Back from the Dead - Chapter 52

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:31:21 PM

Chapter 52

It was already late at night when Ashton got back to the mansion . He found her sprawling in the living room where she was busy writing and sketching, while the two cats Midnight and Moonlight just lay on her side and from time to time she will just rub their belly or heads then work again .

She was so focus on her work that she didn't notice Ashton's presence .

"What are you doing?" Ashton strolled and sits back on the sofa where he can see a lot of different sketches on the floor .

"Ohh, hubby you're finally here!" Callista exclaimed and she stood up, jump on him and kiss him .

"I was busy sketching my own design restaurant and this all I have come up right now" Callista said and show her pieces of work .

Thanks to the previous soul on her talent on arts . Even though she's not well verse on drawing she notices that as long as the previous soul had talent in it she can also adapt and use it well .

"Wait here, I'll prepare some food for you first . I know you haven't had your dinner . So just look at my sketches first and recommend me something" Callista said and went to the kitchen while Ashton looks diligently on her work .

Ashton saw four pieces of different sketches and the fifth piece is still on process . He can deduce that his wife is planning to have a five-storey restaurant .

Each piece has its different design except for the first and second piece which roughly has the same design .

A theory has formed in Ashton's in mind . After analyzing his thoughts Callista came back with a plate of food in her hands and serve it to him .

"So, tell me what can you say on my design?" Callista ask why looking at him with full of confidence and her blue eyes sparks while staring at him .

"You're planning to build 5-Storey restaurant . I can tell that you're planning to build a restaurant for everybody . The first and second floor, I can say that it's for the common people who can afford it, the third floor is for who are in the entertainment field . The fourth and fifth for the VIP's" Ashton said and Callista just smile at his deduction .

"Not bad, you guessed it well but it's a 7-storey building . I haven't finished it all yet, you're right on the first and second floor . The third floor is held for any occasion and parties . The fourth floor is for any public figures, the fifth floor is for the VIP's, the sixth floor is only for the members of the Cordiviera family and of course each floor has its own kitchen and staff and the seventh floor is my office"

"The price of the food varies on each floor, some may hate me because they will view my restaurant as a hierarchy but that's none of my business . It's not like I'm looking down on them but you can't blame what's the reality no matter how you promote equality there are some still people you can't afford to offend"

"As long as they eat the food I made, I'll be glad and serve them well and also I'll make sure there's no trouble and conflict will rise in my restaurant and with my fame as the Queen of Gourmet food, I have no problems of inviting and hiring people" Callista said while Ashton look at her with amusement in his eyes .

"Not bad, I like your idea . But I remember you saying in the hospital that you will only cook for me and stay at the house" Ashton just normally said and when Callista heard it she remember that also .

"Uhh, well… I thought I could stay here but you know people just can't change what they were used to" Callista said in an awkward way and play with her hands .

"I know you're not the type to stay idle, so where do you plan on building this?" Ashton said while eating the food she serve for him .

"I still don't know about that, I can hire some chefs but I don't know who to hire to build this and there are still a lot of things to settle after building this" Callista said and her head is starting to ache .

Aside it from being a restaurant it also has another role . This is also her headquarters and her own network will start from here so it's really giving her a big headache . She's talented in different things but when it comes to engineering she' no good .

Ashton just put down his plate, took her hand and play with it he replied, "Don't worry about that, I can help you choose the place . I can also hire an engineer and architect for you to finish the building . Take it slow, after the building is done we can continue to design and hire stuffs"

"Thank you hubby! And also I already move my things to your room now . " Callista said and started to go back on her work .

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She sprawled again on the living room while Ashton just moves near her and started to fix her hair by braiding it .

"When did you learn to fix a girl's hair? I thought your one of those handsome business men who only knows how to sign papers" Callista tease him and took ruler and trace her pencil on the paper .

"Well, I'm not one of those . When Aria is still young, she always insisted me to fix her hair . " Ashton said and took the rubber band on her hand .

Ashton just left her alone to finish her work while he made his way to their room . He only notices a little change in his room . The black pillow he was using before was now in a dark green color while the bed linens still remain in gray .

There were also some girly stuff on the cabinet and he saw a picture frame of her and another picture of him and her . It was a picture of them that they took when they are in the beach .

Ashton can't help but hold the frame in his hand . She was leaning on his shoulders while hugging his waist, her hair is flowing like a wave from the ocean and he can see that beautiful smile of hers enough to warm his cold heart and those eyes that was like the deep blue ocean . He put down the frame and headed to the bathroom .

In there, he saw a lot of her stuff, starting from her shampoo to everything, it was all in strawberry scent that he loves in smelling from her . He just took a shower and in his closet there he saw also her clothes .

Ashton went down to look at her but found her already leaning the table and sleeping soundly while holding a pencil on her right hand and the two cats who was playing a ball of yarn earlier is now at her feet sleeping .

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Ashton just let the servants took care of the cats and all her drawings in her old room while he just took her and brought her to their room and slowly put the girl down on the bed afraid she would wake up .

He propped her to the bed and arrange the blanket on her and he heard his phone beeping . He just went to the balcony and answers the phone .

"I heard from them that you got a wife already, who is she?" the moment he answers he was greeted by this person with a question who is his wife .

"You could say hello first" Ashton just coldly said while the man on the phone just chuckle .

"Well, you could just bring her to my welcoming party . It's time for us to meet your lovely wife and also I also want to introduce someone to all of you" The man said and Ashton can sense a tinge of happiness on his friend's voice when he said he will be introducing someone to us .

"I'll ask her first . It looks like you reunited with your longtime lover" Ashton just casually said, they knew that Christian has longtime lover that they didn't knew . So it looks like they'll be meeting her soon .

"Ohh, it looks like your being under! Haha! Well anyway, don't forget to bring your wife! We shall feed those friends of our with dog food!" Christian just laughs on the other side of the phone and Ashton just ended the call .

They knew very well Christian, he is a man that doesn't believe in patience is virtue, but to be able to wait for a woman for six years, that woman shouldn't be ordinary .