Back from the Dead - Chapter 57

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:30:50 PM

Chapter 57

The next day, Callista is done with her morning routine like cooking for Ashton and sending him lunch .

In the garden pavillion, Callista is busy finalizing her restaurant blueprint . At her side, Moonlight is playing with a blue round yarn while Midnight is sleeping on the yellow cushion chair .

Her hubby was the one who choose where she would build it so she had no more problems of choosing or finding a location . Tomorrow she would visit the site with Ashton .

Callista took a break for while and eat some snacks then her phone started ringing . It was a call from Aunt Ronabeth .

Callista just put down her glass of apple juice and answer the call .

"Hello Auntie! Did you call me because you have a new recipe to make?" Callista tease, from the back of her memory Aunt Rona would always call Callista to help her in cooking a new recipe .

"Well no, in fact I call you because I have something to tell you" Aunt Rona said in a serious voice and she can hear sighing on the phone making her curious .

"What is it Auntie?" Callista also became serious and tried to listen .

"Did you know that Christian is back? A week from now there will be a welcoming party for him . I have your invitation with me . It's been already six years since you've last meet" Aunt Rona said leaving Callista speechless while tracking down in her memory who is this guy .

"Callista? You still there?" Aunt Rona call when the other line is silent and thinking maybe she didn't want to go and don't want to see him .

"Uhh, yes . I'll just go over there tomorrow to get the invitation . Thank you Auntie"

"Ohh, okay sure . I only wanted to say this . I'll hang up now . "

"Okay Auntie . See you tomorrow"

Callista said and the call finally ended while she just lean on her chair and fell into deep thoughts .

She didn't know why but the moment she heard the name Christian it makes her heart ache like someone is stabbing countless needle in it .

In her memory, Christian Croft is 'Callista' childhood friend . He was kind, warm, caring and loving . He also came from a rich family, they met because his family is one of those sponsors helping the orphanage she was staying .

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Every summer, he would always visit in the orphanage and stay their for a month wherein 'Callista' would always look forward and wait for that certain time .

Christian Croft was 'Callista' first love and the same for Christian . When she was seventeen she became his girlfriend . Everything went well for them, after her eighteenth birthday he suddenly want to bid farewell .

"I promise I'll come back for you . This is for us and when I'm back I'll be marrying you . Wait for me okay" The man sincerely said wiping the girl's cheek from her tears .

"Okay, I'll wait for you . When your back, I'll be a great chef for you" The girl brightly said and smile with traces of tears from her eyes . She was very reluctanct and trying not to persuade him to leave but she just give up and confirm with his decision .

The man just kissed her forehead and hug the girl feeling reluctant to leave her . If he could just bring her with him but he can't .

"Wait for me my love . "

With that memory in her mind, Callista can't help but be dejected . While supporting her head, she just sigh and sigh and sigh again .

This is a big problem! She felt like dragging herself soul out in this body and tried to revive her former body!

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"This memory isn't true right?" Callista just dazely mumble trying to convince herself that it was only a fake memory residing in her mind .

Why is it that she only remember it now? She realize that she only tend to remember things of the real Callista's memories when someone or something trigger it .

"Haist! This is really bad and not good for my heart!"

She can't bear to hurt 'Callista' lover but she is also not the real Callista . She was now occupying her body making it her own .

Well, she just can't tell him that Callista is already dead so I occupy her body and already married to someone else!

"Argh! This is crazy! What should I do?" she just mumble while massaging her head .

"Ohh! That's right!" Callista clasped her hand when she finally think of a solution .

Afterall, the real Callista is dead . She knew she would really hurt him by doing this . Later on, she would just burn an incense stick for Callista's soul and pray for her .

She also felt sad for 'Callista' she patiently waited and endure for him to comeback yet she died without anyone knowing .

For Ayane who occupied her body, she doesn't regret anything what she did . Afterall, all she ever wanted was to live life in peace and harmony . Now that she have a husband, she will do everything to not let her happinesss taken away even if she ended up on hurting anyone .

Afterall, she's not Callista Rashmoore she's Ayane Gaude!

She also felt sad that she's borrowing her identity and not her own . If she could, she would be like to be called Mrs . Ayane Gaude Cordiviera but her circumstances is not letting her . If she tried on using her real name and the fact that they have the same appearance she would only be chase and kill by her enemies and it would also alert the organization .

So much for leaving life in peace and harmony . What a tough life! Sometimes she doesn't even know where she would stood as a person .

Is she Callista or Ayane? Or still a person? She's just like standing in a boundary between life and death . One thing she also fear is that, what if one day she left this body would any other soul would occupy it? What if she won't wake up and found herself being a real corpse? She can't afford to lose anything she had now .

Sometimes she's even amaze to herself for being rational, clear minded and not ending being crazy .

It's better to met up with him and clarify everything to him . She didn't want any misunderstandings that would arise in her relationahip with her hubby .

So she have to attend his welcoming party!