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Chapter 370

Chapter 370: Traitors

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Yan Mo's mind is divided into two parts, half immersed in The Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice, and half struggling in pain, seeking help from all his people for anyone who can help him .


The Fruit of Witchcraft grew up in him and was supposed to be the first to help him, but the fellow seemed to be intoxicated with the immense energy he absorbed and surrounded him, and he could not respond to any call .


Yan Mo was going to be crazy . He is in a special state of health . If someone else jumps into this situation, he may die, but he may keep jumping until war of aggression is completely over .


He did not know what was whispering in his ear, but if it was the spirit of all the gods, the spirits of these gods were too cunning . They had drilled the vows into his vows . He meant to sacrifice his body after he died, but perhaps the spirits of all the gods found that he was much less tolerant than ordinary people . Instead of cheapening him and letting him die, they deliberately guided him and seduced him to evoke the resonance of the energy of heaven and earth, forcing him to make some unnecessary exchanges .


It's like a child who only wanted to pull up two weeds at the foot of the mountain to play with, but Mountain God made him lift a mountain . If it wasn't for his special constitution, he would have been crushed or tired to death .


At this moment, Yan Mo sincerely hates these gods and spirits, and vows to get rid of this situation and absolutely recover the loss of this food!


Save me! Who will save me?




A-Zhan! Hearing the familiar roar, Yan Mo was shocked, and the movement of coherent mind involuntarily .


It was during such a pause that Yuan Zhan rushed down from the sky and reached into the barrier of vision caused by the energy of heaven and earth, and hit it violently with the body to the sand shield .


"Whoa!" A drumbeat from huge bang passed around, heralding the end of the Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice .


Yan Mo exhausted his last breath and shouted, "Go away!"


Those energies were summoned by him and dispersed by him . Of course, this is also because he can break away from the spiritual bondage and regain control of his body and spirit .


Yuan Zhan held Yan Mo in one hand and fell from the sky . Before landing, Yuan Zhan rolled backward in the air with Yan Mo in his arms and slightly bent his knees as he landed .


"Chief! It's Chief Da-Ren!"

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Kill! Kill all the enemies, don't let them run away!"


Chief appeared, the Jiu Yuan warriors were more excited, and drove the enemy to fly away in the outer city like flies .


Below, the battle has come to an end .


The Moer-Gan and the Huang Jing defeated more people in the outer city of the Jiu Yuan than the Jiu Yuan warriors, but when they heard the drums and saw the vision of heaven and earth, they seemed to have lost half of their fighting power, but the Jiu Yuan was the opposite .


In the meantime, two tribes were defeated like a mountain, so they could hardly escape to the riverside of the outer protection city, but they found that their leaders’ heads were cut off and inserted in the already disconnected channel .


When the first man who dropped his weapon surrendered appeared, a spear fell quickly by the river .


Jiu Yuan's warriors cheered . The blood in Zheng's eyes faded slowly . He wiped off the blood on his face and calmly ordered, "Kill the resistors! All the rest are tied up and put in the water jail!"


Yuan Zhan stood up and saw that the battle was over, so he put all his worries back on Yan Mo .


Yan Mo's face has not been restored . The Guide says that he should be punished for 350 days that is 350 days without any discount . He was punished last year when the crab was fattening in autumn, and it's still early summer .


Yan Mo looked weak, but strangely his body is full of energy .


"You woke up . " Yan Mo lay in the arms of a man and lifted his eyelids weakly . "You can really sleep . You almost killed me . "


Yuan Zhan raised his head with his arm and rubbed his forehead with his head down . As he walked, he asked, "What happened just now?”


"Oh, the bullying of God . "


"What God?”


"How do I know that? Come on, you can't fight God . ” Yan Mo has a conjecture about the so-called gods, but he can't say it yet . He still needs to prove it .

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Yuan Zhan sneers in his heart . What about God? Dare to bully Mo . Wait till I get my hands on you!


"Da-Ren, Chief Da-Ren . " Da-He came up with Ding Ning Ding Fei and looked at Yan Mo with more awe than usual .


Even Ding Fei, who is closest to Yan Mo, is afraid to look at Yan Mo more .


Yuan Zhan told Da-He, "Tell the heads of the regiment of warriors, including the heads of other departments, to come to see me in the Council hall . You can invite them personally, none of them is allowed to be absent . "


"But now . . . " Da-He hesitated .


