Back from the Dead - Chapter 5

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:35:39 PM

Chapter 5

Albert almost pukes blood when he hears what his boss say . Does this mean that he is giving the girl some chance?

"Boss . . . " Albert was going to say something when his boss looked at him coldly so he just shut his mouth and swallow the words he was going to say .

"I'm single and your also single . So no harm done"

"Trust me . When you get married to me you won't regret it" She said in confidence still looking at him in the eye .

While the man stood there looking at her in a different way . He can see how determine the girl was and can saw the arrogance and confidence in her . His lips curved into smile and reply to her .

"So when will be the date of our wedding?" He said while looking at her in the eye too .

When Albert heard it he almost fainted! While Ayane smile and when she smile it shows how truly beautiful her smile, it was like experiencing spring in the middle of winter .

When Ayane hear his answer . She thought he will ignore her or decline her offer . She never expected such a straightforward answer .

"Are you sure now? There is no backing out the moment you said it" I said still looking at him making sure of his resolute answer .

" Just like what you said, I won't regret it" the man said to her .

"Okay then take care of me first then we will decide the wedding later . " She said while adjusting her position in the bed . So in a just a short span of time she already found a future husband . That was really fast .

"Wait a moment, I still haven't known your full name dear!" She exclaimed and was a little shy when she just proposes not knowing who the man in front of her is . The man just goes near her and touches her hair .

"It's Ashton Cordiviera, wife" he said and in a moment he heard a rumbling and it looks like his future wife is hungry .

Albert saw the opportunity to grab his boss and talk some sense with him .

"Miss Callista, me and boss will prepare for your food in a while . I'll just need the boss to go outside with me for your other hospital needs" Albert said and immediately push his boss outside the room .

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. . . . .

Outside the room at the hallway of Lifeline Hospital

"Boss! I know this is not my place to tell you but how could you just agree to her? I know you were finding a wife but you just met her boss! and who knows if she has any other ulterior motives with you!" Assistant Albert exclaimed . It's alright if his boss is just an ordinary man but he wasn't! There were many other girls who covet the position of the Household Lady of the Cordiviera Empire!

"You already did an investigation . No matter what you say, I'll be marrying her . " Ashton answers in a resolute way . He is determine that she will marry the girl and no one can change his decision . The moment he took his first glance at her, he wanted the girl . He can't explain the feeling but he knew there is something with her that he can't take his mind off from her .

Albert knows that no matter what he says, Once the boss made a decision it can't be change anymore . He could only sigh and wish for the Gods to bless his life .

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It's true that he did already an investigation about the girl . He dig it all up about the girl and he can't find any flaws . She was just an ordinary girl but she has a good background . She graduated from a top Culinary Arts University with flying colors and since she was a child she always have a high honors and she was an orphan and an adopted daughter of a priest but the problem lies within his boss family if they can accept the girl or not .

"So boss, do I report this to your family?" Assistant Albert said . That's all he could do now .

"No need, she still need to recover and I don't want them to disturb her recovery . When she's okay I'll bring her to introduce to the family" Ashton said and suddenly his phone rang .

"Get the best nutritionist from this hospital and serve her food . I'll be back for a while" His boss said and answer the call and left him hanging .

"Boss, I hope that this is the best decision you have made . " He said and left to look for a nutritionist .