Back from the Dead - Chapter 48

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:31:34 PM

Chapter 48

It was already past midnight and Ashton was still widely awake . He only pretended to feel asleep and make sure that she is already asleep .

Ashton slowly brush his hand on her silky platinum hair that he love very much . He look at her like she was the most beautiful and most precious thing in the world .

He slowly got up and arranges the blanket on her and he look at his phone on the table that was blinking . He slowly left the room and answer the call of one his men .

"Are you done?" He asks coldly and his eyes contain a murderous glint in it .

"Yes boss, we are done cleaning . "

"Good, bring the one who is the main culprit" Ashton said and ended the call .

Ashton tried to compose himself from the anger he is feeling . What he didn't like the most was when there is a danger lurking around her .

He knew that the moment they receive that precious gem, trouble will come along the way so he immediately call his elite guards .

The moment he came down from the first floor, he saw three men kneeling on the ground while his five elite guards stood behind .

Ashton made his way and sat down the sofa and cross his leg and stare at the three men kneeling and emitted his cold murderous aura and the three men just shiver and they knew they screwed up . They didn't know that the one they targeted is a powerful man that couldn't be trifled with .

"Boss, the other groups are just mainly thieves while these three men's are hired by someone" The leader of the Elite Guard said and stood at the side of Ashton .

"The three of you spit everything you know or else you'll suffer more wishing you'll be dead already" One of the elite guards said and kick the middle one who is kneeling leading him to fall towards Ashton's feet .

They are already been beaten worse and the only thing they could do is submit they knew they will be dead soon and if they didn't tell them anything they will torture them until they spit everything .

"I'll speak! I'll speak! I was hired by the town mayor! He tasks us to seize the gem and took the woman! We were only hired! Please spare me and I will forget anything about this!" The man in left cried and end up on kowtowing to spare his life but Ashton's eyes squint when he heard they would take away his woman .

"What audacity!" One of the elite guards spat with hatred in his heart because this man is an avid fan of the young madam due to the fact that he saw her skills in killing because he was the one present in the hotel attack .

Ashton just raise his hand to stop him and the elite just swallow his words and just kick the man and look at the middle man with murder .

"I was hired by a gem collector and I have no other intentions to kill any of you! My job only was to took the Painite gem!" The man cried and his snot could be seen flowing down his nose . It was rather a pitiful sight knowing that his face is beaten looking like a pig .

Ashton eyes move to the last one and he could feel something different from this man while the man just tremble from the sight of the man in front of him .

"I don't know the identity of the person who hired me . We only have our transactions through the phone . I wasn't task to any of the gem you are talking about . I was here to kill the girl . " The man said and in an instant he leaps and he was holding a knife already .

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The elite guards were taken for a moment and they move immediately before he could run to the second floor where Callista was sleeping .

"You piece of shit! Who gave you the guts to go on a killing spree!" One of the Elite guards said and took the knife while the other two constrain him .

Ashton was just sitting quietly in the sofa but his murderous aura just increase more . The two men who were left on kneeling move a little away from him and it creep the hell out of them when they just saw smile .

It wasn't your any ordinary smile, it was like he was the God of Death ready to take away their pointless lives in that mere moment . Ashton stood up and walk towards the man who is glaring at him .

"Too bad you can't do it and neither in your next life" Ashton coldly said and with a swift the man's throat was slit off and blood ooze out leaving some on Ashton's face .

Ashton just threw the knife away from who knows where he got it and looked at the remaining two who is trembling on the cold floor .

"Clean everything . You know what to do with their bosses" Ashton coldly said and took the white cloth he received and wipe his hand and face that was smear with blood .

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To prevent further threats he must eliminate them well up to their roots or else they will end up coming back . He will have no mercy when it comes to his enemies . Whoever is a threat to his family and to his wife he will make sure that they wish they never have any thoughts in disturbing us .

The elite guards started to clean the mess while the Leader of the group made his way to Ashton .

"Raven, investigate who is behind that man . Make sure to find who hire him . Let's see who has the guts to kill my wife" Ashton coldly said and he can't help but clench fist .

He was very careful every time on her circumstances so who else could have the guts to have any evil thoughts on her . He will make sure that the one responsible for that will be left with nothing .

"Yes boss!" Raven complied and immediately left to investigate while the other elite guards clean up pretty fast and follow suit with their leader .

While Ashton just took a glass of whisky and stood near the window where he can see the full moon illuminating through the living room .