Back from the Dead - Chapter 54

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:30:58 PM

Chapter 54

Callista along with her in-laws is accompanied by two assistants leading them to the very front in which their seats are located .

While walking Callista survey the entire location and can't help but be mesmerized . This place is the home for fashion designers all over the world . At the center of the ceiling hang a very big chandelier that gives a stunning illumination at the place . Beyond that are a few dresses inside a glass that was embedded on the wall .

Each year a new dress will be added to the collection . This collection of very rare designs from artists with the best and worthy pieces of work are place in that glass of box and it started many many years ago and today is the 100th year and for now there are already ninety-nine pieces hanging above .

This is like a museum and paradise for fashion critics and loves fashion . The previous Callista, it was her dream to enter this place and it looks I already filled that dream of her .

While Callista is busy surveying the place, a lot of eyes are staring and glue to her and it filled the guest's head inside the event to know who is that girl walking beside the Cordiviera Elder couple .

"Look, her outfit is the Sky of the Absolute Queens collection of the Horizon!"

"What? That Limited Edition three pieces?"

"Yes! A rookie model walk the carpet with 'The Sea' piece . Beatrice is also wearing the 'The Land' piece and this unknown woman is wearing the 'The Sky' piece"

"Who do you think she is? I've never met someone like her or found her in any entertainment circle"

"You think she's part of the Cordiviera Family?"

"Maybe she's a relative?"

For some models that auditioned in the Horizon they already grasped of who is the lady . They just shut their mouth from mentioning anything and didn't mind her anymore .

While everyone is busy trying to discern who is she . Callista reach the front area with seven seats where she can see Angelo, Beatrice and Anthony occupying the three seats .

Right next to Anthony, her in-laws seated and from her left is her mother-in-law Andrea and the last empty seat which is in her left is empty .

Callista acted like she only knew the family in the surface . She would be in a center of attraction if she acted so coquettishly with them . She just look at her phone and there are only fifteen minutes left before the fashion event starts .

While she was busy rummaging through her phone suddenly someone took the empty seat next to her .

Callista look up and saw her hubby she was about to talk to him when she can sense some gazes towards them .

She just smile and nod at him . While Ashton just nod his head also .

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Right, they are pretending to not know each other .

Only a few from the industry knew Ashton so everybody is wondering who might be him while the others can discern from a single look but just remained quiet .

The judges from the event finally all arrive and in just a few minutes the Fashion Line Awards started .

Suddenly, Callista felt someone holding her hands and she knew it was her hubby . She just smile, intertwined her fingers with his and look at the runway stage .

The event was shrouded in dim light and only the lightnings from the stage is the main focus so no one could see they are holding each others hand .

Being his wife is already enough for her may it be in secret or not .

Callista just compose herself and look at the models presenting all the work designs of the Top Brands all over the world .

She doesn't even know anything about fashion but she enjoy watching the models showcasing the fashion designer work . She admire those people who are so very creative and hardworking; afterall, designing is not that easy . Thanks to 'Callista' memories that she can understand a little bit of fashion .

Ashton tilted his head and spoke in a way that only Callista could hear him "Aria is presenting your work, when will it appear?"

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Callista just look at him for a little bit and her lips twitch a little when she saw him rummaging through his phone .

How the hell would he know if his looking down watching his phone instead on the stage?

"Instead of looking down on your phone, you should watch them instead" Callista spoke and maintain her eyes on the stage .

"Tell me if it is your work, I don't like looking at some rubbish" Ashton coldly said and Callista's lip twitch again upon hearing his remark .

I wonder how would the artist feel if they just hear the remark of the King of Business Empire? I bet they would vomit blood .

There's no use of convincing him to watch so she just continue watching until it was the Bloom Brand . As far as she knew, this brand is one of Aria's biggest competitor . They are like fire and ice .

Upon seeing the models walk only one thing came to Callista's mind, it was 'Dark' .

From what she can see at the screen the theme of her collection is called 'Heart of Darkness' .

The moment she saw this designs she felt something within the models and the dress like you can feel the hatred, bitterness, violence . She can tell that this designs is portraying all the darkness hidden in the human heart .

When Callista look around the guest are also awed, even too she was moved by it .

"I can really feel that this years award is a tough one"

"I didn't expect Bloom Brand to come with this theme . I bet Caroline is really vouching for the Designer of the Year"

"Well, she's been fighting Aria all these years and her brand is also number one around the world and she's also a tri-winner"

"Well, its still early to guess . Horizon has to show up their work"

Callista listen for a while at the conversation of the people behind them . Winning the title of the Designer of the Year is a big deal for every fashion designers .

It is a recognition for international designers who made a notable impact or contribution in the fashion industry .

Callista's eyes squinted when she saw the final model of the Bloom Brand . It was Christine Pendle the one who auditioned few days ago . When it come to modelling skills she's top notch . Judging that day, she also like her to be part of the Horizon runway model but she didn't like the boastfulness she's emitting that time .

She was only like a piece of doll that time who is just wearing the clothes for show and now that she's walking on the stage she can sense that something has change .

After her exit, it was finally time for the Horizon brand to shine .