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Chapter 368

Chapter 368: Inspired comeback .

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All the people in the hall rushed out .


They climbed up the wall at the fastest speed and looked up to the southwest .


The huge bony birds are flying closer and closer, and they can clearly see the huge bone wings .


They? Two bone birds?


Zheng and others can't think much about it . They have regarded the bone bird as a symbol of the return of Chief and The Priest . They dare not think about other possibilities at all .


At this time, the Huang Jing and the Moer-Gan were celebrating their invasion of the outer city, forcing the Jiu Yuan people to retreat to the inner city, believing that they were not far from the complete invasion of the Jiu Yuan .


But they did not find that the Mer-people had surrounded the only river passage they had managed to break through at the cost of thousands of slaves’ lives and connect with giant trees, but none of the Mer-peoples appeared and all were hidden under the water .


The Mer-people in the inner moat, too, seems to have disappeared .


Zheng stood on the wall, once again summoning up countless courage in his chest, and let the enemy invade the outer city, which was the plan of their leaders after discussing with the Mer-people .


The outer city is too big, and their personnel are still too small compared with the whole city pool, while the enemy is increasing . They can't defend this side or that side, so they might as well simply reduce the defensive area . In addition to the rebels at that time, Zheng made several discussions and decided the plan like a broken kettle and a sinking boat .


Zheng and several regiment leaders have never read military books, but Priest Da-Ren's big lessons are never omitted . They have heard many stories about war, some of them forget, and some of them will associate with their actual battles and think about what to do when they encounter this situation .


Now the Jiu Yuan can be said to be the most critical one since the founding of the tribe . Neither Chief nor The Priest are here at the present . The enemy is not only numerous and powerful, but they are also not lifeless . They have such powerful foreign aid and close neighbors as The Mer-people . In Zheng's opinion, as long as they are willing to use their brains, as long as the people are calm, it is only a matter of time and cost to defeat the enemy .


Zheng's plan is to lure the enemy in, cut off their escape roads, attract some of their attention with the guards on the wall, and let other warriors use the underground passages of the inner and outer cities to cooperate with The Mer-warrior to attack these enemies who invade the outer cities together .


The new enemies outside the moat are blocked by the Mer-people, waiting for the enemies inside the moat to destroy a part of them, and then to put a part in, thus nibbling them up bit by bit!


The plan is good, but the most terrible thing is the internal disorder . The Jiu Yuan is now in the internal disorder, and Zhan that could have been won cannot be fought any more - that is, the best strategy, you have no hands and firm rear support, no nonsense!


Not so bad! After all, they were blessed by their ancestors . At the most dangerous and difficult moment, their Chief and The Priest finally came back!


As long as they come back, the chaotic hearts can become stable again, and all warriors just see the bones and birds from the body they began to feel the energy to fight endless again!


Priest Da-Ren didn't give up on them, they came back!


As the news spread, more and more people came to the city .


The bone birds in the sky and the changes in the inner city of the Jiu Yuan were also found naturally by The Huang Jing and The Moer-Gan .


"Bone Bird?”  The Moer-Gan leader turned pale . "The Jiu Yuan's Chief and The Priest are back?”


"How come there are two bony birds? Didn't they say there was only one?” The leader of the Huang Jing was furious .


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Then the leader of the Huang Jing turned his head and said to his men, "This bony bird will shoot fireballs . You let all warriors disperse . Don't gather together . Quick!"


"Yes!" ordered Warrior to run away quickly .


"Please elder . " The Moer-Gan and the Huang Jing leaders also said .


Another warrior had to run away .


Looking at each other, the leader of the Moer-Gan asked, "Do you want to pass the message to the Louque City messenger?”


"Wait a minute, we agreed that if we used the power of the Louque City, they would get most of the benefits from the Jiu Yuan, and our two tribes would fall to the small end . Don't forget, there is also Duo Fei, a subordinate tribe of Tianqiancheng-Heaven City, whose three tribes will be have to be divided together, and they will not be much to divide if the Louque City took up the big head again . This time, we're basically fighting in vain . The head of Huang Jing is dark and sincere .


