Back from the Dead - Chapter 60

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:30:38 PM

Chapter 60

The Croft Mansion was brightly lit and people dress in a formal yet bright, glittering clothes enter the mansion and rows of luxury cars enter the silver gates .

Everyone is busy talking to the Madam and the Master of the House trying their best to build up some connections and relations by mentioning their elite daughters .

Christian Croft is the only heir of the Croft Family . At a young age, he manage to make the Croft Company stand higher and be one of the best Top Five Companies in the Eight Continent .

Not only he was outstanding, he also had a secure relationship with the Cordiviera's Empire!

A fine young man like this isn't ordinary .

"Mrs . Croft, the party is starting why can't we see your son?"

"It's been six years since we last saw him, I bet his grown more to be handsome!"

"My daughter miss him . Sadly she can't attend at his banquet due to her work"

Mrs . Wenna Croft just smile at the group of women who are members of her circle of group .

"My son is still in his room . He would come out soon" Mrs . Croft cheerily said and calmly chat with the ladies .

Inside a gray room, Christian stood at the balcony holding a glass of red wine . He could see the people coming in and out of the mansion . But he wasn't there to sight-see but to wait for a certain someone's arrival .

Behind him, the door was clicked open and three young handsome men dress in a tailored coat tuxedo enter the room . They were Ashton's friend who just have visited in his office .

"Hey there my man! It's your party! Why are you here being alone? There are a lot of pretty ladies down here" Liam playfully said and sit like a king on the sofa .

"I bet his waiting for that lady" Kenneth casually said and turn the next page of the book from who knows where he got it .

"Ohh, our friend here became a lovelorn! His now like our Ashton! It's hoes before bros now!" Harry hurtfully said while clutching his chest acting in pain .

Christian just rolled his eyes at them and continue to look towards the entrance . Waiting to see that figure again .

A week ago, he receive news from Aunt Rona that she will be attending his welcoming party making him nervous . Their Aunt Rona had already arrive, but she still is nowhere to be found .

He even facilitated his own party from the designs all the way to the food which is according to her liking, if one could see, it will look like the party wasn't for him but for someone .

He don't know what would he do if they face each other, not knowing how she would greet her . To ease his nervousness, he almost finished the bottle of wine he just brought earlier .

The last time he last saw her was when he leave to another country . He could still remember her face that time .

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She was holding his hand tightly, not letting go and her stern face to prevent herself from crying .

He don't know what would be her reaction now . He knew he left her for a long time . But he knew, no matter how long he was gone, he was back now and ready to be with her .

Afterall, she belong to him and they still had a relationship and he knew she was destined to be his wife .

For a long time, that was what Christian believe not knowing how time changes people .

"Christian, if you're waiting for her it's better to come out! Then we could see who's the lady!" Harry said making him bored inside the room . He saw a lot of pretty ladies earlier and wanted to enjoy himself .

"Then you should go first" Christian coldly reply and continue on drinking .

"I bet that mysterious lady won't come! If she's eager to see you, she would've been here already!" Liam said while lazily leaning on the sofa . Christian just coldly eye him .

"Hey! Your like Ashton now! If we just said something bad about your ladies, it looks like your about to kill us anytime!" Liam fretted while feeling helpless . A person who is in love isn't one to be trifled with .

"She must be here! I want to know if she's pretty or not!" Harry exclaimed and Christian's lip can't help but twitch .

You only care about pretty ladies you moron!

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Suddenly, there was a knock on the door and maidservant enter the room .

"Young Master, the banquet is about to start . The Master and Madam is waiting for you"

"All right . Tell them, were coming"

"The party is about to start and Ashton is still not here!"

"I heard that he would be bringing his wife?"

"Ugh! I don't want to be smeared by dog food!"

"Christian, instead of waiting, we should head down now . There are a lot of people waiting and you'll see her later" Kenneth calmly said and close the book he was holding .

"Alright, Liam just call Ashton . " Christian concede while Liam took out his phone to call Ashton .

. . . . .

Cordiviera's Mansion

Every single servants in the mansion was thrown in a state of frenzy!

A panic and afraid expression could be seen in their faces while they walk back in forth inside the mansion .

Earlier in the morning, their Young Madam was still happily skipping inside the mansion and was busy choosing a dress to accommodate the Second Young Master to the Welcoming Party of his friend .

The servants were also happy helping their Young Madam . When she went back to her room, few minutes later they heard loud crashes inside the room .

When they rush and enter to the room, they found their Young Madam lying on the floor with pool of blood due to the big slit wound on her right arm .

They were so frightened and blood drain from their faces making them look very pale .

The Head Butler immediately call for the doctor and then a lot of bodyguards to search the entire mansion for some assassins .

Their Second Young Master, Ashton can't be contact for the entire day and it's keeping them anxious and nervous if something really bad happen .

They wanted to bring Callista to the hospital but she regained a little bit of her consciousness and doesn't want to go . After that, she slip out again and have a very high fever .

They were all so afraid like they were hanging on the thread of death . If something bad happen, they would be sent to their graves instantly!

No one would be able to contain the wrath of their Second Young Master, Ashton!