Back from the Dead - Chapter 56

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:30:55 PM

Chapter 56

The most anticipated award in the event has finally come . Everyone is busy calculating who might won the award this year .

Is it the 'Heart of Darkness' by the Bloom Brand or the 'Luminescence in Melancholy' of the Horizon?

Both the brands presented most of their exquisite designs but there could only be one winner .

Callista was gripping hardly Ashton's hand like she was the one who is receiving the award, well in fact she's a part of it, afterall it was 'Callista' design .

"Relax, don't be anxious" Ashton tried soothing her and massaging her soft hands .

Callista didn't answer him but just waited anxiously . She was even more anxious than designers . Maybe because of the lingering feeling of 'Callista' left that she wanted her designs to win .

Finally, the host receive the envelope wherein the name of the winner is written and at his side are two usherettes holding a boquet of flower and the trophy .

"For this award, The Designer of the Year goes to-" The host finally open the envelope and it didn't pass Callista's hawkeye when she saw the host's eyebrow twitch .

"from Bloom Brand, Caroline Shen!" The hosts announce living the crowd to be dumbfounded and quiet for a while .

The result was quite unexpected . The silence was for a while then the crowd started clapping awkwardly while Caroline went to the stage brimming with smiles and took the award .

While Callista is on the edge of rushing to the stage to took the award and hand it to Aria . It was only her Mother-in-law and Ashton stopping her from going .

"Cally, calm down okay . The event is still going on . " Andrea said while soothing her back and she can't help but smile at her reaction .

"But Mom, can't they see that Horizon Brand design is better? How can they do that!" Callista exclaimed . It's not like she's being favor because it was her design but she just can't accept it!

"There's still one more important award . Just sit still and watch the show" Andrea smile and finally let go of her .

"Believe in Horizon and in your designs" Ashton said and arrange the cashmere coat on her shoulder while Callista just breathe deeply and compose herself .

Caroline walk to the center of the stage and receive the flowers and trophy in her hand . No one could fathom how happy she was! For almost three years that she's been fighting Horizon to claim this award it always leave a thorn in her heart and now finally, she was able to beat Aria!

Caroline just glance at the backstage where she can see Aria from her view . She just grin at her and face the crowd to give her speech .

In a teary eye she started speaking, "It is such a great honor to receive this award . No words could expressed how I'm truly honored and happy . I wanna thank all my friend, my family and to my team who it happen . Thank you for the support and appreciating Bloom Brand!" Caroline ended her speech and made a bow while countless cameras flash around her .

"I can't believe that she really got the award after all this year . "

"Well, she is truly happy . Afterall it's not that easy to win against Aria . Let's just give her some honor for receiving the award"

"Well, her designs are also better this time"

"Ohh, but I just can't believe that she overpowered Aria the Fashion Goddess!"

"Oh come on! Look! Even the Cordiviera family is calm . The event is still not finish! This award may be the highlight but there is something big coming . Did you forget that?"

"Also, Aria is already a tri-winner of this event receiving each year the Designer of the Year Award . The show is still not over!"

"Oh! I see!"

Caroline got off the stage and she was met my by her fiancee Nathaniel beaming with smiles .

"Hmph! I finally beat her! Lets see what that Aria can do now!"

"The event is still not finish there is still the choosing of the 100th piece dress"

"I won as the Designer of the Year of course they will choose the final piece of my collection!" Caroline said in a confident voice and look back at the stage for the final event .

The five judges stood up in their seat and walk on the stage for the finale of the event .

"Tonight, with my co-judges after the choosing of the 100th piece there will be two big announcements that we will share with you" The Director of the Fashion Association said and handed the microphone to the Chairman of the Fashion Association while the crowd exploded with her announcement .

"Without further ado, me and my co-judges have finally decided and choosen to be this year 100th Piece Design is from the final piece of -'Luminescence in Melancholy' of Horizon!" The Chairman happily announced making the crowd applaud and stood up in their seat .

On the other side, Caroline was anticipating to hear her piece to be chosen . She was ready to walk on that big stage to receive the big award and the attention she wants wherein news of her will spread making her name big in the industry .

Hearing the Horizon being called out make her stop and stood their in daze watching Aria walking on the stage with her head held high .

"No, it can't be! That should have been me!" Caroline was about to run to the stage when her hand was caught by her fiancee .

"Caroline! What are you doing?"

"Nathaniel! That award should have been mine! That slut! Why is it she always took the things I love the most! That bitch! Her family must've done something!" Caroline angrily said while trying to get away from Nathaniel .

"Even if they did something or not, what can you do? They can easily crush you in a just a moment!"