"But I heard that the blood ability of the Jiu Yuan Chief has reached 7th rank, and our highest warrior is only 6th rank . "


"Are you afraid?”


"Are you not afraid?”  The Moer-Gan leader shot back .


"I just heard how good the Jiu Yuan Chief and the Priest are . I haven't seen them yet . This time I'll meet them first . If they are really good, it's not too late to ask the Louque City envoy to come out . "


In the sky, Yan Mo had thought that the Jiu Yuan might be in trouble, but he really didn't think that the Jiu Yuan would be beaten this badly!


Beyond the outer moat, there were signs of burning everywhere . Maybe the Mer-people helped, but only wounded the enemy, and did not form a prairie fire .


Looking at Jiu Yuan, there are many damaged outer walls and buildings . At first glance, they have just experienced the tragic devastation of war .


And the enemy has invaded the outer city, now seems to be celebrating?


Look at the piles of bonfires and barbecues, there's no singing or dancing .


But those enemies seem to be smart, or they know that bony birds can shoot fireballs, and they are all scattered . Yan Mo feels that these people think too much, and when the situation is not clear, he is reluctant to attack his own city with fireballs . Even if they have soil-control warriors, houses and streets are not so good to build .


Yan Mo is still observing the following situation, and Jiu Feng Da-Ren has been furious .


"Hey-! Where did Two Legged Monsters come from? How could they attack Jiu Feng Da-Ren's territory! Two Legged Monsters! I'm going to kill them, kill them all!"


"Jiu Feng, wait a minute!" Yan Mo shouted out to Jiu Feng, who was about to rush out .


Jiu Feng was so angry that no ferocious animal, beast, could bear to encroach on its territory . The Lord of Birds had already regarded this vast area of more than a million square kilometers as his own territory . All the species growing on this land were marked in his mind, especially the human beings living in the Jiu Yuan, who were his little Legged Monsters and himself . How can one tolerate bullying when he is raised to relieve boredom and worship his people?


Yan Mo wrapped Jiu Feng in both hands to keep him out of his palm .


Jiu Feng was reluctant to hurt him . He just pecked his finger with a small force of his hook mouth to express his discontent .


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"I'll let you fight enough later . Not now . What if they have other ambushes? I need to know about it first . " Yan Mo didn't see much of the Mer-people, which was the strangest thing to him .


Is the other side strong enough to defeat the Mer-people? That's impossible . If it was so strong, Zheng, who was standing on the top of the inner city wall would have been killed long ago . How could it be sustained to this day?


But if the Mer-people hadn't been defeated, where were they now? Did they join hands with the enemy? It's equally impossible . The same truth, Zheng's still there, shows that the Mer-people hasn't given up on them .


So why can't The Mer-warrior be seen?


Yan Mo sniffed the taste of the conspiracy . Before he knew what stratagem the leader of the Jiu Yuan and the Mer-people had set up, he did not want to upset their tactics for the time being . He knew he was not good at directing operations, for fear that he would interfere with it .


Jiu Feng did not struggle, a pair of shrewd eyes with a trace of bad breath, "Hey! Let me go out, Mo-Mo . I'll see if our two Legged Monsters are dead .


Yan Mo let go and laughed, "Go ahead, just to reassure Zheng . "


Jiu Feng spreads his wings and flies out of the bird's eyes . Instantly, his body grew bigger and bigger . "Your Young Master Jiu Feng is back!"


"Jiu Feng Da-Ren! It's Jiu Feng Da-Ren!"


"Chief and Priest Da-Ren are back!"


"Great! We are saved!"


Wu Chen's eyes were red with cheers from the inner city of Jiu Yuan .


Zheng saw that the enemy in the outer city was likely to disperse in order to avoid the attack of bony birds, which just called his mind, and immediately nodded to Zhang, Meng and She-Gu .


