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Chapter 369

Chapter 369: Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice!

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The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu released the Duo-Na and Black Water warriors, then switched to Yan Mo's bone-bird and again maneuvered the bone-bird to take off, hovering over the city of Jiu Yuan as a silent deterrent .


This is Yan Mo and The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu agreement after the temporary discussion of what to do, because Yuan Zhan has not yet awakened from his unconscious state, with the Jiu Yuan being in such a critical time, in front of everyone he needs to bring out a confused awakening, not to mention inspiring, .


The Jiu Yuan didn't see Chief, but when they heard that other people were in the bone-bird, they thought that he would start at any time and stop on it in order to find the enemy .


Yan Mo went to the top floor of the city building and the cold wind blew his clothes up .


Below, Zheng led some of Warriors with the Duo-Na warriors out of the north gate with a shield .


The enemy immediately gathered some hands again .


In terms of numbers alone, the Jiu Yuan did not win . The enemy was reported to be around 6,000 . Many of them were 4th or 5th rank warriors . There were not many blood warriors, but they were enough to destroy the Jiu Yuan without Chief and The Priest .


Yan Mo looked up at the sky, not at the bone-bird, but at someone in the air, who he could not see . But after the soul had been out of body for some time and returned to the body, his spiritual power became very acute . Even if he is observed it in secrecy, he could immediately find that, besides, the one above had no intention of concealing himself at all, presumably the other person thought it was invisible for him to stand up in seclusion . Others really can't see him .


Yu-Wu chuckled in the sky, and the little priest's trip seemed to have changed somewhat interestingly, and brought back a batch of warriors who seemed to be more useful than the Jiu Yuan people .


"Hey!" Jiu Feng circled overhead Yan Mo and wondered what he wanted to do .


Yan Mo lowered his eyelids and raised them again . His face had become very peaceful .


He took four firepots out of his pocket and put them in the four corners of the top floor of the city building . He put some herbs in it and signaled Ding Ning and Ding Fei to help light it .


When the herbs in the four fire basins lit up the smoke, he looked up and took a deep breath, slowly removed his shoes and socks, and then unfastened his robe, revealing a thin cloth with sloping shoulders and bare arms, waist tied cloth with rope and a drooping body .


Yan Mo's shirt was taken away by Da-He .


He don't know what Priest Da-Ren is going to do, but he can guess that he probably wants to do sacrifices like praying for blessing or inspiring warriors .


At this time, all the people of the Jiu Yuan were looking at the north tower .


Some of them may not be able to see clearly what their Priest Da-Ren is doing, but as long as they know where he is, they become extremely secure .


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu, sitting in the skeleton bird, watched Yan Mo learn the Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice for only three days and dared to try . He could not help but pout his lips, thinking that his apprentice was really bold and not afraid to make mistakes and provoke the gods to punish him .


Yu-Wu, concealed in the air, could see Yan Mo's preparation and mood clearly, but only as a common sacrifice, and did not pay attention to it until . . .


Yan Mo closes his eyes, recalls all the movements first, and then opened them again after making sure he hasn't forgotten them .


The first action, kneeling on one knee, covering one's heart with both hands, slowly stretching to the sky, with the most pious attitude to request the gods and all things on earth to listen to your plea .


When the arm reaches the highest point in the air, suddenly the arm was flattened, the body also stood, not waiting to stand firm, kneeling the toe of the left foot click on the ground, let the body rise, with the most stretching posture to meet the gods and spirits .


Movements unfolded one by one, although astringent and rigid, but there was no mistake .


Sweat spilled out of the body unconsciously, and the pace and movement became heavier and heavier .


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Why do you sacrifice? There seems to be a voice inquiring about Yan Mo actions .


In order to inspire morale and enhance the fighting spirit and force of our tribal warriors .


What sacrifice do you use?


I . . . I sacrifice with my own body and soul!


—— Where does power needs to come from?


From . . . The enemy is there!


—— Your Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice is wrong .


Where is the mistake? Where am I wrong?


Yan Mo's forehead drips with sweat, and the special fragrance of herbs in the air is mixed with a pungent and powerful smell that penetrates into his body and even his soul .


Almost unconsciously, Yan Mo repeated the Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice again, with his mouth cooperating with his movements, opening his mouth in a low voice like a chant, and singing, "Gods, spirits, bridge with my soul, and listen to my sacrificial plea . "


Repeating the song three times in a row . Yan Mo's actions seem unchanged, but it is really different .


