Back from the Dead - Chapter 68

Published at 12th of January 2019 11:45:04 AM

Chapter 68: 68

Warning: Steamy Scene ahead! If your 18+ and an open minded person, you can read this .

- - - - - - - - -

Callista and Ashton continued hugging for more than five minutes, Callista break off from his warm embrace and tightly held his hand and look at him in the eyes where she can clearly see her image in that deep, clear gray eyes .

"Hubby, no matter where I am, or be in the ends of the world, you should know that I'll always come back to you" Callista clearly said and he can see how bright she is now, like a ray of sunlight . Her eyes are sparkling and calm, like you're in the middle of a lake with no ripples .

From now on, Ashton's chaotic heart finally calm down . His now truly clear to what he is feeling, clearer than ever .

This first month of their relationship, it started with a vague feeling without knowing how they truly felt for each other . It tested the both of them if they can continue to be with each other and trust one another .

Even if she can't say it, Ashton feels it too from her . He knows that there are still a lot of trials and challenges along their way, but now, the both of them knows now that they won't let go of each other .

No more pretentious act, just the real feeling of being with each other .

"It isn't still too late to start again, right?" Ashton clearly said then Callista nod her head and flash her genuinely smile .

Ashton held her chin and his face slowly moved toward her, she closes her eyes and both of them could feel the sweet and warm contact of their lips .

The servants near them turn red from the steamy scene they had witness and started backing away, Butler Yedel on the side curve his lips forming into a slight smile, he bowed and left that area . Then it was only them that were left on the corridor of the second floor .

Ashton slowly kissed her sweet cherry lips now turning red and slowly led her to their bedroom, pushes the door and closes it with a loud bang and pin her to the wall and started kissing again invading inside her mouth entangling their tongues .

His hands travel from her shoulder slowly to her waist, he insert his hand from her blouse feeling every inch of her .

Callista moaned from that warm touch while her hands also travel from his firm chest and chiseled abdominal muscles she could beneath his clothes .

After their long round of kissing and sucking each other's mouth, Ashton slowly guide her to their bed and unhurriedly take her blouse and skirt off throwing it off on the marbled floor while Callista unbutton his shirt, unbuckled his belt, strip off his pant and toss it away leaving the both of them in their underwear's .

Ashton's kisses travel from her mouth, neck, chest and slowly moving to her abdomen while fumbling her tender fair thighs . Callista's face flushed pink and shuddered from that feeling making her hot more like she is put inside an oven .

Callista just moaned and moaned making Ashton feel excited more and she can feel his little brother budging hers, under her undies . Ashton unhook her bra and started groping and sucking the other like a baby, Callista firmly hold his waist from that feeling making her moan and wet from the burst of pleasure .

With his groping skills, Ashton slowly remove her remaining cover and touch her beloved in which she loudly moan and it was like sweet music to his ears and he started moving slowly down to her core while his hand massage her core and Callista could feel the butterflies flying in her stomach making her sweat from the sweet pleasure .

Ashton look at her in a sexy way, both of their eyes were locked in each other making Callista's face turn red .

"Are you embarrassed?" Ashton slightly teases while touching her making her feel even redder like a tomato .

"Why would I be embarrassed? I saw all of you already and mine too!" Callista flushed while her hands travel to his back down to his waist making him feel her warm touch electrifying his very being making his hard even more .

Ashton position himself on top of her while looking at her smooth, tender and fair skin, her body curves, slender arms and legs and her long curly platinum blond her that is sprawling on the bed

"You're so beautiful, my love" Ashton said in a sexy voice and kissed her again with their tongues entangling each other, then Callista switch their position .

Her strands of short hair fell beneath his face and he saw that sexy smirk from her face .

"You're leaving a lot of hickeys and I don't plan on wearing long sleeves and turtle necks" Callista said then her hands travel from his muscular body and teasing him from her slight touches giving him more a hard on and moan from the pleasure then she started kissing and sucking leaving a mark on his toned define body and strip his underwear while his little brother sprang in erect .

Looking at the size of his thing, Callista gulped not knowing how it fitted previously from her . She already saw it once but seeing it again made her remember that pain tearing from her body .

"Hubby, could I backout?" Callista said while still looking at his little brother with squinted eyes and slowly backing out but Ashton firmly grasps her arm .

"Hey! I still had a wound!" Callista cried and Ashton instantly releases his hand and sits upright on the bed to look at her bandage arm .

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to . I was careless, I think we should stop now and continue it when your wound is okay" Ashton hurriedly said while looking at her bandage arm if it bleeds . He is afraid if they continue, he might hurt her .

Callista just chuckle and dive through him and Ashton could feel his thing touching hers making the almost extinguish fire from his body rage once more .

"You're wound!" He gritted, trying to suppress this burning feeling inside him while he looked helplessly from her sudden movement .

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"Screw the wound, let's finish what we started" Callista said whispering in his ears and he can feel that warm air from her breath tingling his ears then she bit his ear and he change their position again and look down on her playful appealing face .

"You're really stubborn aren't you?" Ashton smirk and pressed her down on the bed then he slowly slid his tongue from her chest all the way down to her core which made Callista gasps and groan and he also squeeze her soft, tender butt .

Ashton started licking her core while his hands continue to grope her thigh and she shouted from the hot sensation while she grabbed his head which force him to invade her more .

Callista started panting from that burning feeling like something is about to blow inside her .

"Ahh!" Callista whimpered from what she's feeling and lost to the sense of pleasure devouring her entire being . While Ashton devilishly smile from her released .

After tasting her, he crawled back to her and started stroking his hardened little brother .

"I'll be going in now, tell me if it hurts" Ashton carefully said while stroking her flushed cheeks .

"It's alright, I'll be fine" Callista said without any hesitation .

They already did it once, so there will be no problem then Ashton slightly stroke his and direct it to her slowly entering her being and moved forward .

"Ahh! Shit!" Callista curse and shouted from the pain .

It was only more than a week they did it so why does it still hurt! Callista curse and her tears slowly slid down .

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"I'll stop n-" before Ashton could finish his sentence, she interrupted him .

"No, just continue" Callista weakly said then Ashton just gritted his teeth tightly intertwined their hands and kiss her to relieve her pain and is now moving fast inside her .

Callista just moan in between their kisses, it hurts but it really felt good .

Their first sex, wasn't anything like this . It was like only lust and a little bit of love, their first was really awkward and they needed to use protection . But now is different, this is what she can truly say making love with the person you care and love the most .

Unlike the last time, this is pure love with a touch of care and respect . She now felt truly assured and satisfied gambling everything for him .

Ashton move faster and faster, slowly moving away until he could eject it out and Callista know what he is trying to do . Before he could it eject out, Callista firmly held his waist making him throw it inside her while Ashton with his panting face look at her with a complicated gaze .

"You! But . . . I thought . . " Ashton was left speechless, the first time they did it was, she requested it to eject it out so he was very confused what changed her mind .

"It's alright and I trust you . You said that were now starting over right? " Callista sweetly smiled even if she was still panting and Ashton felt very happy with her response .

"Thank you for your trust, my love" Ashton said and kissed her once more .

They started their relationship in a roller coaster ride with a lot of uncertainties but right now with their newly bloom relationship, she knew that with the both of them at each other side, she had nothing to fear .