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Chapter 367

Chapter 367: the Jiu Yuan Crisis and Return!

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The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu When it comes to doing it, all curse people in Tucheng-Earth City are relieved of their curse . As for people who are not in Tucheng-Earth City, then I am sorry, but I can only wait for him to come to Tucheng-Earth City next time .


Bing, a man with a vicious heart, immediately advised the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu: "Once you've removed it, curse them again . "


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu and Yan Mo laughed together . They both had this thought at heart, but Yan Mo saw The Guide reminding him that after the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu lifted the curse of some people in Tucheng-Earth City, he also had the SCUM VALUE reduction point, which was an indirect rescue .


This is similar to what he expected . Sure enough, The Guide does not distinguish the enemy, he is fighting from the enemy he is saving . As long as he saves people and does good deeds, it will reduce SCUM VALUE for him . This is the second purpose of the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu to exchange Black Water and the Duo-Na under the condition that the curse is lifted .


The third goal is: "We serve our ancestors, who do not like unilateral massacres and bullying for no reason . In addition, we need to leave a little room . Shifu and you are making a big noise about Tucheng-Earth City, because they have murdered me and A-Zhan, but now I and A-Zhan are still alive, and the curse on the Tucheng-Earth City if it remains unsolved . If they won't remain calm, it will become the reason for Tucheng-Earth City combined with other forces to attack us . ”


“But today when we lift the curse on Tucheng-Earth City, we show that the two sides are grieving . But Tucheng-Earth City has suffered such a big loss . Are they willing to put up with it? Once they are unwilling and want to retaliate against our Jiu Yuan, we are on the right side, whether it is to find out the root cause or the new reason for aggression . You don't yet understand how important forgiving an enemy is, but you will understand it later . "


In addition, Yan Mo does not want to fight with Tucheng-Earth City right now . The Jiu Yuan is too shallow and needs too much time to grow up .


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu is a mature man, and naturally understands the truth of it, so he can solve the curse .


Bing and others, who listened to Yan Mo's explanation, also took a lesson . They did not know how to think, but were inexperienced and thought less deeply than Yan Mo .


The Winged Yingzhao group followed .


Two bone-birds were manipulated by Yan Mo and The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu . Black water and The Duo-Na two races entered the bone-bird for a long time, Yan Mo and they talked about it, because the bone-bird contained limited space, and they left Jiu Yuan for a long time, and they needed to rush back to steady their people's hearts . By the way, they will let the two families have a look at what the savage lands were like . If they really liked it, they would send the bone-birds to their whole family to move in .


Ying Shi of the Black Water Tribe and The Duo-Na Clan look at people, Mo Da-Ren thought so carefully for them, there is no reason not to agree .


Riding back to the Jiu Yuan in a skeleton bird took nearly 34 hours, even if full flight is not stopped in the middle, according to the skeleton bird's maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour . But a bone-bird can fly for a long time as long as it has a crystal, but the operator needs to rest . Even if the bone-bird does not need too much mental energy, it will be impossible for such a long time to maintain .


For this reason, it took the line more than three days to reach the Jiu Yuan in a hurry .


Yan Mo wasn't wasting more than three days . He formally consulted The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu on curse during his break and told The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu what he could say about his experience in Yincheng-Sound City . He needed the rich experience of the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu to help him analyze its pros and cons and Yincheng-Sound City's attitude .


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu checked Yuan Zhan and judged that it was almost the same as Yan Mo . This guy might be digesting some powerful force and would be unconscious, but the body's self-protection mechanism is at work .


"I said how the name Lamo-Ling was so familiar . It turned out to be the little toddler who awakened the power of speech and spirit . Did he escape on the sly?”


Yan Mo nodded . "Yes, he doesn't seem to be popular in Yincheng-Sound City . "


"That's because nobody guides him well! Lan-Yin also did not know how to think . Such a precious and powerful force, he did not want to train it well, but instead let him act as a random bullying act, making at that time Yincheng-Sound City many people are extremely disgusted with that little baby . ” The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu hummed, "There are many secrets in that old fellow, besides Tucheng-Earth City old priest, who is hidden in the temple, and there are also problems with Yincheng-Sound City royal blood and the Third High Priest blood in the temple itself . "


"Lamo-Ling said he was a descendant of the Shanyan ‘Good Words’ Clan? And what about his ability to start a war of all nationalities in the world?”


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu laughed and did not answer immediately . Instead, his apprentice asked with a sly smile, "I know you can understand Jiu Feng, and I also saw you and those communicating . . . the Winged Yingzhao clan . Can you talk to them, right?”


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Yan Mo refused to respond positively, but only vaguely said, "I have a special mental ability . "


"Special to what extent?”


