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Chapter 371

Chapter 371: Whether The Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice can be danced .

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When Yuan Zhan asked about the situation, he no longer wasted time meeting the traitors . He asked the tribe about other important matters, such as defense, weapons, grain, livestock, wildebeests, casualties, etc .


The heads of the departments reported the status quo respectively, and the whole area of the Qing Yuan Lake was supported at the back of the grain, but not yet at the end of the mountain .


Yuan Zhan ordered: "The food grabbers will not be disposed of for the time being, except for those who are the lead evils of hurting people and causing trouble . "


"Yes . " Bing, who was responsible for the security of the whole tribe, became the busiest man in the tribe as soon as he came back .


"How are the fields outside?”


Da Shan was caught, and his deputy came forward to report: "the damage is not serious . The battle basically avoided the fields and kept seven or eight out of ten the fields are intact . The enemy is likely to have learned from traitors and spies that we are all planting good things . They probably want to occupy the tribe and get those crops by the way . ”


After that, all the people in charge of the matter finished the report, and Yuan Zhan quickly found out the three most urgent ones, the red salt lake, the river mouth and the dwarf tribe who came to support .


"The five regimental leaders obey orders . "




"Two hundred elite warriors have been deployed to me with you . Other warriors are to be handed over to their deputy . The martial law is suspended . Others remained unchanged . Everyone will work and patrol in accordance with the past . Every department is to be doing the same!"


All responsible persons were in chorus .


"Planting, animal husbandry and catching prey outside the city are going on as usual, and I will not let the enemy cross the boundary of the Jiu Yuan anymore!"


Yuan Zhan stood up, "The Black Water Tribe's Chief, would you like to go for me to destroy the enemy?”


Ying Shi of the Black Water Tribe also rose, he smiled evilly, "Give it to me, keep them coming . "


Yuan Zhan nodded to him, "Well, Bue, you pick out a hundred warriors and give them to the Black Water Tribe's Chief to lead, and find another one to lead the way from the secret tunnel . The Black Water Tribe's Chief, how many people do you want to bring, but you can arrange it yourself . In addition, it's the holy place of Kunpeng, Jiu Feng will help you . ”


Bue looked a little surprised, but he didn't ask much . Since Chief believed this man, he could tell him the way he was connected to red salt lake . Why should he suspect him?


Ying Shi of the Black Water Tribe was shocked when he heard that Yuan Zhan had led him to go to the res salt lake, and heard that even there was a secret tunnel and that told him something that made the smile on his face go on . He does not know whether this is a test or a full trust, but no matter how, Yuan Zhan dare not believe him or else, he will not be sorry this excuse .

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Halfway to Yan Mo, The Young Master Jiu Feng heard that his old nest had been attacked, and immediately thrilled out in anger .


Jiu Feng did not wait for Yan Mo to soothe him, and his wings spread and flew away .


Yan Mo did not stop Jiu Feng, with the ability of Jiu Feng at this now, and those who seized the red salt lake may not have been tortured to death until the black water people arrive .


The remaining warriors were led by Zhang and Shan Gu to support the Mer-people at the river .


On the other hand, Yuan Zhan personally led the team to solve Duo Fei Tribe .


Yan Mo would have liked to keep the tribe to help flourish here, by contrast to the Jiu Yuan, but Yuan Zhan obviously did not want to keep the cancer any longer, just wanted to eradicate it .


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu to see everyone playing, sitting on the chair, clear throat cough, attracted everyone's attention, and automatically asked: "Witch Mo and Zhan you can go to solve what Duo Fei tribe, then I will go to see the river mouth . "


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu was itchy to see those Mer-warriors on the city's head . He had long wanted to be close to them . He heard that the river now had many Mer-warriors jointly defending against foreign enemies . How could he let go of such a good opportunity to show off?


Yuan Zhan looked at Yan Mo, Yan Mo and smiled . "Shifu, if you can follow and bless them, I don't have to go to the river again after Zhan . "


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu grinned, "Blessing? No, I'm cursing the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu . Blessing is not what I'm good at . ”


Yan Mo's smile grew bigger, so he took this opportunity to introduce the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu and others, "The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu, the most powerful curse witch in the world, Wucheng-City of Witches from the Nine Great Cities, my Shifu, later you will see to all his needs, call him Ancestral Witch Da-Ren or curse Grandfather . "


When people saw the seating arrangement of the old man, they guessed that he was not low status person . His seat was not far below Yan Mo's right hand, and it was a single seat . He was closer to Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo than other leaders’ seats .


Today, the seats in the hall are divided into two rows, with the sign of Yuan Zhan, the leaders of the Jiu Yuan are sitting on the left, and the guests are sitting on the right .


