Back from the Dead - Chapter 49

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:31:33 PM

Chapter 49

Callista woke up very lively and relax, like it was for the first time in her life that she let all her guard down on everything . She never felt so peaceful unlike when she was still in the organization where she had to remain vigil and alert .

Callista reach out the other side of the bed to hug someone but she notice that the other side of the bed was already empty . She just didn't mind it and just look at her left hand where she can feel the cold metal on her ring finger .

Callista just smile and got up on the bed . She still have a lot of plan for this day so she just fix herself up before she left the room .

She can smell the aroma food lingering in the house when she moved down the stairs . She just found her hubby in the kitchen cooking, while she just lean on the entrance and stare at his sexy back .

She's really lucky to find a man like this . Callista didn't believe that love only forms when a man and woman only knew each other for a long time .

For her, she believe the saying 'Love at first sight' .

When she first met him, there is something that made her attracted to him . She can't explain that feeling . When it comes to him there's no need for sweet words, they understand each other like they knew already each other for a long time .

She knew she can't be honest when it comes to her circumstances but when it comes to loving him she will give everything she had for this man .

She didn't know that she was staring at him for a long time, she only came back to her senses when she found him already walking near to him .

"Good morning, did you sleep well?" Ashton asks while she hug her waist and slowly brush her hair behind her hair .

"Of course, this is the best sleep I have ever in my life!" Callista said happily and also hug him back while Ashton slowly moves his face near to her . While Callista instantly removed her hand to his waist to cover up her mouth .

"No! I haven't brush my teeth yet!" Callista shouted while Ashton just grin and laugh at her reaction

"Hey! It's not funny!" Callista said annoyingly and still covering her mouth

"Wether you have brush or not, nothing can stop me from giving my wife morning kiss" Ashton sweetly said and remove her hand and kiss her sweetly while Callista just give up and follow suit and she's the one also break it .

"Let's eat first we still have a lot of plans for this day . I don't want to be your breakfast" Callista said and in an instant run away from him with a blushing face .

Ashton just smile with her reaction, for a while that he is spending more time with her he started to find her very cute .

. . . . . .

Callista was wearing a royal blue dress with a lot of flowers embroidered in it . She was also wearing a cream white hat and she was holding a basket in her hand and Ashton just wearing his shorts and a white shirt with his sunglasses on .

The crowd can help but stare at this couple who just had enter at the entrance . They just like walk in out of a fairytale book .

They are in Casaville right now where she wanted to have a picnic with her hubby . She just found this place when she's searching through her phone to have some leisure activities in this town .

The best thing about this place is, it is very near to the beach and you they offer a lot of activities her especially for couples, friends and families .

She already made her reservation and the assistant of the place just show them their cottage . The cottage hut is very open and she likes the shells hanging on each side . She place down the basket and other stuffs they brought .

"Ohh, hubby I forgot to bring some drinks . Will you buy some? I'll be there under the tree, let's have our picnic there" Callista said and bring the blanket and basket while Ashton left to buy some drinks .

Callista was busy preparing when a man suddenly walks near where she was .

"Hey miss, do you need any help?"

Callista just look up and glimpse at the guy and then ignore him and started to take out the food while the guy just smile and love her feisty reaction .

"I bet your alone miss, do you want me to accompany you?" The man asked once again . He knew he was handsome and no girls every resisted him so why does this girl is ignoring him?

Callista just look at the guy and squinted her eyes .

"Does it look like I want you to accompany me? Can't you see I'm busy? Just scram away you're a nuisance to me" Callista replied coldly and continue on what she is doing .

"Ohh, what a feisty one . I like it" The man just and ignore her words . Callista just hear what he is saying and can't help but think it this guy an idiot or just a thick headed guy?

"Will you leave me alone? Can't you see your disturbing me? Do you want me to drag you on the sand or be beaten up?"

"Ohh, I like that . Now I badly want to disturb you" The man smile and Callista didn't know what to do . If she had a gun or knife in her hands she would have already send this man to his deathbed!

