Back from the Dead - Chapter 61

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:30:37 PM

Chapter 61

A black car is quickly dashing to the road to head straight home . Inside the car, Ashton face was devoid of any expression making the driver and Albert on the passenger seat tremble and shiver due to the coldness of his boss .

Earlier, they were out of Imperial City visiting an important site that's why they were out of contact . It was only then when they got back to the company they receive the news about their Young Madam Callista .

The moment they heard the news, they went pale and the first thing they did was to look at Ashton's expression .

They should never have looked!

Right now, the stillness of death looming around them was interrupted by a phone call . Without looking at the caller's ID, Ashton answered it .

"Hello . "

"Bro! The party is about to start wh-" Before Liam could answer he was interrupted by Ashton .

"I have an emergency, so we couldn't go" Ashton coldly answer then hangs up the phone, while Liam on the other side was left dumbfounded with the cold treatment .

Roughly half an hour later, the black Mercedez-Maybach reach the mansion and a lot of guards were stationed, some were walking and running back in forth .

Ashton entered the mansion and the servants step backwards due to the dangerous aura emitting from their Master .

The moment Ashton enters the room and found her lying to the bed with a pale countenance on the bed . Ashton's heart was being torn into pieces looking at her condition .

"What's my wife's condition?" Ashton asks in a raspy voice trying his best to suppress the raging in his heart .

The Cordiviera's Family physician, Dr . Li Zhao and with him was his assistant and nurses felt a chill running down their spine due to the coldness emitting from Ashton .

After his operation, he receives a call from Butler Yedel from the Cordiviera's Mansion . After hearing something bad happened to the Young Madam, which is Ashton's wife, quite shocked him that the Second Young Master is now married . After receiving the call, they immediately rush up .

"The Madam had receive a big slit of wound on her right arm but it's not that life threatening . The only thing is her high fever that flared up . We want to bring the Madam to the hospital because, our medicine and apparatuses aren't enough to bring down her fever"

"The Young Madam would woke up subconsciously telling us not to bring her,if this goes on, a fever of 40 . 8 degrees will put her in critical condition . We only want what's best for the patient" Dr . Li Zhao helplessly said .

Ashton was petrified, the words 'critical condition' was swirling in his mind . His iceberg face cracked for the first time and it show a panic filled expression .

Looking at Callista's paled complexion and pained expression, Ashton's hand turn cold .

"Don't . . . . Please don't leave me" Callista subconsciously mutter and hold on to the person next to her which is Ashton .

Ashton can feel her cold hands and tears were falling from her eyes . Without further ado, Ashton slowly and carefully took her from the bed like a fragile glass and carried her in a bridal style .

"We're going to the hospital immediately!" Ashton blankly said and Butler Yedel on the side immediately makes a call and head out along with the doctors .

. . . . .

On the corridor of the hospital, Ashton still in his business outfit stood with Albert and three of his Elite guards stood beside him .

"Boss, there is no sign of any entry from the Madam's room . We also search the mansion and scan the hidden cameras but there were no assassins or any attacker . It's like this person never existed!" The head of the Elite Guards, Ryan blankly reported .

"Also boss, why would someone attack the Madam? It's been only more than a month that you married and only your family knows about your relationship" Rusten on the side said .

"To answer our question, only the Madam can explain it to us" Albert said and sigh . The attack today was very odd . He knew very well how tightly the Mansion is being guarded .

A lot of hidden guards are stationed in every corner of the mansion . They would know even if an animal enter the place! They tried everything to find the culprit but they were left with a lot of blanks in their investigation .

Ashton only stood there blankly, no one knows what he was thinking . He just strode back to the VIP room where Callista is staying . He found the girl lying on the bed like she was just sleeping, her delicate face is no longer pale .

"Mr . Cordiviera, there's something I want to tell you . "Dr . Li Zhao said after checking on Callista's body condition .

"What is it?" Ashton looks very solemn when he heard the doctor in a serious tone .

"Just we were transferring the Madam in the VIP Room, one of my associate doctors, Dr . Sanders seems to know the Madam . He is a Psychologist and the Madam's condition is likely related to a psychological trauma . I'm suggesting letting Dr . Sanders take a look at her and you don't have to worry, his the best when it comes to his field" Dr . Li Zhao said and after that he look at Ashton's reaction and he can feel his back sweating .

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Ahton pondered for a moment, thinking about the welfare of his wife is his priority so he nodded with Dr . Li Zhao's suggestion .

Receiving Ashton's answer, Dr . Li Zhao heaved a sigh of relief and rush out to call for Dr . Sanders .

Meanwhile at the Croft Mansion .

It was already late at night that the Welcoming Party ended . Guest after guest is now leaving . While Christian is just sitting on the host seat and will nod to the guest that are now leaving .

He wasn't in the mood to entertain any guest now . Een his three friends stop talking to him, sensing his bad mood . His parent's were also worried the way there son is acting .

"Son, is everything alright? "His father, Bradley Croft asks worriedly .

"Maybe his just tired . He just got back and arrange his own party, so it's better that we let him rest now" Her mother, Wendy Croft said and look at her son who is now pinching between his eyebrows .

"Did you forget that Christian said that he has a surprised for us? The party already ended and we still haven't received his surprise" His father stated like he was cheated by his son .

Hearing the 'surprise' word from his father, Christian tightly held the small block box in his pocket .

"Ohh, your right . I heard earlier from Ronabeth that Callista will be here, but I didn't get a glimpse of her and also your best friend Ashton" Wendy said not seeing the expression of his son .

"Ashton had an emergency that's why he wasn't here . " Christian replied .

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"Then what about Callista? I was expecting her also . I really miss that child, I wonder how she is now? I heard that she's quite famous now and have become the most sought chef around the world!" Wendy happily exclaimed .

Hearing his Mom mentioning her name, Christian's mood even worsen .

Christian just stood up abruptly, startling his parents .

"I'm tired now . I'll be heading to my room now" Christian blankly said and walk without waiting for his parents saying a word .

Wendy wanted to call out for her son but Bradly just hold her off and shake his head telling to just leave him alone .

Christian reach his room, the first thing he did was to took a cigarette in one of his bedside drawer, light it up and smoke in the balcony .

He took the black box in his right pocket and open it, under the moonlight, it illuminates the beauty of the ring .

A white diamond was embedded in the swirling pure white gold design . Christian look at it for a long time while reminiscing those moments and memories with her .

He then look up above the dark sky filled with numerous sparkling stars that reflected in his hazel brown eyes .

"Callista, whatever reasons you had . Remember that you are mine"