The three leaders immediately turned their heads and rushed down the inner city wall, intending to use tunnels to attack the enemy outside the city . This time, all the remaining warriors never wavered . They gritted their teeth and wished to kill all the enemies outside .


Zheng stayed on the wall to attract the attention of the enemy outside the city .


Bue was seriously injured, and his third regiment, led by his deputy, was supporting the picket to guard warehouse and resolve civil strife in the city .


Bone birds flew over the inner city of the Jiu Yuan .


"This is the Jiu Yuan? Well built, but are your enemies too many?” Lamo-Ling's tone was full of teasing .


Ding Ning and others had already changed their faces and looked anxiously at Yan Mo, hoping to repel the enemy and rescue their relatives immediately .


When Ying Shi of the Black Water Tribe and The Duo-Na Clan saw the environment here and the majestic city pool, they cried out in their hearts: They are not wrong!


As for the Jiu Yuan being besieged, it seems dangerous?


This is not a problem! Which powerful tribe is not attacked?


In their opinion, it is strange that such a good site should not be attacked with greedy people . When the enemy comes back, it will be able to add more slaves and women to the tribe and grab some food and land by the way . Not all the powerful tribes are expanding step by step . Of course, they can still flee after fighting, and then they can retaliate when they are stronger .


Ying Shi of the Black Water Tribe and The Duo-Na Clan are not fools . This is their best chance to for them to show up and integrate into the Jiu Yuan . They immediately take the initiative to fight . With the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu, Mo Da-Ren, Jiu Feng and Yuan Zhan, who is more powerful than them, it is impossible to lose this battle .

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"Wherever the puppy comes from, he runs to wilderness while his master is not at home . Give us the next group of little pups some beating and make sure they never come back!” Ying Shi of the Black Water Tribe patted his chest .


The Duo-Na Clan laughed . “Tucheng-Earth City did a good job too . They dragged me and the elder and the witches to Tucheng-Earth City . Our warriors were not confident . They came with the five-hundred-one warriors . Now these are all fighting forces . Mo Da-Ren, you order that we the Duo-Na Clan have no warriors who are afraid of death!”


Da-da is also calling for war . This is a militant time!


Lamo-Ling looked down at the enemies of the Jiu Yuan in the outer city and sighed affectionately, "How can you win? You guys will lose . Stay in my big Jiu Yuan as slaves . "


Bing had good eyesight . After a few glances, he reflected the chaos in the inner city . He sneered three times and took down the bow and arrow with his back . He said to Yan Mo, "Da-Ren, please open the tail of the bone-bird . I want to calm the chaos!"




The three arrows pierced three people's shoulders with great strength, and even nailed them directly to the wall .


 The noisy crowd, was quiet .


"Bone bird! You see! It's a bone bird! Chief and Priest Da-Ren are back!” Someone shouted at the sky, tears streaming down .


Some people in the crowd have been informed for a long time, and some people have witnessed bone birds flying far and near, but they, contrary to others, see bony birds are not reassured, but more panicky .


Instead of contributing to the saving of the Jiu Yuan, they confused and cause a strike in the Jiu Yuan . When Chief and the Priest come back, they will be punished . Why will they not escape?


Some of the people who make the most noise can't even take care of grabbing food any more . Instead, they go crazy and attack warriors who block the tunnel entrance, trying to escape into the tunnel .


The three men who were nailed to the wall were the three who shouted the most fierce and hated the most .


Now that the three men were nailed to the wall, the rest of the noisy moments were stunned . While these people were stunned, the picket team, together with some of the third regiment's men, rushed into the crowd and seized them all .


The most violent places calm down, and other places, with the help of someone's cold arrow, gradually restore order .


Bing stopped shooting when he saw that the chaos in the inner city had subsided, but he did not pull up his bow and arrow, still staring coldly below .


Yan Mo looked at him like this, smiled and walked to him and said, "You’ve been riding the winged Yingzhao during the rest of these days . How do you feel now? Can you control it?”


