Back from the Dead - Chapter 7

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:35:29 PM

Chapter 7

It's been a week since I've woken up and the only thing I could do here is eat, take some medicine, and wait for my dear hubby and sleep .

I'm currently reading a Japanese book that my hubby is reading few days ago . It's all about business stuffs . I'm really amazed to myself on how fluent I am to many different languages .

My hubby is not here because he has an important matter to deal with so I'm left alone in this boring hospital . She remember how Albert is on the verge of tears when he request me to let my hubby go to the company about the $15 Billion proposal well, that was really a big money .

Suddenly, Callista heard a knock on the door . Who could visit me at this moment?

"Come in!" I just shouted and saw a woman in a Royal blue dress with a basket of fruits in her hands . When I scan from my memory this girl is Carla Amirez and also Callista best friend . Well now she is my best friend!

"Carla! You came!" I said in a happy voice . Well aside from my colleagues in the organization I am close only to the three boys while the other girls hate me and love to challenge me every time when I got no work to do and I can't understand why do these girls hate me! I really can't fathom a girl's hatred . So this is my first time interacting with a girl friend and from this memory she is a kind, honest and caring friend .

"Of course! Your my best friend! I'm sorry that I only came here now . Things were busy in the restaurant and because you weren't there we got a lot of working to do . " She said and put the basket of fruits in the table .

"Cally, after your call we receive your resignation letter and the boss is very sad! She said she can't bear to lose a talented chef! She said also if you want to rest until your recovery she can give you that . " she said and sits right next to me .

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"The boss is really sweet . But my decision is final Carla and also I'll be getting married soon so I can't have the time to stay in the restaurant" I said and put down the book .

"What? You're getting married!!! I didn't know you had a guy in your life! I never saw you dating before so how come your getting married now?" Carla exclaimed . She know her for many years, this is her first time hearing that she actually had a guy in her life and she kind of feel sad not knowing about it .

"It's a long story and kind of confidential but don't worry you are invited . When I'm good, I'll go talk to the boss . Just tell her about my recovery and keep my secret of getting married" I said and continue chatting with her . It's really a good thing that she's here or I'll be bored to death . My right hand is on cast and my left hand has a needle from the IV . Good thing I have a good friend in this life now .

. . . .

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At the Conference room in the Cordiviera's Group of Companies .

"Congratulations Mr . Cordiviera for sealing the deal"

"I'm looking forward to work with you in the future!"

After sealing the deal with the investors, Ashton is just seated at the main seat in a blank expression like it was only slicing a piece of cake of the current investment in dealing with it .

"Boss! Now that the deal is done . Do you want to head now to the hospital?" Albert walked to his boss when he finally saw all the members of the company and investors left the conference room .

"Yes and before that call Butler Yuan to arrange the room next to mine . My wife will be staying their first and tell my parents and siblings about my marriage to her" Ashton said feeling happy and proud when speaking about her future wife .

"Yes boss . I'll immediately pass this news to them . " Albert said . His boss is really going to marry her! He could only hope that his family will be not too shocked of this sudden news .

Only the lawyer of his late grandfather, me and boss knows his last will not even his family knew about this . I'm expecting that when they will hear this news they may think that the sun is rising from the west!