Yuan Zhan watches Yan Mo look tired, and then he took over the story to introduce him . When he woke up, his memory has been fully restored . As for the new changes in his body, he urgently needs to fight to adapt .


Yuan Zhan, fearing that they would not understand him, first he told them about the Three Cities . "We all knew that there were the Three Cities, this originally referring to the oldest three cities of Tucheng-Earth City, Shuicheng-Water City and Huocheng-Fire City . Later, the world changed . The Three Cities no longer refer to the first three cities, but to all the urban construction forces of the upper, middle and lower levels . The three ranks of urban construction forces have a strict division of status . There are nine upper-level cities . Apart from Wucheng-City of Witches, the other eight upper-level cities have different numbers of middle-level cities and lower-level cities related to them . ”


Yuan Zhan then, according to the wishes of all, concealed their origins and introduced the Black Water Tribe, The Duo-Na Clan, Lamo-Ling, Zi Ming, Cao Cong and The Black Earth City's slave princes .


When the teenager saw that Yuan Zhan did not tell them about his sad and tragic history, he was grateful . He knelt down and asked Yan Mo to give him his name . He wanted to start over in the Jiu Yuan . Naturally, he did not want the name of the past .

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Yan Mo thought about it, named him Jiu Sheng and gave his surname Shi .


The boy did not know what the meaning of Jiu Sheng [1] Jiu means Nine Sheng mean student was, but he saw everyone else looking at him with envious eyes . He knew that the name which the priest gave himself was a very glorious and blessed thing . He was very happy in heart, and whispered Shi Jiu Sheng's three word silent several times .


Cao Ting has been busy rescuing people outside, but Yuan Diao, who came to report the casualties, was surprised and stared at Cao Cong for half a while . The girl's facial features are similar to those of Cao Ting, even her name .


Yan Mo said, "Cao Cong, is Cao Ting's sister, she helped us a lot on the way . " When he saw Cao Cong on the first side, he felt that she was familiar with her Cao Ting’s face . When he healed the scar on her face, he was surer that she was related to Cao Ting .


Later, Cao Cong came to inform, and he asked a few questions casually, and sure enough, he asked that the other party had a sister named Cao Ting and a brother named Cao Dian . However, the three had long been separated, and she was sold to Tucheng-Earth City Palace by slave traders for her beautiful appearance .


The funny thing is that Queen Cui Yu saw King take a look at her face and when she saw that he liked her so she punished her with a whip, and then let her face be scratched with a knife and killed . Only then people who were sent to render the punishment started sympathized with her, and only scratched her face according to that whip line . A few years later, Queen Cui Yu saw her again . She could not remember who she was . Seeing that she had scars on her face, she was accepted as a close slave .


Later, the Yincheng-Sound City man looked for the scarred person on his face . Queen Cui Yu wanted to see Yuan Zhan's ointment become a joke and decided to fix it, so she pushed her out . As a result, her face was healed, and she was lucky to be brought back to the Jiu Yuan, where she would meet one of her relatives .


Yan Mo could not help but sigh and go around . Queen Cui Yu harmed Cao Cong, but in the end it was equivalent to helping her?


Cao Cong doesn't think so . She just feels that she has today because she is cared for by God, and that God is Yan Mo .


Everyone heard that Cao Cong was Cao Ting's sister, and Priest Da-Ren said that the woman had helped them . Now she was very kind . Yuan Diao offered to take her to Cao Ting .


Subsequently, Yuan Zhan ordered the rest of the day, and the second day started at dawn .


They were ordered to leave the hall . Yu-Wu came in, but the others did not see him .


Yan Mo saw him, but he didn't react .


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu, who was leaving to rest, saw Yu-Wu and sat down again .


Black water and Lamo-Ling and others went to rest under Da-He's escort .


Wu Chen stayed, too . Yan Mo had something to ask him .


"When did the three the Snake People leave?”


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Wu Chen answered, "In the spring, it was a little warmer, so they set out and said they were going to pick up a part of Tribesmen and come here . "


Yan Mo nodded and asked Wu Chen a few more questions . After he went to rest, he said to Yuan Zhan, "Saving people is like fighting a fire . Now that you wake up, we'll go and rescue the dwarfs earlier . They came to support us, so we can't lose this ally . "


Yuan Zhan shook his head . "The Jiu Yuan can't depend on us alone . You and I can't represent the whole ability of the Jiu Yuan . Although there are casualties in battle, it is also the quickest test ground to improve battle effectiveness and stimulate blood ability . It's dangerous this time, but you've noticed Zheng and they don't look as bad as before . Every one of them has improved their blood ability and the level of strength .