"What's the difference between now and right now?”  Yuan Zhan tone was cold .


Da-He looked at Yan Mo, and Yan Mo nodded slightly to him . Da-He took the lead and told Ding Ning Ding Fei not to leave Priest Da-Ren three steps before leaving .


Yuan Zhan was not angry, but satisfied that Da-He had only listened to Yan Mo's instructions . He walked down the wall and saw other convoy warriors rushing in and did not let them go .


On the way, they saw chief walking to the Jiu Yuan people with Priest Da-Ren in his arms . They all knelt down one after another and dared not look up for a long time .


Yan Mo thought the atmosphere was a bit weird, but he was not in the mood to comfort these people now . He was still peeved about the negative faith points . He worked hard and painstakingly trying to make these people live a good life, or even abolish slavery, and set up new laws that they may not understand, but are absolutely good for them, and he tried to be fair and fair to all .


Yan Mo also knows that the establishment of a force is not easy, especially in this tribe, which is equivalent to a faith .


People will naturally pray for God and worship Buddha when they have something they need . If you satisfy him, he will believe in you . But how many people will curse God and Buddha when things are not as good as they want or when life is miserable?


Didn't he die of illness because Du-du was so young, and couldn't help cursing God?


However, understanding comes down to understanding . Unfair heart is still unfair . Anyway, Yan Mo, like these people, is a common person . He is not a selfless man or a man of pure nature . Others are just as bad as him . He will not revenge .


In the conference hall, warriors’ regiments and heads of all departments came, and Bue even had him carried over on stretchers .


Yan Mo was half-lying and half-sitting in a broad stone chair with thick cushions, looking tired .


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Yuan Zhan sat down on the other side of the stone chair, and saw the person coming, calling her name: "Wu Chen . After leaving from Priest Da-Ren, you said all the important things . "


Wu Chen, who had many injuries on his body, stood up with the support of Ye Xing . Although his voice was not high, his focus was clear and his train of thought was clear . "Until all the dwarves left, the tribe was very stable . In the spring, we began to reclaim wasteland, cultivate upland rice, and plant other crops such as radish, leek, hawthorn, bamboo and so on, according to the instructions left by Priest Da-Ren . The herdsman is responsible for grazing, while the wildebeest trainer goes to trade with the wildebeest and took the wildebeest in the tribe to breed . . . "


"On April 26, the Moer-Gan and the Huang Jing Tribes attacked the river camp . Afterwards, the tribe and the enemy launched war in the grassland, but there were many people on the other side, and traitors took them around to avoid traps and ambushes . On May 15, the enemy suddenly gathered outside the city . The leaders of regiments began to mobilize all their forces to meet the enemy . Some of them, old and young, were reluctant to flee to the tunnels and were doing what they could .


"On the seventeenth day, when our tribal warriors were fighting with the enemy, a fire broke out at the military camp in the north city and at the tunnel entrance of the hidden escape route, because there were not enough fire warriors in the city . The Zheng regiment in charge of defending the north city sent Sha Lang, the second battalion, to fight the fire . Sha Lang found some traitors . But the traitors threatened the old and the young to let the commander Sha Lang let them go . The commander of Sha Lang did not want to . But some defenders didn't know why they knew their loved ones were kidnapped, and asked to save their loved ones . But the enemy attacked the narrowest part of the outer moat at this time, and found the disconnected road .


Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo did not look very good when they heard this . The situation at that time could be seen from Wu Chen's account .


"Because there are many young and old people who have been kidnapped, and their relatives have been scattered in various regiments, the Zheng regiment had no choice but to order the traitors to leave . The traitors also demanded that the outer moat channel be repaired, and the Zheng regiment falsely promised to ask the Mer-warrior and the soil-control warriors to cooperate when they were halfway there, they sank them all into the outer moat and rescue the kidnapped old and young . But it's because we and the Mer-people are busy saving lives and dealing with the traitors, giving the enemy the chance to build bridges with giant trees and letting some of the blood warriors cross the outer moat .


Wu Chen said that, Da-Ren sighed like a sigh: "At that time, warriors of the regiments had another accident, and I don't know who secretly rumored that the Zheng regiment had killed the kidnapped old and young in order to deal with the traitors . "


Yuan Zhan interrupted him and asked gloomily, "When internal disturbances and external disturbances occur, the enemy had come in?”


