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Chapter 3

Banished Disciple's Counterattack Chapter 3

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A thin horse marched slowly on the trail at a serene and dark night, and its hoofs clattered on the ground to a slow and gentle rhythm .


Looking up at the sky, exhausted Ye Chen lied on the horseback .


He had been lying on the horseback since he left Zhengyang Sect, and had no idea about where to go . As an orphan, he was reared in the sect and had no hint of his parents or any family members .


Ye Chen had regarded Zhengyang Sect as his home, and senior and junior brothers his families .


But now he was driven out from the sect . Homeless and lonely, Ye Chen curled up his body .


He murmured, "Where is my home?" His voice could be heard clearly at this dark and lonely night . Tired Ye Chen nearly fell asleep unconsciously with a pair of hazy eyes .


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Unexpectedly, the instant he almost closed his eyes, a bright star fell from the dark sky and dazzled .  


Ye Chen sat up abruptly with eyes wide-opened .


Ye stared at the night sky, with his eyes rolling as the star fell . The golden star was so shiny, as if it absorbed the brightness of millions of stars and passed through the ancient times . Its warm golden ray lightened the skyline .


"Star fell?" Ye Chen gazed at the splendid arc in surprise .




A thunder pierced the dome . He could even see the continuous lightening . Thunder panicked the thin horse . It reared back and neighed . Ye Chen dropped from the horseback as a result .




Star fell, and even the earth shattered .

With the heat rolling towards him, Ye Chen stood up, felt the high temperature in the space, and saw the trees withering at a fast rate .

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"Star fell, what a historic spectacle it is!"


Ye Chen stepped on the scorched earth as the hot waves approached him .


When coming closer to the star, he found it not a fallen star but a bunch of palm-sized golden flame .


"True fire?"  Dreamy Ye Chen was astonished, and he never expected the star to be a flame .  


The golden lights vanished soon, and the true fire remained there lonely as a candle light . As lonely as a homeless child, the flame flickered . Ye Chen could not feel any warmth from it .


"You are homeless either?" He shared the same destiny with the flame, and was unbearable to restrain himself extending his palm and touching the flame gently .


The flame seemed to be spiritual and jumped into Ye Chen's palm, amusing itself like an innocent child .


"How interesting it is!"

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Ye could not help stretching his fingers and pointing at the flame, and it turned into a beam of golden light and burst into his body .


"You…" It was too late for Ye Chen to react .


The seemingly naughty fire circled in Ye Chen's body and entered into his broken elixir field .


Feeling the warmth from his belly soon, Ye Chen hurried to inspect his body .


He saw an amazing scene that his broken elixir field healed itself thanks to the true fire, with warmth flowing to the whole body . Ye Chen felt like bathing in scorching sunlight in chilling winter .


"What is up?" Ye opened his mouth .


The true fire did not finish its trip yet .


It jumped up and down in Ye Chen's elixir field . Sensing his narrow elixir, the flame enlarged rapidly, emitted golden lights, turned into a golden sea of fire and expanded the elixir field .




Holding his lower abdomen, Ye Chen felt the pain spreading from his belly to entire body, screamed and hit the ground immediately .




That sound meant the healed elixir field burst again due to the true fire . Inside the field, everywhere was white . The heavens and the earth came into being in Ye Chen's elixir field, whose upper space was misty and lower space glowed in golden light .


Until then, the true fire stopped and floated as though it hung around in its new home .


It behaved as if nothing had happened . But Ye Chen was out of condition .


He lay on the ground with face down, panting and sweating all his body . Because of the intense pain, Ye's blue veins bulged in his forehead, eyes were bloodshot, and even his face distorted .


Nobody knew how long it passed . Afterwards, the sharp pain dispersed gradually, a sense of warmth spread to the whole body, and Ye Chen revitalized .