Back from the Dead - Chapter 8

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:35:24 PM

Chapter 8

The day finally came that I'm leaving the hospital . I finally change to a yellow floral dress and this my first time wearing such a bright color and it's a fucking dress! I was used to wear tight leather pants and fitted blouse and my right arm is still in cast! I can only take it off after a week!

She thought it will only take a month for her broken arm to heal! But this hospital develops a medicine that makes the bones that is broken to heal faster! It's really a good thing that the fractured arm is really not that heavy injured so the recovery of my fractured arm will be fast . This continent does really have an advance medicine .

"Let's go hubby! I'm finally leaving this hospital!" Callista said and hold his hand and leave the room .

A tinge of happiness flicker in his eyes and looked at the hand she was holding . This is his first time being intimate with a girl so he can't describe these complex emotions that he has been feeling this past few days .

When some of the bodyguards saw a young woman along with their boss holding hand in hand leaving the hospital room . They were shocked! Only one thing came to their mind .

'This is the future wife of the Boss!'

'They must not offend the lady boss!'

. . . .

Inside the car, she was startled when she saw the car not returning to her own house it is taking another route! According to the memory that was fused with her now this is not route they must take! I thought he will be sending me to my home?

"Uhh, dear where are we going? This isn't the way to my house" I said while looking at the road .

"You'll be going home with me" he said in a casual tone while looking at some papers .

"Ohh, then head back to the house first! I need to get some of my stuff!" I said . From this memory, there are a lot of important things there .

"I'll just send someone to pack your stuffs, you're still injured" he said in a caring tone and look at her arm in a cast .

"I don't need all of them, I just need to go get the important things their okay?" I said in a sweet tone and he just approve with my decision . It looks like this future husband of mine is pleasing to the eye .

. . . .

When I reach to the house my dear hubby came along with me . I just look at how cozy it is . The house is full of bright pastel colors . I can tell that this girl and I have the same taste in life . I immediately go to the room and took all the important stuffs .

"Hubby! Just this stuffs!" I said and he put all those important things in the box . I go to the table to scan some things and took a sketch pad .

It was filled with many different designs of dresses . The previous soul also wanted to be a fashion designer . Too bad she doesn't have a time for that and just sketch some for her hobby while she just focus on cooking . So I just took it and put it on the box .

"Do you still need anything?" He said while looking at her room . This is his first being in a woman's room .

'Hmm . . So a woman's room look actually like this'

"No, I finally have it all . So let's go!" I said and he gives the box full stuffs to a bodyguard and we enter the car and made our way to his home .

So I guess, I will be staying now to my dear hubby .

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. . . . .

In a moment we reach the gates namely Green Plains Villa . The moment I saw those big letters and enter the gates . I almost puke blood!

Green Plains Villa where only the wealthiest among the wealthy people can live here! There were only 12 villas here and this piece of land is really wide so super wide! And don't ask about the price anymore it will be hard to fathom .

Such wealth it is!

We finally arrive at Villa no . 12 and this villa is the Biggest among all the villas here . Entering the gates of his villa it took a six minute drive to his place and finally I saw a big mansion when it came to view .

I could only sigh . I have met many wealthy people during my missions but my hubby is flaunting its wealth in front of me! Too much wealth! I'm getting blind from this!

The car finally stop and they open the car door for us and I saw the alignment of maids and workers from the door entrance .

"Welcome to our home" he said in a proud way but when he look at his wife face . He could see her complicated face and just sighing .

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"Hey, what's wrong? Don't you like it here?" He said in a worried tone .

Before her arrival, he immediately makes sure that the entire mansion is renovated . So that when she came she could finally stay here in comfort .

"Nothing's wrong, it's just that my hubby is too fucking rich!" When he heard her answer . He don't know wether he should laugh or cry for being rich .

"Actually, I love your garden very much! Look at those colorful tulips in arrangement . Those are my favorite flowers!" She said happily while looking at the flowers . So he breathes a sigh of relief knowing that she like it .

"Let's enter now, your still injured and you just got out of the hospital so you need to rest first" He said and lead her while holding her hands .

The workers outside the door where shock looking at their boss who is acting so sweet . They got the news that their boss got a lady and they have work non-stop in the renovation of the mansion .

They really wanted to see who is their future lady and now that they see her . She just looks so ordinary even though she is a beauty but they can't ignore the fact that the boss is caring towards her .

It really looks like that they got a new person to serve now and it's the lady of the boss .