Back from the Dead - Chapter 50

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:31:24 PM

Chapter 50

Callista just stared at the man beside her . She was already awake for already half an hour . She just stares at his long eyelashes, his eyebrows, nose and lips . Callista stared at his face intently afraid of forgetting this perfectly handsome face .

Callista can feel his warm embrace and she suddenly remembers that they are both naked right now . Her face turn red and she just close her eyes in an instant when he suddenly move .

Ashton was also awake but he didn't open his eyes, he can feel someone looking at him and he knew it was her so he let her be and just pretended to be asleep .

Callista just open her eyes and rolled it "I know your already awake, stop pretending now"

Ashton just opens his eyes and he can see her beautiful blue eyes that make him see the deep blue ocean and he took a quick kiss on her before greeting her .

"Get up now, I was planning to go this town famous cold blue spring" Callista said and tried to get up when she was drag back to the bed by him and stuck on to her like a little koala .


"Let's just stay in bed for a while" Ashton said and started kissing her neck and Callista just turn around to satisfy this man or else they'll be stuck in this bed for a day .

After that hot and loving morning, Callista drag him out of the bed when suddenly Ashton's phone started ringing .

Callista was the one near the table so she's the one who took it and she saw Assistant Albert name on it .

"Hubby, it's Assistant Albert" Callista said and Ashton just look at her with a look of you can just answer I have no things to hide from you and you are my wife .

Callista just smile at his reaction and she just tap the answer button .

"Good morning Assistant Albert!" Callista lively greeted and on the other side of the phone Albert was taken aback when it was the Young Madam who answers it .

"G-good morning too, young Madam" Assistant Albert stuttered and tried to maintain his calm self and of course Callista can sense something was up .

"What's wrong Assistant Albert? Is there some problem in the company?" Callista asked worriedly and just look at her hubby .

"Wait Assistant Albert, I'll just hand the phone to my hubby" Callista quickly said and just hand the phone him and signal that she will just take a shower .

Ashton receives the phone from her and Callista headed straight to the bathroom .

"What is it?" Ashton ask coldly and Assistant Albert just tremble he knew he may have disturb them but he must tell something important to his boss .

"I received information that the Emperor is back due to the sudden death of the Empress" Assistant Albert seriously said and Ashton's face suddenly turn dark .

"The Empress is dead? We still haven't receive any information about her identity only a few new her . How did she die?" Ashton pondered for a moment . It's already been four years when that organization appointed a new Empress and now she is dead already . That's a shame .

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"It's already been a month that the Empress pass away and she died during the mission and there was traitor in her organization . "

"A mission? She was an Empress she shouldn't be task in any mission" Ashton can't help but be curious in this situation .

"No one knew why she would be in a mission . The elders of the organization are now busy and finding a suitable candidate for the Empress position and now the Emperor is holding a meeting"

"And boss, Mr . Croft is back he just sent an invitation to the company . "

"Alright, just tell him I'll be meeting him when we get back . " Ashton said and ended the call . After his call, Callista just went out of the bathroom and saw him staring at the phone .

"Is everything alright?" Callista asked worriedly .

"No, it's alright . "

"I think we should get back now, you have more important things to do in the company and also the Fashion Line Award will be held the day after tomorrow . "

"What about our plans for today?"

"Don't worry about it, we have all the time in the world . " Callista said and walk to the cabinet to fetch some clothes and Ashton notice that she walks a little different .

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"Are you okay? Does your feet hurt?" Ashton asks worriedly and walk towards her and Callista's face turn red the moment he heard his remark .

"Oh shut up! Just go and shower!" Callista exclaimed and turn her back around him and Ashton wanted to tease her more but Callista just look back and glare at him .

"Fine, fine, I'll be heading to the bathroom now" Ashton said and rushed to the bathroom .

. . . . . . .

Reigalla Restaurant .

Ronabeth enter her office and found the young man sitting and reading a magazine with his stern face . The moment she saw the young man, Ronabeth just smile and walk near to him .

"Christian! Your finally back!" Ronabeth happily said and the man that was sitting put down the magazine and stood up to hug the woman in front of him .

"Yes, Auntie I'm back . It's been six years already and I kinda miss all your cooking"

"Are you sure that you only came back due to my cooking or for another reason?"

"Well, it was one of the reasons and also I came back for her . " Christian said and led the woman to sit down .

"Is it Callista? That girl had stop working her a month ago" Ronabeth said and just deeply sighed while Christian just look at her confusedly .

"She didn't contact you? Well, after she was caught in an accident she passed her resignation letter but I didn't accept it . I just let her wonder around for a while . " Ronabeth said and he just saw his face expression change in a moment . Ronabeth just sigh, this young man only cares about her and nothing else .

"No, we haven't been in contact for these past years and she was in an accident? How did that happen?" Christian asked worriedly .

"Don't worry she's fine now you should visit her if you're that worried, you know her very well she loves to keep every problem or circumstances about her on herself"

"She wasn't staying in her apartment anymore, it looks like she move out . Do you know where she is staying now? " Christian said in a depressed tone and when she saw Auntie Ronabeth reaction he knew she didn't know as well .

"She moves out? I didn't know any of that and she didn't even tell me where she moves out . That girl! What does she plan on doing now, I find her very different now" Ronabeth just sigh . The moment she made her visit her, she notice that there were some changes in her behavior .

"Ohh, Auntie I just came here to meet and give you this . If ever she comes here, inform and invite here to my welcoming party" Christian said and handed a brown envelope and Ronabeth just receive it .

"Okay fine, I'll be there and I will try to contact Callista . You should head back now . I bet you headed here first before going to the Croft Residence"

"Yes Auntie, I'll be heading back now" Christian said and left the room while Ronabeth just sigh and look at the invitation on her hand . That kid has already grown but his personality is still the same . She just saw that his welcoming party will in ten days from now .

What would he do if he finds out that Callista is getting married?