Wu Chen shook his head . "With the help of the Mer-people, there were not many enemies running in, but after discussing with the leader of the Mer-warrior, the Zheng regiment and other leaders decided to plan and bring in the enemy, attack them by tunnel and river, and kill them in batches . But . . . People's hearts are unstable . We're in chaos first . If it weren't for Chief, you and Priest Da-Ren coming back in time, maybe . . . "


Wu Chen bit his lip .


Yuan Zhan looked up at Zheng . "Anything else?”


Zheng stepped forward . "Yes . At present, the river has the Mer-people guarding, blocking the enemy behind him . But the Moer-Gan used their river god to send a large number of underwater beasts, and the Mer-people were said to be struggling .


"How many enemies are there near the river?”


"According to the investigation by the Meng regiment, there are enemy buildup on the other side of the river . We have killed less than four thousand people, but they have been continuously sending the fighting power . In addition, as betrayal betrayed and led the way, they had discovered red salt lake and sent a team led by blood warriors to guard there . Wen Sheng let everyone escape into the tunnel and blocked the tunnel entrance when he found something was wrong, but Wen Sheng was seriously injured and arrested after the break . Da Shan, the head of the grain and grass camp, did not listen to the instructions and was caught sneaking to rescue him .


Yuan Zhan laughed angrily . “Very good! Did the traitors get found out? How many? Who are they?”


Zheng calmly returned: "Some traitors were among the 300 savages sent by the Duo Fei Tribe . They were not savages . They had been secretly exploring various secrets of our tribe . Among the 300 savages, three adults mutinied, and there were also some people in the Yuan Ji people who participated in the mutiny . The first villains were Xi Rang Clan Lie Gou, Hei Yuan Clan Fei Quan, and Mu Dagen of the Awu tribe and The Salt Mountain Tribesmen Hei Xiang . The other participants were about 30 people . ”


Zheng may hate these traitors, so much that he wrote down all the names of more than 30 people, including the mutinous savages of the Three Cities Duo Fei, together with the tribal names .


Yan Mo listened to this list and slightly contrasts with his own memory . He discovers a phenomenon that he doesn't know what to say -- excluding the spy sent by Duo Fei . Most of these traitors are over 95% of the Jiu Yuan's original crew and his tribesmen .


But why do the names of these traitors sound so familiar?


Yuan Zhan was about to order the living traitors to be brought up . Yan Mo suddenly said quietly, "Why?”


Yan Mo did not speak very loudly, but as he opened his mouth, the whole hall was silent, and everyone looked down at him .


The Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice has not yet dissipated its shock and jolt . Now the Jiu Yuan people saw Yan Mo almost as much as the living god . It feels disrespectful to him to look at him more than once .


The leaders who actually realized the magical energy brought by The Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice raised their respect to awe . They don't know how to not be afraid of people who can bring this mysterious and powerful force .


"Why is nobody talking? Is it the traitors who refuse to say the reason for the betrayal, or have you not had time to interrogate them yet?” Yan Mo asked wearily .


"In reply to Priest Da-Ren, we have interrogated a number of them . " Zheng responded respectfully: "Most of these people are dissatisfied with the Jiu Yuan's rules, and some of them have been punished . "


Yan Mo finally remembered that Lie Gou was one of the five people who had taken the lead in insulting and forcing the new women slaves sent by Duo Fei which caused for him to be kicked out of the Jiu Yuan by his public punishment .


Unfortunately, there were too many people driven out of the city at the beginning . These five people were also cunning . They did not leave the Jiu Yuan, but secretly merged into the outer city, and then they were re-divided into warrior regiments as if they were okay .


Zheng's name included three of them .


In addition, Fei Quan was the one who was in charge of chopping human flesh in Jiu Yuan . This guy seems to have a bad habit of eating human flesh . He was reported and punished by Bing himself .


As for the Mu Dagen of the Mu Clan, he was the bastard who had slept in his own daughter and felt that he knew what he was like by the name he gave himself . He later allegedly ran to harass his daughter, Mu Xiao and Mu Xiao Xiao, and was beaten to near death by his son Mu Lin . Bing also punished him for doing some hard work for some time .


As for Hei Xiang, she probably has a bad reputation . She can't stay in the Jiu Yuan . She just wants to betray the Jiu Yuan and finally retaliate against the Jiu Yuan and his Yan Mo!


Other traitors are more or less guilty, or dissatisfied with monogamy, or dissatisfied with the absence of slaves, in short, they are not popular enough!



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