guy loss his balance resulting him to tumble with his partner .

"Ahh!" The girl shouted and looks sharply Callista and Ashton resulting them to be the first to be eliminated

"Ohh, honey we're not sorry about that" Callista exclaimed to the girl and smile to the girl cheekily and proceeded to dance with her hubby .

"The third couple is out! Our tenth couple is really a strong opponent! They were also to be the first to dominate the first station! Well, there are still two pairs of couple to kick out!" The host said and the crowds started to cheer loudly and laugh on the other couples on dancing while kicking and smacking the other couples .

"Hubby, I didn't knew that our first dance would be here" Callista smilingly said and both of them made a tango extension box step . Callista was about to push the girl near her when her partner saw her and he immediately pulls away her avoiding Callista's hands .

"Urgh, I almost got them!" Callista frown and both of them made a wide tango walk step to avoid others from attacking them .

"Don't worry about them, as long as your with me I won't let them hurt you" Ashton briefly said and firmly hold her while dancing and it was just like his playing around the circle and smoothly avoiding their attacks .

"Wow! That guy is awesome! He is so handsome and he can dance so well!"

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"I wish I have a partner like that protecting me well from others!"

"Sadly, he already has a wife"

"Hubby, it looks like you're getting a lot of attention" Callista said and look at those girls who keep looking at her hubby like they were ready to steal him in front of her

"I may have their attention but I only have my eyes set on you" Ashton sweetly said and spin her around avoiding the other couple from pushing her and Callista landed on his hard chest and Ashton move backwards and turn around to move forward and immediately with his hand on her back he let go and push the other girl causing her to trip on her toes resulting her from pulling down her partner .

"Ahh! How can you push a girl?" The girl angrily exclaimed

"That wasn't cool man, you could just push me and not her" The girl's partner said and helps her up and they both look at Ashton angrily

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"Duh, there are no rules stating that we should not push a girl . " Callista said while dancing with Ashton and he just only look at them plainly like he wasn't sorry at all .

The couple could only grit their teeth and exit from the circle and there were only four pairs of couples left and because their number had reduce the space from the circle widen a little and they could dance a little bit away from the other couples .

After seventeen minutes of dancing the 6th couple was finally out by the 4th couple that kicks them and the three pair that was left in the circle could proceed to the next station .

"We finally got our three pairs for the final round! I'm sorry for those who got eliminated, well we still have some freebies for you . So our final three pairs are the 4th, 8th and 10th couple! Congratulations guys!" The host announces and of course the 10th couple was Ashton and Callista

"Hubby! We're proceeding to the final round!" Callista exclaimed happily yet she was a little nervous for the next round .

"Don't worry about the next round, trust me in this" Ashton cupped her face when he senses her uneasiness and Callista just smile at him and hold his hand .

"I know, you are my dear husband and as your wife I trust you"