Back from the Dead - Chapter 46

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:31:38 PM

Chapter 46

The moment the both of them saw what the question was, Callista and Ashton didn't know what to say .

Callista just looks at her hubby and then to the white blank paper . She didn't know what to write because she doesn't even know if her hubby had a past relationship or he did like someone else before he meet her .

Callista was so confuse . She didn't want to write her name and she is not that confident that Ashton will write her name .

She likes him very much and she knew that her hubby like her too but to say that she was his first love? That's a big question . They only knew each other for a month!

And for Callista's understanding of first love, it is the one that he had the most longest affection and devoted his love for her for a long time .

She knew that her hubby had been into blind dates and marriage proposals in the past but it's not like him to be affectionate with any woman he met because the proof was her .

Ashton married her and that proof is only enough, yet she was going crazy thinking who might be his first love and she just look at him and she saw him looking down .

Ashton was also feeling confuse . He didn't know what the meaning of first love is .

She met a lot of women but he never had any intimate contact with them and he didn't have any love affection with them .

For him, his first love would only his wife . She was the one who made him feel something different and she was the first woman he acknowledges and enters his life . She was also the one he like so for him he considers it that his wife is his first and also his last love .

Ashton was already done writing his answer and then he looks at the other side and found his wife looking at him like she wanted to cry . He didn't know what cause her to feel so sad .

There were only fifteen seconds remaining and Callista hasn't written her answer . She wanted to cry when she saw him already writing his answer .

She suddenly feel so jealous of who could it be that he writes on his paper . She can't help but tangle or kill that person when she knew who it was .

The moment she met his eyes, she saw those loving eyes from him and she can't help but feel hurt knowing that he might still have some affection for his first love .

Callista was feeling very sad and she wanted to cry but she was just holding it in . Then, she suddenly realizes that he is already married to her and whoever might be his first love he still chooses her to marry him .

If ever that first love of him comes running back , she would make sure that she has no room left in his heart and she would be the only one filling up those spaces .

With that in mind, Callista just wrote her name . She doesn't care anymore if she got it wrong, the only thing that matters to her now is that she had him already and he will be hers forever .

Before the thirty seconds end, Callista was done writing and the timer buzzes off .

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"Ohh! Finally the last question is done! I wonder if they do have the same answer, so #10 couple please raise your answers!" The host said and with that Callista closes her eyes and slowly raise her paper .

She was expecting to hear some disappointed voices but why it is that everyone feels so happy and still cheering .

"Cally, open your eyes . "

Callista heard that sweet familiar voice and she slowly open her eyes and saw her hubby smiling at her and she can't help but look at the name written on his paper .

Callista didn't know what to react and say . She was just left speechless .

Ashton put down his paper and walks to her and hugs his wife that was like a sitting statue .

"Did you think that I have any woman that I like or love? Don't worry, you're the only one and will be forever" Ashton sweetly said and Callista suddenly burst into tears .

"Finally! They got a perfect score of twelve points! We now have our winner and it's our tenth couple!"

"Aww, the wife is feeling emotional . Congratulations to the both of you!" The host announces and felt move by the sudden sweetness of Ashton .

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Ashton releases his wife and wipes away her tears . It was then that the host moves a little closer to them .

"Congratulations to the both of you, I just wanted to ask this question, we just saw the both of you ponder for a moment about the question . We thought the both of you will just right the same name which you did but to your wife she was a little hesitant" The hosts ask and it was Ashton that answers her .

"I never told her anything about my first love because I didn't even have one but it change the moment I met her and she was the first girl that I ever like" Ashton said and look at her like she was the most precious thing in his world .

"Actually, I didn't know what to answer that time because I didn't know him that much and I just decided to write my name thinking that whoever might be his first love it has nothing to do with me now because I already had him and I didn't knew that I was really his first love" Callista said emotionally and can't help but to hold his hand .

"Aww, and it turn out to be you! How nice! We really think that it was just an easy question for the both of you but in fact it was quite hard but the important thing is you got the right answer and with that you will be receiving our grand price!" The hosts announce happily .

The moment the host announce their prize, two men in black walk to the stage, one with a pair of gloves in his hands and the other is holding a wooden box with a fleur-de-lune carving and they stop between them and the host .

Even the crowd is anticipating of what kind of gift they would receive and each year is a special one .

"I can say that this year is one of the best giving of gifts for our winning couple and that gift that the town prepares is one of our own prize treasures and it's the Painite Gem!" The host exclaimed happily and the one who is holding the box open it and Callista saw a necklace and it has brown to red color thumbnail size gem and she can't help but feel curious about it .

The moment the crowd heard what it was they can't help exclaimed .

"Wow! It's really the Painite gem! It is one of the rarest gems in the world!"

"Yes! And I can't believe that they got to receive it as a prize!"

"If I knew that would be the prize for this game, I would literally find a partner to join with! I would be freaking damn rich once I sold that!"

Some look at them with envy and jealousy but there were some people who rejoice in their good luck .

"That's right! It is the painite gem! Every five decades only two of these rarest gems could be produce . One was sent to be auction and the other one was given to a couple . "

"No one knew what the real meaning behind the stone is and the gem stone that symbolizes unconditional love was the rose quartz but for our ancestors it is this Painite gem . "

"This Painite gem means unconditional love, luck and blessings but it can also bring disaster and tragedy . Legend has it that once the couple survives all of the challenges in your life the color of the gem will turn white with a tinge of red at the center . Well who knows if the legend is true or not and this is the prize we prepared for the both of you!" The hosts explain and the guy with the gloves on his hand handed the necklace to Ashton indicating to give it to his wife .

Ashton took the necklace and Callista fix her hair and Ashton put the necklace around her and Callista can't help but look at it .

Painite gem, let see what kind of miracle or legend you can bring to us .