Back from the Dead - Chapter 59

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:30:39 PM

Chapter 59

Callista stay cooped in their room . She's still quietly sitting on the bed, thinking and wondering why Ashton is still angry at her .

A whole afternoon passed, now it was already night . She wasn't even in the mood to eat her dinner at the bedside table .

Callista was also mad due to his behavior and knew she was a little careless earlier but it's not the right excuse to be so madly angry at her! Even if he is angry, he should still be here taking care of her injuries and not sulking in his study!

"That's it! I'm going to see him!" Callista briefly said and slowly made her way out of the room, because of her injured foot, it took her a lot time to reach the door and sweat was trickling down her forehead .

Callista slowly open the door and enter the room . She found him sitting in daze with a glass of whisky in hands . His table was a mess . Piles of documents and papers are scattered and an empty bottle of wine lay on top .

"Hubby" Callista called out but was only ignore . Who knows what he is thinking right now .

Ashton was still trap in his own world without noticing Callista's presence in the room, while Callista waited and waited but Ashton still ignored her .

Seeing this scene, Callista was so angry that she started shouting making Ashton startled and woke up from his daze .

"I thought you were so angry at me that you wouldn't want to talk to me, but it looks like you didn't even care" Callista disappointingly said with a trace of sadness in her eyes . They've been in a relationship for more than a month, maybe his feelings weren't that strong unless her who give it all .

With that thought in mind, Callista turned away and started to leave the study room but Ashton was faster and blocked her way .

"Step away, I'm leaving" Callista sternly look at him .

Looking at her, Ashton heart aches due to the sadness he saw from her eyes .

"I won't" Ashton replied and block her with his domineering body .

"Then what do you want!" Callista angrily shouted not knowing what is his intention . She can't even understand him .

She wanted to talk to him but he just ignore her, now that she want's to leave his blocking her! Before she could talk back, she was meet with his kiss .

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A kiss that was so domineering, painful and full of lust . She was drowning in this intense kiss leaving her no room to turn . She could feel his tight grip on her waist and her lips is being smoldered by this man in front her .

Before she could lost her breath, Ashton move away his face while his hands remain on her waist .

Callista was so bewildered and her face flushed and her lips turn even more red . Then she heard him again that left her stunned .

"I'm sorry" Ashton concede then droop his head leaving Callista to be speechless .

"What are you saying? What's the 'sorry' for?"

"For shouting at you earlier and ignoring you" Ashton weakly said but his hands on her waist tightened more .

"Is that why you stay for the whole day in your study and drunk yourself down?"

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"Yes" Hearing his answer, Callista started laughing making him twitch his eyebrows .

"Why are you laughing?" Ashton frowned, but looking at her behavior made his heart feel warm .

"I thought that you didn't care for me, thus leaving me in the bedroom to stay by myself" Callista casually said but Ashton's face turn darker .

"Don't measure my love for you . I was only angry at myself due to my behavior earlier to you . I thought you hated me"

"Hubby! I'm don't even hate you! How could I? It looks like we just had a misunderstanding!" Callista said and wrap her hands around him .

"Still, I neglected you earlier" Ashton said and he look at her injured foot and some bruises in her arms and leg making him feel pain more than her . Instead of taking care of her, he stay hidden and think of himself .

Callista just chuckle and just took the initiative to kiss him while Ashton stay stiffed due to her movement .

"Hubby, next time it's better to talk things smoothly to prevent misunderstanding in the future okay? We should trust each other more and strengthen our relationship even more!" Callista happily said and she can feel a less burden in her heart .

Then Ashton lips curved into a smile and kissed her again but this time, it's more sweet, full of love and care unlike the one before .

"Do you like kissing me that much?" Callista teased while looking at him and Ashton just stare at her mesmerizing blue eyes that he loves very much .

"There's a saying that to solve your wife's worries, kissed her . My dear wife, actions speak louder than words . " Ashton said and kissed her again one more time passionately with deep affections then his hands started travelling inside her thin blouse .

"Hubby, my foot is injured . " Callista weakly said making Ashton stop from his actions . He wanted to continue but looking at her state, it looks like a cold shower is suited for him .

"Let's continue next time" Ashton blankly said and carried her back to their bedroom while Callista face turn redder .

"Ohh, hubby next week on Wednesday, I'll be going to meet a friend" Callista said when she remembered the invitation .

"Wednesday? I was planning to bring you out . My friend just came back and his having a welcome back party"

"Don't worry, I just have something to say then I could go with you to meet your circle of friends!" Callista excitedly said then they finally reach their room .

Ashton just lay her on the bed while he walked straight to the bathroom .