"Shifu, what do you want to say?”


"The Shanyan ‘Good Words’ Clan's bloodline had two abilities, one is to communicate with all things in the world, the other is to speak spiritually . You know, the first generation of curse witches was The Shanyan ‘Good Words’ Clan . ”


Yan Mo always feels unable to connect the two races when he thinks of the now depressed Salt Mountain Tribesmen are . But if he is a Shanyan tribesmen, the Salt Mountain Tribesmen must also be the bloodline of the Shanyan ‘Good Words’ Clan . Looking beyond the Shanyan ‘Good Words’ Clan in the past, we can see that Yincheng-Sound City and the Salt Mountain Tribesmen are the same bloodlines as the Shanyan 'Good Words' Clan . This situation is also very different .


Yan Mo thought of a guess here . Will the Shanyan 'Good Words' Clan be divided into two branches according to ability in order to protect the bloodline itself or other reasons?


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu did not look at Yan Mo and said with a complex expression of jealousy and envy: "Legend has it that the Shanyan ‘Good Words’ Clan is a race that can really communicate with the Gods . Their blood is the closest to God direct bloodline, so they can use the purest and most direct force between heaven and earth . In ancient times, the Shanyan ‘Good Words’ Clan witches were the most powerful witches in the world and the favorite of the gods . God gave them the Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice in their dreams to communicate with the heavens and the earth, so that they could fight with the power of other gods . But the Shanyan ‘Good Words’ Clan was not militant, and because of its special ability, it has a good relationship with all the wise and non-wise creatures in the world . "


After a moment's silence, The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu went on, "But whether they are militant or not, their ability is enough to keep other ambitious wise races fearful . The first to attack The Shanyan ‘Good Words’ Clan is The Bone Sculpting People, which has completely disappeared, because The Bone Sculpting People wanted the Shanyan ‘Good Words' Clan bones calendar skull is a handed down bone object . ”

[1] Kinda like what the Fire Nation did Aang  and the Air-benders in The Avatar:The Last Airbender


Yan Mo raised his arm and looked at the bracelet-like bone on his wrist: So this thing was made from the skulls of my ancestors?


The Bone Sculpting People attacked The Shanyan ‘Good Words’ Clan, and finally the Bone Sculpting People's inheritance was inherited by his descendants of the Shanyan ‘Good Words' Clan . Is this karma?


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu did not see the strangeness of that bracelet . He sighed . "The Bone Sculpting People opened the line of thinking, and other ambitious human beings and non-human beings were also eager to move in on them . Even if The Shanyan" Good " Clan was used to avoid misfortune, it did not get much improvement in imparting them . At that time, the Shanyan ‘Good Words’ Clan also got the Fruit of Witchcraft that all races dreamed of because of their abilities! The Fruit of Witchcraft became a lightning fire that ignited the Shanyan ‘Good Words’ Clan . All the forces wanted the Fruit of Witchcraft and envied the ability of the Shanyan ‘Good Words' Clan joined forces to attack the Shanyan ‘Good Words’ Clan, and then the Shanyan ‘Good Words' Clan disappeared from the world . ”


Yan Mo, who knows a little bit about history, will find that human history is actually a reincarnation history . The Shanyan ‘Good Words’ Clan was exterminated because of their bloodline and Fruit of Witchcraft . Now he has awakened his ability to communicate with all things, and has a Wu Guo in his stomach, which doesn’t want to leave him . His ending, or what’s the end of the Jiu Yuan?


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu finally looked at his apprentice . "You said you were showing your soul in Yincheng-Sound City and blessed Cao Cong, didn't you?”


" . . . Yes . "


"Hey Hey!" The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu laughed curiously . "My soul is 9th rank, but I can't show my soul as well . What level is your soul? Or if you were injured, how could you show your soul . Do you know that only the witches who inherited the thickest blood of the Shanyan ‘Good Words’ Clan could do this before they reach the 10th rank of soul power?”


Yan Mo blinked at the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu, and suddenly grinned . "Shifu, you see how good your vision is, and had no apprentice . "


"Pop!" The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu slapped a fan on Yan Mo's back head . "Nonsense! And the Fruit of Witchcraft, you're waiting for the world to split up! I heard that The Fruit of Witchcraft was born . "


"Not born, still in my stomach, and I'm going to ask the Human-face Kunpeng Clan how to give birth to this little bastard . "


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu almost fell into the fire, straightened up and glared at Yan Mo: " . . . Don't curse yourself!"


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu looked around, lowered his voice and scolded again, "What are you dreaming about?  You want the Fruit of Witchcraft to drill into your stomach? I haven't heard that the Fruit of Witchcraft survived by drilling anyone stomach . You would be sucked dry! Pooh poo! What's good about this evil thing? If you curse yourself again . Watch out for me because I will beat you!”


