Back from the Dead - Chapter 9

Published at 4th of January 2019 01:35:14 PM

Chapter 9

When butler Yedel saw the person they have been waiting for they all immediately bow and greet their master and the lady beside them .

"Welcome back Young master!"

"Welcome Young Lady Callista!"

She was shock by this sudden welcome so she could only just thank them and her hubby just led her upstairs .

Butler Yedel saw his young master leading the girl upstairs . His been serving this family for almost 30 years and he saw them grow up .

She is the first girl that the young master brought home . That child used to be always quiet and cold that is why he is sometimes misunderstood but he knew that he was warm and caring to the people he love and he finally saw how he look at the girl beside him and it looks like she will be the first and last girl .

Upstairs she was lead to a door and he opens it for her . This room is just according to her liking! The color of the room is in green pastel and the bed linens are also in green but it was dark in color . Everything is just according to her liking!

"Do you like it?" Ashton anxiously asked .

"Yes! Yes! I like it very much! I thought that you will let me stay in your room and if you did that I would immediately punch you! Well, thank you for this hubby" she exclaimed and hugs his arm . She can't hug him with two arms because of her right arm . Ashton was shocked but he immediately changes his expression back .

It was a good thing that he didn't let her sleep with him . If he did, he may have received some punch from her .

"I'm glad that you like it . I need to tell you something, my parents and siblings want to meet you two weeks from now . " He said while playing with her soft hands .

"Your family?! I know I'll be meeting them soon but I never expected it to be so soon!" She exclaimed while feeling nervous .

"Don't worry . They won't do something to you" He said in a assuring tone . But she is not assured!

She knew very well the attitudes of every wealthy family . Through her previous mission she learns along the way what wealthy people can be capable . Well she's not afraid that they will do something bad to her . She's been through countless death .

From her background, she knew that she wasn't good enough for their son and if they found out about that they will do everything in their power to break them apart .

Well, if that's the case then I won't let them ruin it! I finally found someone to marry . I wash off the aura of myself being a killer and be this kind of girly, sweet girl for him . I already defy the heavens for not taking me! So not even them can break us apart! No one can break them!

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Suddenly, Ashton can feel a cold, murderous aura around her but suddenly it fade away . Maybe it was just his imagination .

"I'm not feeling well right now, Can I just rest now?" she said and go to the bed .

"Okay, rest for now . I will just let them give your dinner here . If you need me just enter that door . We have a connecting room" he said and let her lay on the bed and after he settle her he leave her room .

When she heard the door close and cannot sense his presence anymore . Callista sit cross-legged in the bed and her lively girl demeanor instantly changes to seriousness along with her cold murderous aura .

She needs to plan this family meeting . It feels like she's on a mission just by thinking this . It's like a Class Z mission far harder than the Class S mission .

She has no problem in her skills because she can say she's a wife material . Before her rebirth she is already good at cooking .

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During her time in the organization when she's not on a mission those girls loves to challenge her in cooking, cleaning, ironing and washing of clothes and some other house works!

It's because in the organization getting married there is not usual and they love to challenge me because of Jason, it's because they thought that Jason will be marrying me sad to say but he isn't .

I must really thank those girls for inviting me in those despicable challenges it really came handy in this critical moments .

Well, there is nothing much to do now I can say that I'm the best wife for my hubby! But I shouldn't be this confident I already learned my lesson to be not careless anymore .

I need to plan this operation slash family meeting! It's better to leave a good impression . First impression is always the best .