Da-He and Ding Ning, Ding Fei mysteriously feel what seems to be pushing them back in the air, pushing them all the way to the top edge of the top floor .


Yan Mo dancing, he seems to hear something in the air .


—— Come with us .




—— Come with us .


Yan Mo thought he heard laughter . Who was laughing? Why do you laugh?


He felt that something had caught his hand, and the force pulled him into an action . The wind that had hindered him suddenly became a helper who pushed him to dance . His movements were once stiff and rigid, and he became more and more comfortable .


Listen, the voice of the wind, the sound of water, plants, animals, insects . . . The sound of all things, you may not see them, but they all exist, right beside you .


For example, Yan Mo is instantly blessed with the spirit, "gods and spirits, please listen to me . I take my soul as a sacrifice, seek the strength of the enemy, add my warrior's body, beat the enemy, and protect my life in the Jiu Yuan!"


—— Keep your promise in mind . When you die, your body will turn into nourishment for all things in this land . Your soul will protect this land for ten years .


"I promise, I keep my promise . "


—— Agreement!


Yan Mo's movements were violent, and when he danced again, everything became quite different .


There was no drum, but every time he clicked on the ground and air with his toes, there were drums rolling in the air .


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"Boom, Boom, Dong!" The drums became louder and louder and more urgent .


The earth seemed to tremble with the drums, and echoes seemed to come from all sides, as if from the center of the earth .


"Boom! Dong!


Yu-Wu, invisible in the air, suddenly paled . Is this?!


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu shouted, incredibly, "The Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice! God, he really jumped out of the real Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice!"


The real Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice, with its own dance led to heaven and earth, reaching a harmonious balance, all things resonate!


The drums are just beginning .


"Whoo -!" The shaking air sounded like a trumpet, and all the beasts on the Jiu Yuan's land raised their heads .


Yan Mo shook his hand and hit the air hard .


"Boom!" the huge invisible wave starts with that hand and goes downwards quickly .


Suddenly the old singing sounds rang all over the world . The strange language is mysterious and full of the oldest power awakening again .


Be raging like a storm! The sky and the earth change color! The sound of drums shocked the sky!


The three Da-He, Ding Ning and Ding Fei kowtow down at an unknown time .


All the non-combatant people in the inner city of Jiu Yuan saw the people on the city tower, what rose from their hearts was infinite fear and reverence, one kowtowed down and all kowtowed down with him .




With the drums, the silent shout of murderousness also sounded from the heaven and earth .


All the people belonging to the Jiu Yuan seem to have gained infinite strength at this time . The drums are shaking their souls, the wind is stirring up their killing intent, and endless courage is pouring out from the bottom of their hearts .


On the contrary, when the enemy heard the drums, they felt that their legs were weak and crisp . It seemed that all their strengths were drained by the drums and was sucked away by the land .


Yan Mo suddenly raised his voice and chanted, "God and gods bless me, the Jiu Yuan spirit, to defeat the enemy --"


Zheng was inspired by the drums and his eyes were fuming red with blood . He held up his bone knife and roared, "Priest Da-Ren is inviting the strength of the gods . Priest bless me! The gods guard me! Jiu Yuan sons and daughters, kill the enemy!"


"Priest bless me! The gods guard me! Kill! Kill the enemy!


The suspension bridge collapsed, Zheng jumped ahead, and Jiu Yuan and The Duo-Na warriors all rushed fearlessly and madly towards the enemy .


Jiu Feng's eyes were bloody red too . He rushed to the enemy . He wanted to kill all the enemies who were unkind and offended his home .


Seeing the Jiu Yuan people rushing towards them with the God of war spirit, warriors of the Moer-Gan and The Huang Jing Tribe were weak before they fought .


The Moer-Gan Chief roared in surprise: "Mother God in Heaven! What happened to the Jiu Yuan people?”


"No retreat! Welcome them! That's all!” Another leader of the Huang Jing shouted angrily at his men .


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"Where on earth did those drums come from? Where do the monsters that fit in with bears come from?”


"What kind of bird is that? My God? Ah ah ah!"


"The Jiu Yuan people are crazy, crazy!"


"We can't resist it!"


"Look at their walls, the priest is flying, he is flying!"


Yan Mo didn't know he was flying .


He gave his heart and soul to the world . He could feel that he was not alone in the Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice . There were many invisible energies dancing with him .