Yan Mo patted his belly and said innocently, "Shifu, really it is here . Shall I call your disciples and grandchildren out to show himself you?”


"Let me go out! I'm going to suck him up! He cussed at me . " Wu Guo was angry .

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Yan Mo's mind relaxed, let Wu Guo got out of his belly . There are Ding Ning and others around the wall . He doesn't have to worry about being seen by others .


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu eyes open, he saw a gray green vine suddenly popping out of his disciple's stomach, and then rushed to his eyes . At the top of the vine there was a cute little drum bag, but the little bag opened its mouth to him, and his mouth was lined with rows of sharp teeth . It looked really creepy .


The small drum bag full of sharp teeth also gave him a spirit threat: "You stinky old man, cuss me again, and see if I don't eat you!"


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu eyes rolled in the back of his head and he fainted .


"Shifu?” Yan Mo can't laugh or cry . The old man pretended to be dizzy as if he was for real .


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu woke up moaning, and his little drum and vines disappeared . He stared at the disciple's stomach and fingers, and the whole face was shocked to the point where "no, it was . . . "


Yan Mo kindly replies, "The Fruit of Witchcraft, such as a fake bag exchange . "


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu screamed, jumped up and ran, screaming all over the ground .


The camp is watching the great The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu together with people who eat meat and rest, all of them do not understand what he is doing .


Da-da and others were ordered not to approach the two witches for the time being, and even if they were curious, they could only hold back .


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu ran for more than a dozen laps, probably unable to run, jumped back, gasped for breath, grabbed Yan Mo's collar and asked, "Do you know the Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice?”


Yan Mo shook his head . "No . "


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu immediately ordered, "Learn the Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice from me . Now, immediately, you must learn all the Dances of Ancestral Sacrifices for me in the shortest time!"


The Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice falls into three categories .


One is The Dance of BlessingThe Dance of Battle, and the other is The Dance of Cursing .


The Dance of Blessing is all inclusive . It prays for the desire to increase harvest of crops and catch the harvest of prey . It allows the injured person to recover, and the blessing of life . The worst iis that it can even bring the dead back to life .


The Dance of Battle is not that a witch rushes to fight directly with people, but by communicating with the gods of heaven and earth, using the power of the gods to energize the warriors, using the energized warriors to fight . According to the legend of the Dance of Battle's the priest’s blessing warriors can show different combat effectiveness . The most powerful one is said to make a group of ordinary low-level warriors become . More than a group of advanced level blood warriors!


If the Dance of Battle is combined with the Dance of Blessing, it can even make warriors immortal in a short time!


The Dance of Cursing, as its name implies, is dominated by curses and sacrifices .


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu said that he was good at the Dance of Cursing, other the dance of Blessing and The Dance of Battle . He wasn't good at it, but he knew a little about it .


In addition, the Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice is not only dancing, but also often helped by a variety of drugs, occasionally cooperated with other priest .


In short, The Dance of Ancestral Sacrifices are godly powerful, but equally difficult to master .

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The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu is confident in Yan Mo . "You must be the blood of the Shanyan ‘Good Words’ Clan, and now you have the Fruit of Witchcraft recognition, you can't get the same inheritance memory as other intelligent races, but you should learn the Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice easier than the Priest of other races . "


Yan Mo himself was sad . "I can't dance . "


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu scolded: "No? Learn now! I don't want to die with you! If you learn The Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice, you may be able to save yourself and the whole Jiu Yuan, but if you don't learn or can't learn, the Jiu Yuan and you will only die faster!”


Yan Mo erase the saliva from the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu splashed on the face, and make a painful decision: "OK, I will learn!"


So the flight back to the Jiu Yuan in two days became more than three days .


Yan Mo, an old man, learned dancing very slowly . He got tired in a hurry, even more so, The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu .


And now the Jiu Yuan .


The Jiu Yuan, with the help of the Mer-people, has resisted three waves of attacks .


Now the enemy is camping not far away from the Jiu Yuan, and more enemies are coming from the river to the Jiu Yuan .


The Jiu Yuan people were too small to be intercepted on the road and could only be retreated to the city of the Jiu Yuan to defend the city .


The Mer-people found that humans not only wanted to occupy the Jiu Yuan, but also became greedy after seeing the Mer-people, and even intensified the attack . There was quite a momentum that the Jiu Yuan would not recover if he could not overcome it .


Chief Hai Sen no longer hesitated, and immediately ordered the Mer-people battle team to swim through the secret waterway to the river pass, where the enemy's manpower transmission was first cut off .


