Back from the Dead - Chapter 62

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:30:32 PM

Chapter 62

Ashton is just quietly sitting next to her while holding her hand .

Albert on the side was left again seeing this scene . It was roughly a month that the Madam left the hospital and now she's back again .

Seeing his boss complicated expression, he doesn't even know how many times he keep on sighing .

'Boss! Why is your expression like that? You look like the Madam is about to pass away!'

Albert wanted to tell this but he just keep his mouth shut, afraid that his boss would strangle him .

It's already the next day and half a day had already pass that his boss is seating unmoved in his position .

Even eating and changing clothes, he neglected it . Afraid that, if he ever leave for a second the Madam would be gone!

Albert silently prayed to the heavens that the Madam should wake up soon! Not only was he on the verge on losing his mind, his comrades are also going crazy finding the culprit .

Suddenly, they heard a low mumbled from the bed, jolting Ashton from his seat and look at the girl's eyelashes flattering then she finally open her eyes .

"H . . . hub . . . hubby?" Callista said in a raspy voice, her throat was relatively dry like she hasn't drink water for a long time .

"I'm here! Are you okay? Do you feel pain anywhere? Do you want something for me to get?" Ashton said throwing a lot of myriad questions which cause Callista's head to ache .

"W . . water" Callista said in a rough voice while Ashton instantly pour a glass of water, moistening her dry throat .

While Albert went out to call for the doctor . Callista sit upright on the bed while Ashton supported her . Looking at her state, it looks like she is in the hospital .

"Uhh . Hubby, what happened to me? Why am I here?"

"The servants found you were lying in a pool blood due to your big slit of wound then at night you have a very high fever that won't go down so we sent you here . Do you remember what happen before you lost your consciousness?" Ashton asks worriedly .

Even if he hasn't seen in her in that state, looking at the servants expression, he knew she was in a bad state that made his heart wanna jump out of his chest when they inform what had happened to her .

Callista started to think back . The last thing she remember, she was heading back to her previous room to get some new clothes to choose with but suddenly her head ache so badly like it was about to split anytime .

After that, she saw many images filling her mind that made her go crazy . Then she was plunge into a pit of darkness like it was about to swallow her whole . She knew that those images were 'Callista' bad memories that she keep at the back of her mind, that's why after gaining her memories, it didn't show the lost memories .

She can sense that she wants to forget and never looked back to what she used to be, but these sudden new memories was an addition to her real identity that would solve her problems .

While Callista is being quiet and in deep thinking, Ashton felt even more worried thinking she had a deep trauma to what happen, knowing that she had a 'weak heart' .

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"Did someone attack you when you were in your room?" Ashton ask trying to suppress the killing intent he had for someone who is responsible for her state .

While Callista felt puzzle hearing his question . Someone attacked me? Then she look at her right arm that was thickly bandage .

It looks like there is some misunderstanding here .

The mansion is so heavily guarded, who would dared assassinate a person in the Cordiviera's mansion? He would only be seeking death if he tried to .

"No, no one attack me . I was only the one in my room but I don't know how I got this wound" Callista said but Ashton isn't convince with her explanation . For him, someone wanted to harm his wife!

In this moment, two doctors enter the room . One was Dr . Li Zhao and the other one was a tall, handsome young man .

Callista look at the two person who just had enter, she didn't know the old man but at his side, she knew him very well .

That brown hair, his almond shape eyes with his perfect round glasses and that perfectly jawline like if you put a finger on it will make you bleed .

He really fit the one in her memory . With an amaze gaze, Callista mumble his name .

"Brother Tyler!" Callista happily exclaimed not because she was happy to see him but he knows 'Callista' condition .

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Hearing his wife happy tone and mentioning someones name, Ashton eyes and ears turn sharply, then he look back and saw a man with eyeglasses . Ashton can't help but furrowed his eyebrows .

Albert on the side, suddenly sense his boss hostility on the young doctor .

'I'm praying that you wouldn't lose your job!'

Albert silently pray on the inside . It's really bad when your boss get jealous!

Hearing his name, Tyler quickly dash at her side and rattle like a worried father .

"How many times do I have to tell you that you should never ever forget taking your medicines! Now look at what happened?"

"You also forget your monthly check ups! If I didn't see you being wheeled here, I wouldn't know what would happen to you!"

"If this happens again, I'm really going to tell father about it and won't be lenient with you!"

Callista just listened to his rattlings, aside from being her doctor . He was previously her adopted brother, Tyler Rashmoore but then he was adopted by a rich family which is the Sanders Family .

Even if he was adopted by another family, he didn't forget her adopted sister . If ever she encountered problems, this brother of her is always at her side protecting her .

Callista just smile, she always wanted a big brother . Having a big brother like this isn't that bad at all .

"I'm sorry . I was just pre occupied this days and forgot to contact you" Callista said truthfully . She was busy with her lovelife and business matters that she forgot her own circumstances .

On the side, Ashton's face is now indiscribbable . He was now being neglected! He suddenly look at Tyler's direction emitting a wave of murderous aura .

Tyler who was busy talking with his little sister felt that dangerous aura lurking around him . He finally saw a man with a stoic face who was devoid of any expressions .

His gaze finally landed on the man's hand holding his little sister's slender fingers .

"Cally, this man is?" Tyler asked, then Callista remember that her hubby is with her . Looking at his expression, he must have misunderstood my relationship with him .

"Big Brother Tyler he is-" before Callista could finish what she was saying, Ashton interrupted her .

"I'm her husband, Ashton Cordiviera" Ashton proudly said and look at Callista lovingly while his heart turn warm . The cold stoic face earlier was now gone .

Hearing his answer, Tyler's man went blank .