"Aria! I'll get you for this!" Caroline gritted her teeth and walk away .

On stage, Aria receive the plaque and Phoebe was escorted by Anthony to walk on stage presenting the final piece of 'Luminescence in Melancholy' to be hang on the ceiling wall of glass .

"Finally for the two announcement, we hereby announce Aria Kaye Cordiviera as the President of the Fashion Association and receive the 'Outstanding Achievement Award' for her overwhelming contribution and creative works to the fashion industry" The Chairman announce leaving the crowd to be speechless as well as Aria wherein she didn't expect any of this .

Caroline who was about to exit the event with her fiancee hears the announcement leaving her almost spitting blood and fainting on the spot!

She must have receive the Designer of the Year Award but its nothing compare to being a member of the Fashion Association! Through the years, she's been trying so hard to be a member but she wasn't accepted! She can't accept the truth that Aria get's to be the President!

Caroline was truly burning with rage . No matter what she do, no matter how she reach up . She will be always inferior to Aria .

Aside from Caroline, down the stage Christine is also fuming in anger looking deadly at Phoebe on the stage . What's the point of getting the Model of the Year Award?

One always knows that every model who get to wear the Design that will be put in the glass box will shot to fame instantly .

Thinking that on the stage, that should've been her!

"For the remaining fourteen pieces, it will be showcase here in the Golden Dome Gallery . Congratulations Aria and for bringing out this outstanding and truly marvelous design!"

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After receiving the big announcements, the crowd again was in an uproar . To be able to put all your one collection in the gallery is truly a marvelous feat even for other outstanding designers who only have a single piece of design to be showcase here and also it wasn't that easy to store it here .

"How much luck did she have to be able to receive this?"

"Her title as the Fashion Goddess isn't just for a show . She truly deserve this . "

"I bet, she doesn't even care about that Designer of the Year Award!"

"Why would she care about that? She already receive that straightly for three years!"

"Her talent in fashion is truly godly!"

After the annoumcement and taking of pictures, Aria was the only one left for her final speech .

"Just like the others who receive the awards, I'm too grateful and honor receiving this . To the ones who supported me, thank you the Horizon Fans, my Horizon family, my family and to the Fashion Association for giving me the honor of being the President and for the Outstanding Achivement Award . "

"Tonight, I wouldn't be able to stand in front of all of you . All this work is dedicated to someone who made all this possible with that I thank you with all my heart and I will exit this stage leaving a message 'There is a heaven outside of heaven and a person above a person' Thank you everyone!"

Aria said and look at Callista with a grateful expression . While Callista just nod her head and she was on the verge of crying in happiness .

"Haha! 'Callista' your designs will be display in here!" She mumble and laugh . For someone who heard her, they may refer it to herself but she was referring to the Callista in heaven now .

Ashton just look at her in a new limelight . Seeing her smile and laugh, she look very dazzling and was like shrouded in a light .

Outside the gallery, fireworks were exploding and the afterparty is starting .

The entire Cordiviera family went to congratulate Aria .

"Sister, Congratulation!"

"Big Sis! I knew you were awesome!"

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The three brothers surrounded her and the two Elders also join them .

"As expected of my daughter . Come, give your father a hug!"

"Our daughter is already talented from the beginning . Mother is very proud of you!"

The Elders hug her while Beatrice and Callista look at this warming scene .

"Thank you Brothers, Dad and Mom . Callista played the critical role as a designer too . Thanks to her that it went great" Aria said

"Sis Aria, were family so need for thanks . "

"You're too humble Cally, and Elder Sister congratulations for winning also!"

After their congratulatory moment, they just took a family photo and the two Elder left, while Anthony is now busy mingling with the other models . Angelo and Beatrice also left to entertain their friends and Aria go back to her staffs .

"Hubby, let's go home now . I'm quite tired" Callista said and yawn . Ashton just tie her coat and lead her outside .

"Wait here . I'll go get the car" Ashton said while Callista only nod . There were also a lot of people going out so she just stood there and wait for him .

While waiting for her hubby, Callista was busy looking around and across the street she caught a glimpse of someone very familliar to her .

Callista squinted and rub her eyes to see if she's not hallucinating

"Jason?" she just mumble while gripping her coat from the cold wind

'No, it can't be him?' Callista thought . Maybe she is just seeing things due to the sleepyness she's been feeling .

"Cally, are you alright?" Callista only notice that Ashton already got his car and is in front of her . Looking across the street, she didn't find that familiar face . Maybe she was just hallucinating .

Callista just smile and replied, "I'm just tired . Let's go now" Ashton just put his arms around her and walk her in to the car finally leaving the venue and went home .