As soon as Bing heard Yan Mo's words, he understood what he meant . His heart was full of enthusiasm . "Yes!"


Yan Mo patted him on the shoulder, pulled out an arrow and handed it to him . "Go ahead . "


Bing's face was cold and his eyes were excited . He took the arrow and inserted it into the quiver . Then he put his two fingers into the mouth and blew a loud whistle .


The Winged Yingzhao, with a horse face, tiger-striped wings and a somewhat proud posture, flew out of the Winged Yingzhao group flying behind the bony bird .


Bing jumped out of the bird's tail . The Winged Yingzhao sprinted down, caught Bing accurately, and spread his wings to the outer city of the Jiu Yuan .


Da-da looked very hot, but The Winged Yingzhao didn't like him . He was angry and had a fight with several Winged Yingzhao .


Yan Mo saw his look and comforted him: "You have amphibious land and water abilities, let the space out . If you don't like Bing, you can drag him into the water and beat him .


Da-da laughed and decided to teach Bing and his Winged Yingzhao that lesson .


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu's bone bird approached Yan Mo and spiritually preached to Yan Mo: "Apprentice, why are you so like Shifu, full of enemies? Now people came at the door!"


Yan Mo is not as powerful as The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu . He can't communicate his spirit accurately and individually at that distance, but he has an incremental mental gadget . It's what the lizards left in the coal mine in Tianqiancheng-Heaven City were, like some conch-like bone object .


With these gadgets, he could have a conversation with The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu on the bone-bird .


"It's not an enemy, it's just a group of greedy jackals . I've been to one of the tribes . Maybe they're greedy about what we've got out of them . " Yan Mo has seen from the blood abilities of those enemies that part of them should come from The Moer-Gan, while the other group of people are unfamiliar with their abilities and do not know where they came from .


Yan Mo is not surprised that The Moer-Gan will knock on the door . After all, there is a lot of hatred between the two sides . The Moer-Gan will not let them go without a chance .


At this time, Jiu Feng flew back to bone-bird and told Yan Mo what Zheng and others had told him .


Yan Mo listened to Zheng's plan and immediately got into a dispute . He turned to Ying Shi of the Black Water Tribe and The Duo-Na Clan and laughed, "Do you want to fight, the two of you?”


The Duo-Na Clan slapped his bear beast hard and shouted, "Of course, after three days of sitting on a bone-bird, the buttocks were stiff, just in time to move with my brother . "


Ying Shi of the Black Water Tribe said, "The people of my tribe are weak . Let them cooperate with your Jiu Yuan warriors . I'll deal with their leaders . "


"Good!" Yan Mo laughed and waved to The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu . "Let's go down!"


Because the enemy also has bows, arrows and spears, in order to avoid some unnecessary losses, the two bony birds did not hover above the inner city wall, but landed on the open ground near the inner city wall after entering the inner city .


Zheng and Wu Chen ran down the wall to welcome them .


“The Black Water Tribe, Chief Ying Shi is responsible for solving their leaders, and the rest of Tribesmen will work with you to solve the enemy . Zheng, put all the inventory shields out and give them to both groups . How to fight is entirely up to you!"


Zheng thumped his chest and said, "Give it to me!"


Yan Mo also said to Ying Shi of the Black Water Tribe and The Duo-Na Clan, "This is Zheng, the first warrior commander of my tribe, who is in charge of all the command of this battle . Are you all right with that?”


"Right!" They believed that Yan Mo and his tribesmen would not be used as war slaves in the first place .


This is the time to build trust with each other . It is also the time to see the character and fighting power of both sides . Zheng did not say much, but solemnly said to them: "Please believe me!"


Together, they clenched their fists and smashed them into his chest .


Zheng can hardly bear it .


Yan Mo, escorted by Da-He, Ding Ning and others, went to the top of the city . He wanted to try the Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice, who had just learnt something about it .


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