"So you know you can solve all the enemies by yourself, but you still need Zheng to send elite warriors to follow you . " Yan was silent .


"Yes, ordinary warriors are difficult to improve in one or two battles, but elite warriors are different . Now they were selected by Zheng . They must be warriors with strong fighting ability, good physical fitness and loyalty . They also have great prospects for promotion . Take them with you and me to guard them . They have no fear in their hearts and are easier to arouse . . . That the potential you were talking about . "


"The power of the cursing?”  When Yu-Wu came in, he only stared at Yan Mo . But after noticing the eyes of the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu, he turned to The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu .


Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan listened to Yu-Wu's mention of the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu, as if they had noticed him at this time and turned to him together .


Curse-Witch Zhou Wu narrowed his eyes . This strange and beautiful man could see at a glance that he was cursed, but he could not see through the man . He could only guess that he was not human from his special signs and clothes .


Yu-Wu did not show his tail . When he went ashore, his tail turned into a leg, but he had a piece of fine cloth around his waist that could fall to his feet . But his fingers, sharp nails and fin-like ears, which were much longer than ordinary people, all showed that he was not an ordinary human being .


Yan Mo is curious, "where do you see my Shifu has the power of cursing?”


Yu-Wu laughed lightly . "Everyone who can exercise the power of curse become half dead . As soon as I get close to him, he smelled like a stinky fish that is going to rot . When he do more curse a little harder, his body will rot completely and his soul will dissipate . "


Before Yan Mo could speak, he said, "You can't smell it because your soul is not strong enough . "


"The Mer-people?”  The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu was not angry when he was exposed, but smiled .


Yan Mo heard the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu's fate and frowned fiercely . "Is there a solution?”


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu waved his hand carelessly . "My business, I know, must pay a price for everything . When the curse is powerful, and it pays more . Otherwise, why do you think I haven't found a disciple now? You can curse yourself for three or two days if you are unstable and greedy, but dancing the Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice and almost kill yourself?”


Yu-Wu heard the words "The Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice" and immediately got interested in the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu . His face was not very good-looking . "I'm also asking you, how did you dance the Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice? Who taught you?”


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu has a big chest . "I taught you, but . . . "


Yu-Wu sneered, "You taught him? Just you?” Yu-Wu looked up and down at the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu, and he looked admired him as much as he despise him for his eyes and tone .


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu was angry . "Stop interrupting before I finish, I taught him the ones in the start and the ones later . I don't know them . "


Yan Mo also had a lot of questions about the Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice he later danced . He was going to ask the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu . He can see how the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu looked and probably didn't know the details . Just as Yu-Wu came to the door, he didn't ask questions .


"I don't know who taught me, but I heard voices and felt someone pulling my body like teaching me how to dance . "


"Tell me the details . "


Yan Mo does not have the general awe of the priest for this mysterious force . He pays more attention to his own life and interests, so he does not hide all the processes .


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu listened, with an odd expression, as if he had heard such a thing for the first time .


Yu-Wu was laughing at the ridicule: "You are really loved by the gods, I can feel your body is extraordinary, those gods were even more aware of that, but the fact that your body can be extraordinary to let all the gods become greedy for you, even at the point of taking the initiative to teach you to communicate with them using the world's real Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice, if they order to kill you and divide up your body, you are worth it . ”


Yuan Zhan's hand covered Yan Mo's .


Yan Mo rubbed his forehead and cursed in his heart: "Guide, you come out! Let's talk! What body did you make for me? Why do those bullshit gods want me to die? "


Of course The Guide didn't come out .


Yan Mo hates The Guide . In order to make him accomplish his task with perseverance, The Guide is willing to transform his body . As a result, The Fruit of Witchcraft doesn’t want to come out of his body . Now even the gods of the world want to cut meat from him . How can he get mixed up in this world?


What is so special about his body? Is it energy or law that kept him alive? Or both?


Yu-Wu looked at Yan Mo's distress and felt a little pity for him besides gloating over his misfortune . Only the immortals like them who had lived for many years did they realize that being loved by the gods was sometimes not a good thing?


"You danced out of the real Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice and saw its power, but I recommend not to use it frequently . Witches who used to jump the Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice didn't live very long . " Yu-Wu once in a while speaks with sincerity .


"No . " A young but presumptuous voice suddenly sounded in Yan Mo's brain .


Yan Mo's heart moved, "Wu Guo?”


Wu Guo said, "The Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice can be danced as many times, but you can only find a specific God to trade with each time, you can bargain with the sky and ask questions . "


Ask questions?


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