Back from the Dead - Chapter 47

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Chapter 47

After the giving of prizes to the couples who had joined the game, they also took a lot of pictures and then the game event for the couples finally ended .

Callista and Ashton just went to a nearby market to buy all their necessities and finally head back to the house .

Ashton took the keys from his pocket, he opens the door and turn the light on . The moment they enter the house Callista find the interior of the house pleasing to the eye . It's just really your typical townhouse with a living room, kitchen and there is a second floor which she can only see four doors with different colors . It was really simple and she finds herself being relaxed .

She walks near the wall and stare at the picture hanging . It was a man in his early thirty's and at his side stood a beautiful woman and she can say that this woman is really beautiful especially her smile . You can tell from the man's gaze towards the woman how lovingly he looks at her and embracing her in his arms .

Callista guessed that this two people in the picture are his grandparents . Especially from the man's eyes they really resemble well with Ashton .

Ashton was busy taking out the things they have bought while Callista stroll around the living room and she finds a lot of picture frames hanging the wall and on the cabinet . Mostly it was single photo of her hubby in his teens or alongside with his grandpa and grandma as well as his other siblings and parents .

She can really tell among their family that Ashton is closer to the Elder . Callista immediately took her phone and took the photo of Ashton during his teenage days . He was just standing with an aloof expression she can tell that the one taking this photo had a hard time taking it . She just smile after she took it .

"You know you can just take my photo why bother with picture frame"

Suddenly, Ashton was already behind her and he find it amusing how his wife took it secretly . Callista was quietly shock by his sudden appearance .

"It's rare for me to see your photos in your early teens, so just satisfy my eyes with this" Callista said and suddenly Ashton turn her around wrap his arms around waist .

"Aren't you satisfied just looking at me?"

Before Callista could react her lips was suddenly devour and after that she just responded sweetly and after kissing for a while Ashton break it off first .

"I'll prepare our dinner first or else I'll end up eating you"

After hearing what he said Callista feel her face turning hot and blush and broke off in his embrace and Ashton lips curve into a smile and stop teasing her .

"Will eat at the balcony outside, you can just arrange the table first"

After having a sweet taste of her, he finally head off to the kitchen to prepare their dinner while Callista prepare the table outside .

. . . . .

The couple sat at the table full of different dishes and because it was outside it was slightly windy especially they are near the ocean . Ashton stood up from his chair and came back with maroon checkered shawl and wraps it around her shoulders .

"Thank you hubby!" Callista felt warm as well as her heart too .

"Between us no need for thanks . I just simply care for my wife" Ashton sweetly said and go back to his sit and both of them started eating .

"Hubby, we should go on a picnic tomorrow near the beach! Or let's go cycling tomorrow!" Callista suggested happily and they started eating .

"Okay, do you have any plans tomorrow?" Ashton ask and fill the glass with red wine

"Of course! The picnic is just the first in the list . We should spend some time more before we go back . I know that after Sis Aria event will be both busy" Callista said and Ashton can't help but look at her .

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"I know I'll be busy but I still can give you my time and what do you mean that you'll be busy?" Ashton said a questioning look

"I know, but actually I was planning on standing my own restaurant" Callista suggested . She was planning this for a while and because for another reason .

"I can provide you anything you want but I don't like you working, I can just work for the both of us" Ashton said while frowning . She doesn't need to work, all she needs to do is request for anything she wants and I'll give it to her . Why should she tire herself out?

Callista just sigh, she knew this wasn't easy so she just look at her hubby with her delicate face .

"Hubby, I know you can give me anything but I just can't stay put at the house or else I'll go crazy . You know cooking is my passion right? I just can't let it go" Callista said and make herself look pitiful .

"Please hubby! If ever I can't handle managing the restaurant I promise I'll come running back to you as fast as the wind" Callista resolutely said and look at him with her determined eyes .

"Alright, if you need any help just ask me" Ashton could only comply . While Callista rush to sit on his lap .

"That's why I love you hubby, you can't resist me!" Callista said and hug him like there's no tomorrow .

"Give me your hand" Ashton suddenly said and Callista didn't know what he is up to so she just lift her left hand while Ashton took something from his pocket .

"This is…" Callista didn't know what to react when Ashton slip it through her hands .

"I'm sorry if it came late, it's our wedding ring . I hope you like it" Ashton said with a tinge of nervousness in his voice . While Callista lifted her hand and look at the ring in her hand .

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She though it was made of silver but it wasn't . It was made of platinum and there is a gold line in the middle of the ring and with a single diamond . Callista's eyes turn watery .

"Of course hubby I like it! I'll be an idiot if I didn't like it!" Callista said and took a quick kiss on his lips before looking and enjoying the wedding ring on her hand .

"By the way where's yours?" Callista ask and Ashton show his left where she can see the same design just without the diamond .

"It really looks good on your hand hubby!" Callista exclaimed happily then suddenly they heard a loud boom from the sky and the both of them look at what's happening .

There were fireworks exploding in the sky where it come from the Town Plaza and they can see it very well .

"Hubby, let's took a picture to commemorate this unforgettable and beautiful moment!" Callista said and took out her new phone .

"Hubby, smile at the camera!" Callista said and give her best smile and show the ring in her hand and Ashton just hug her in her waist and smile . Callista took many photos and after that they continue eating and enjoy the beautiful moment .

. . . . . .

Late at night somewhere in the shadows there were five men wearing black clothing hiding in the bushes while surveying the townhouse where Ashton and Callista is staying .

"Are you sure that the one who won the Painite gem is living here?" The man ask while looking at the house with his eyes revealing its evil intention

"Yes boss! After they left the event, they shop first and then they headed straight here . We were following them after they took the price . " The man said while explaining to his boss .

"Good, after we seize the painite gem kill the both of them . We attack exactly at midnight . They'll be in deep sleep that moment" The man who is called the boss order and still surveyed the surroundings .

"Yes boss!"

"Will be filthy rich after this! It's too bad that they'll be dying soon"

"Let's kill the man first, his wife is too beautiful to be killed immediately . Let's just have our fill before we kill her" The man suggested and his lustful eyes couldn't be hidden in his eyes while his other comrades just laugh with him .

"Celebrate later, were not the only who is eyeing that precious gem" The boss said while his men just comply .

While this group of men is preparing for attacking the couple there were some other groups who is eyeing the gem and the townhouse where Ashton and Callista is staying is now surrounded with thieves .

This night is meant to be a long dark night .

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