Then suddenly, she saw her hubby with a dark expression . She just stood up and run to him like a damsel in distress .

"Hubby! Look that guy is harassing me! He just won't leave me alone! Chase him away!" Callista aggrievely said .

Ashton just look at the man with his deadly eyes . With just his murderous gaze the man suddenly felt a cold chill in his spine .

"Were cool man, were cool . I'll be leaving now, sorry for the disturbance" The man said and quickly leave . While Callista look at him with sparkling eyes .

"Wow hubby! With just one look, you manage to scare him away!" Callista said while Ashton just frown .

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"Am I a monster in your eyes?"

"No! No! Who told you that? If your a monster then I'm a monster too! Let's go we have a lot of things to do!" Callista just said and pulled him in their picnic area .

Callista just enjoy this moment they had . She took a lot of pictures of him and her and in a few hours Ashton became her photographer .

They did a lot of things like cycling, diving, foodtrip and other things and through this time Ashton was busy keeping away some bees lurking around her and exuding an aura showing that she was taken already by him . Callista just find him very cute when he is jealous and also Callista's hawkeye didn't escape some who has any motives on her hubby . Every time some girls would look at him she would just give him a kiss while the other girls would look away and also Ashton like it very much .

Both of them enjoy this day very much like for the first in their life they were free of any worries .

. . . . . . .

It was already late at night when they got back to the townhouse . Ashton was also relaxed that there are no ants lurking around their house .

"Hubby! Help me with my dress, I can't unzip it!" Callista said while trying to reach the zipper on her back . Ashton was just sitting on the bed with his phone and he can't help but look at her wife . Is she trying to seduce me? Well, of course Callista didn't notice and think any of this because she was busy on reaching the zipper .

"What are you doing sitting there? Help me with this, my hands are aching reaching it" Callista exclaimed and Ashton just stood up and tried to unzip her dress .

He can't help but look at her long neck . He suddenly felt her warm jade skin and he felt hot just touching her . For almost a month he is with her . He hasn't even touched her because he respects her and he doesn't want to do it if she's not ready yet .

When suddenly Callista turn around and kissed him passionately and Ashton was taken aback in her sudden movement .

"Are you sure you wanted me too?" Ashton ask her and can't help but stare at her eyes .

Callista just exhale deeply . Of course she is very nervous! She was so embarrassed that she was the first one to initiate this! The moment that he married her she can't help but think of their wedding night . She thought he would take her after the wedding but who knew he didn't . Callista was so touch that he also respected her .

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"I'm your wife and of course I trust you . To be finally one with another is we can be wife and husband" Callista smile at him . Why would she be afraid? They are already married and this thing will come sooner or later .

Hearing what she said, Ashton just grab her waist and started to kiss her passionately . He slowly unzip her dress and slid down her body to the floor . He slowly laid her body to the bedroom and also took off his shirt .

Callista was in daze and he look at perfect man in in front of her . He started kissing her through her lips, neck, chest and slowly went down . Ashton took off her remaining garments and also his .

He was taking it slow and didn't rush everything . Every touch from him, Callista feel that her body was burning and now Ashton enter her very core and Callista can't help but cry in the sudden pain .

"I'm sorry, I'll stop now" Ashton said and he was about to pull himself out when Callista look at her and stop him .

"No, just continue I can bear it"

"I can't, I'm afraid of you getting hurt" Ashton but Callista insisted .

"It's alright, I can take it . Don't be afraid you're not hurting me" Callista just smile at him assuring it will be fine .

"Okay, don't worry it will end soon" Ashton said and continue . He just kissed her to try to ease her pain . Ashton finally his climax and both of them breathe heavily and he just lay at her side and kiss her once more .

Callista look very tired and this is her first time experiencing this and she look very sleepy now .

"Go to sleep now, I'll be just by your side" Ashton sweetly said and Callista just close her eyes and lay next to his arms and just embrace her .

He is very thankful to have this girl in her life but he knew that there are a lot of things that they needed to face but he just let it slip off on his mind trying not to break this beautiful tranquil night .