At first the Mer-people had the upper hand, but soon they found that there were many more enemy fish in the river, leading by a group of red squid with human face, and the most powerful one was a group of crocodiles .


At the same time, the Duo Fei Tribe between the Jiu Yuan and dwarf people are at the same time as The Huang Jing and The, who are attacking the Jiu Yuan, but they have not sent anyone to attack the "dwarf tribe" . Instead, they have stopped the dwarf tribe to support Jiu Yuan .


The scout secretly exploring the Jiu Yuan environment found the huge red salt lake . After the news went on, the two tribes attacked the Jiu Yuan more crazily .


"See that? This beautiful grassland! There is no end to it! There are forests, and this beautiful, the Mer-people lake, which is much larger than the size of our river . The Mer-people, so many beautiful Mer-people! Look at other people's city . Where is it barren? I don't think it's much worse than the Huang Jing Tribe! He also said that we came to the barren land only to waste food, time and manpower! Now look at it . Every one of them has come to win the prize!"


The leader of the Moer-Gan did not stop nodding . The tribe was a little afraid and agreed to try, but now what?


Seeing the appearance of the city of Jiu Yuan and knowing the surroundings near the city, the eyes of the two tribes who came to take advantage of it and ran away were red with envy!

This is not much different from their tribes, this is obviously better than their tribes combined!


How can such a city, such a place, be occupied by a group of barbarians?


Yu-Wu looked down at the fierce battle and had no intention of launching it .


Head Hai Sen frowned . "Our warriors seem to be in a bit of a panic . "


Yu-Wu sneered at: "they should take advantage of this opportunity, just to train them to discipline, so that they do not think that in the world the Mer-people the most powerful . "


"We don't have a large population . "


"This is a necessary sacrifice . Look at them . Such fighting power, let alone the Mer-people, is so weak that I am afraid they will be killed on the way back to the sea! Catch the light!


"The Jiu Yuan is losing his support . "


"They should have been able to support themselves for a while longer, but who told them to betray one another and to implicate us! Humans, hum!" Yu-Wu's mouth was filled with a sarcastic laugh .


Hai Sen picked up a Mer-warrior who was about to be killed and threw him into the wounded camp . He laughed bitterly and said, "We have an agreement with the Jiu Yuan and Mo Da-Ren . We can't really see their city go out, can we?”  And I don't want to change neighbors for the time being, compared with other humans . "


"Wait a minute . This aggression is a training ground for our Mer-people . What about their Jiu Yuan? If we let high-ranking warriors do it now, it will not do much good for our low-ranking warriors and the Jiu Yuan people . At best, let them die a little less . Look here at the mouth of the river . I'll go back for a stroll . ”


Yu-Wu disappeared and Hai Sen laughed, thinking, "You're not afraid that the little priest will come back and turn his face on you, and then you'll be back soon after you leave . "


Hai Sen hid himself in the air with the power of water . He saw his Mer-warrior who was going to lose his way, and then he took the man out and threw him aside . In a few minutes, he threw a dozen people away .


The Mer-people probably knew someone was helping them, but they didn't know that it was their chief had come in person . Don't worry about life, they were fighting desperately with underwater creatures and humans .


The Jiu Yuan warriors were much worse off .


They had to deal with both the sudden rebels in the city and the enemies attacking the city outside . They were really too busy to tear a man into ten people .


The Jiu Yuan was seriously injured, but under the care of a witch, no one died except a traitor .


The Jiu Yuan people knows that someone is helping them secretly, but this help is limited after all . This morning, the outer city has been broken down, but the people who secretly helped them did not help . Now all the survivors of the Jiu Yuan people are concentrated in the inner city, and all of them are extremely tired .


Now there are two voices in the Jiu Yuan . One side is still in the main battle and wants to support the city till the return of Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo . One wanted to escape the Jiu Yuan .


Zheng and Wu Chen are all busy . They can see that the hearts of the city are unstable to the extreme . Once a little stimulation is made, the hearts of the people may be completely dispersed .


At that time, once you are busy running around, let alone guarding the city, how many people can survive is the problem!


"News --!" A scout rushed into the hall and shouted, "The enemy is gathering again! About 6,000 warriors came to attack the city!"


"News --!" someone rushed in again and shouted anxiously, "Somebody took the lead! They found the secret way!"


"News --! Head of regiment, more chaos! Many people are stealing food . They all want to run away! The people in storage can't keep it contained!"


"News --!"


"Enough! What bad news else is there?” Wu Chen, after all, is so young that he can't sit still and howl .


The last one rushed in with excitement and tears on his face and stuttered . "News!" Da-Ren we saw bone-birds! We saw the bone-birds!"



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