Back from the Dead - Chapter 63

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:30:26 PM

Chapter 63


It took a while before Tyler could process it in his mind . Then he stared at Callista with wide eyes then started pointing at her .

"Y-you . . . What . . . I . . I . . " Tyler was left with no words to utter, just staring at her dumbfounded .

He wanted to say something but he was still left speechless .

"Hubby, don't scare Big Brother Tyler . He is my father's adopted son at first but was now adopted by the Sanders . He is also my doctor" Callista explained to ease his sudden jealousy . She just giggle at his behavior .

Ashton's fuming heart ease a little bit .

"Brother-in-law" Ashton said and hold out his hands, frightening Tyler at his wits .

He also realized that this man is a Cordiviera! How could he a lowly person shake hands from the King of Empire!

He must've been earning a lot of good deeds in his past life to deserve this .

"Uhh . . . I'm Tyler Sanders, Callista's Brother" Tyler said and with a trembling hands he shake his hands .

"Okay, that's enough . Brother, why are you here?" Callista said and break off their hands before her brother could faint .

"Of course to check on you! Good thing you didn't do too much harm on yourself" Tyler said upon checking her state . While Ashton curiously looked at him .

"Didn't she tell you anything? About her psychological state?" Tyler ask when he found his look a little bit weird then look at her sister who is just staring at her with innocent eyes .

While Ashton could only shake his head . He is now feeling sorry for himself, not knowing anything about her .

Tyler just slaps his forehead from the coming headache cause by this stubborn sister of his .

"This happens when you don't follow my instructions! Let me apologize for my sister's behavior . " Tyler could only bow his head and apologize for her sister's sake while Callista was left speechless .

Do I really look like a bad sister?

"You mention something about her psychological state, what do you mean by that?" Ashton ask, he suddenly had a feeling that this wasn't good .

"Your her husband so you have the right to know about this . Now that you are at her side, I can be at ease" Tyler said while patting his chest and started explaining on Callista's certain condition .

"Callista, after arriving at the orphanage she started to develop certain conditions affecting her mental state . We concluded that the reason was something must've happen before she arrives at the orphanage thus resulting from her psychological trauma . "

"When her condition erupts, sometimes she would lose her mind, hurt herself and having a very high fever which what happened last night . To prevent her condition from flaring up, she need to take her medicines regularly . "

"Looking at her state, she must've stop taking her medicines for almost a month" Tyler explained and Callista is just sitting quietly, no one knows what she's thinking right now .

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While Ashton is now blaming himself . She's been living with him for more than a month yet he didn't notice anything until this happen . Such a good husband he is .

While he is feeling down, he felt a warm hand touching his hand . It's like spring is blooming in his eyes when he saw her smiling brightly at her .

She was like a ray of sunshine that lights his direction in life amidst the darkness

"Hubby, it's not your fault okay . I didn't tell it to you because I tend to forget things when it happens" Callista assurely said .

"Your now at my side, so I guess I'll be fine from now" Callista added and show her perfectly white canine teeth, smiling at him .

Suddenly, Tyler felt like he was being forcely fed with dog food .

Albert, after hearing the story of what really happened, instantly called back his comrades to stop the investigation .

His comrades felt something was wrong, they wanted to ask but he only replied that the culprit is now caught . Even on his deathbed, he would not mention that it was the Young Madam harming herself and there were no assassins .

The Elite and Hidden guards were all left confuse and started to ask from their buddies who take down the culprit, sadly no one knew .

After undergoing a lot of test . Dr . Li Zhao advise to take a lot of rest, drink her medicines and she could leave the hospital tomorrow .

"May I talk to my sister alone?" Tyler ask looking at Ashton's direction .

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"You could just tell it, why shove him away?" Callista frown .

"It's alright . I need to go and have a change first and also my family receive news of what happened so I need to explain certain things . " Ashton said with a smile and pat her head .

It was only then Callista realized how haggard her hubby look and she just concede with him and give her brother a glare .

"I'll be back later, so you could also catch up with your Elder Brother . We'll be going now" Ashton once again said and kissed on her forehead and finally left with Albert .

Outside the room, Ashton face was back to being cold far from what he had when his facing Callista .

"Albert, I want you to investigate about him" Ashton suddenly said frightening Albert on his end .

"You mean Tyler? But his the brother of Young Madam, why should we investigate about him . There's nothing fishy about it boss!" Albert declare . What would happen if the Madam find out about it? His boss doesn't even put kinship when it comes to the Madam's safety .

"His not her biological brother" Ashton stating the obvious and left while Albert just stare at his boss back .

Inside the room, Callista is just eating leisurely the apple Ashton peeled for her while Tyler sat beside her .

"How long were you married to him?" Tyler suddenly ask but Callista just answer him calmly .

"It's been over a month, we just registered our marriage . Were just settling the date for the wedding"

"Marrying Ashton, does it have something to do to what have happen between you and Christian?" Tyler asked in a concern tone .

After Christian left to another country, Callista also left the orphanage and head to Imperial City . Father also requested him to be her personal doctor .

When Christian left, her psychological state got worsen so he always have to look after her afraid that she would take her life anytime .

Not until he lost contact of her for a month making him worried sick, afraid something bad had happen to her . Then he called the orphanage and went to her apartment but found nothing . Then he found out the she already resigned at Aunt Rona's restaurant .

It was only last night that he saw her again . Looking now at her, it seems that mentioning Christian's name doesn't even give her a reaction .

"Christian and I, what we have is already in the past and my marriage to Ashton hasn't nothing to do with him . " Callista answered without any trace of feelings left for Christian but spoke highly of Ashton .

"Christian is already back . Have you talk to him already?"

"I was suppose to meet him but my condition flare up . So I guess, I'll met up with him when I'm a little better . In fact, we have some things to talk about and settle . "

"Does Ashton know your relationship with him?"

"No, I was planning to tell it to him after I've talk to him" Callista said while Tyler keep quiet for a while deciding to tell it or not .

She probably didn't know Ashton and Christian's friendship .

What would she do if she found out that her ex-boyfriend is her husband best friend?