Sweat dripping, the original hidden blood marks on the face gradually emerged .


The wind lifted his body .


Ignition stars and pieces of red flashed in his body as he was dancing .


The sand and dust formed a shield in front of him, and the river surged and hung upside down into the sky, then turned into rain .


The Jiu Yuan people touches by the rain, and the weary people got rejuvenated, and the exhausted people jumped out again .


Land became a smooth road at the foot of the Jiu Yuan people .


Soil-control warriors find that their ability to control soil, sand, etc .  is more comfortable and powerful than ever before .


The fire warriors threw out fireballs one by one, and no longer seemed to have to worry about energy exhaustion .


The wounded warriors bleeding healed spontaneously and the pain seemed to have no effect on them .


Cao Ting and others who are in charge of rescuing people only think that today all warriors’ wounds heal very quickly . Unless they are seriously injured or their limbs are cut off, these mildly injured warriors can rush back into battlefield in a moment .


On the contrary, The Moer-Gan and The Huang Jing Tribe are panicked, confused and afraid!


They want to run away, but wherever they go, they seem to have enemies .


They didn’t know from where Jiu Yuan people drilled out from, killing people when they saw them . They were vicious and cruel and had no intention of keeping anyone alive .


The most terrible thing is that their enemies are not just the Jiu Yuan people . It seems that everything in the Jiu Yuan City has turned into an enemy that can kill them .


The tiny poisonous snake suddenly leaped out, poisoning a person and slipping away .


With the rumbling sound of running, the Iron-back dragon family cooperated with Jiu Feng to kill everywhere . When they saw people, they would bump into them and stomp on them . If they did not knock them down, they would never stop stepping on their stomach and intestines .


Seemingly harmless weeds and shrubs quietly roll around your wrists and pierce your skin .


Tiny insects enter your ears, nostrils, eyes, and open mouths unconsciously .


When you fall, countless insects will crawl all over your body and gnaw you into white bones in an instant .


The Moer-Gan and the Huang Jing Tribe screamed and cried, one by one, scared their nerves stiff . "That's the priest! It must be the Priest who is making trouble! God, save me!"


"Retreat! Get out of here! Notify the Louque City that we can't resist it!"


"Crossing the river, all with me!"


But the only access to the outer moat was disconnected .


The Mer-warrior came out of the river one after another, looking coldly at them .


"I've been waiting for you for a long time, but at last, I'll wait for you no longer . " A voice of some howling sound sounded, Ying Shi of the Black Water Tribe sitting on the riverside megalith slowly stood up and smiled at the escaping The Huang Jing and The Moer-Gan leader .


Over the towers, Yan Mo's cheeks were unusually bright red, and his sweat turned into a mist of blood .


Drums and thunderstorms became more urgent .


What whispered in his ear, he didn’t hear, but he was already immersed in a strange state, and could not hear or see anything .


Yu-Wu looked unpredictable . The little priest is so loved by gods . Should he let him die like that? But it seems a pity that he will die in this way . . .


Among the bone birds, The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu looked down at Yan Mo with a frown and felt that something was not right . After all, Yan Mo jumped out of the Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice for the first time . Even if he was the blood of the Shanyan ‘Good Words’ Clan, the power of this sacrifice is too great .


But now Yan Mo jumped The Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice is completely inaccurate with the little dance he has taught him, and he doesn't even know how to stop Yan Mo .


What made Yan Mo produce unpredictable changes?


Who taught Yan Mo the real Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice?


Lying on the ground, unconscious Yuan Zhan fingers suddenly moved .


He heard the drums, heard the earth roar, and heard what was calling him anxiously .


He saw his Mo dancing in the wilderness . His hair was as white as snow . His face was a teenager of sixteen or seventeen years old . The hexagonal star-shaped blood marker was no longer dark blue, but brilliant red . His bare feet were stained with blood and his wrists were bleeding .


He looked very serene, like a spirit dancing in the wind, but his eyes spoke of endless pain: "Help me . . . "


Mo . . . ?


"Mo!" Yuan Zhan opened his eyes and Meng sat up .


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu startled him . "Are you awake?”


Yuan Zhan did not seem to have heard him . He rushed down to the bird's eye and saw his Mo dancing in the air .


"Open the bone-bird . "


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu was stunned and really opened the bone-bird .


Yuan Zhan ran to the bird's tail and jumped without hesitation!


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