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Chapter 372

Chapter 372: Chief Duo Fei’s complacent

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The Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice was put aside, and Yu-Wu mentioned some of the things he saw at the river .


Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan satisfied with what they saw and heard when they went out .


Yu-Wu is very interested in these things . He hasn't left Qingyuan Lake for a long time . Although Qingyuan Lake is as big as the Inland sea, it can be traveled by him within a day .


"The energy in your body has changed . I feel that your water energy is far more than before . Have you found a higher-order crystal, or . . . "


Yuan Zhan interrupted, "Want to know? Tell me the whereabouts of a Godblood Stone, and I'll tell you what energy is in my body . ”


Yan Mo also said lazily, "I remember you promised me that if I were willing to give you a bone treasure, you would tell me the whereabouts and correct use of the Godblood Stone . I gave you the fish bone, and the pregnant woman I helped you . You should always keep your promise?”


Yu-Wu didn't waddle . He meditated for a moment . "I can tell you, but I still have one condition . "


"You have a lot of old conditions you haven’t fulfilled yet . " Yan Mo sneered .


"My conditions are not bad for you or for the chief, but good for you on the contrary . "


"Tell me about it . "


Yu-Wu looked at Yuan Zhan . "I can feel that Chief's trip was so fruitful that he absorbed the energy of the original Fire Godblood Stone . As for Chief Zhan now has more energy in the body, which can fight The Fire Godblood Stone, and him not be suppressed by it, 99% should be a water attribute Godblood Stone . ”


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu looked at Yu-Wu with bright eyes . Like a man in his first love, his old face was still a little blushing red . There was no doubt that he was confronted with a powerful old monster . Only blushed this red when he saw some inhuman old monster that he can't deal with .


The bad apprentices hid too much from him, not to mention the bone bird, not to mention the poor tribe he had portrayed, but the Jiu Yuan City, looked like one of the Nine Great Cities, that their neighbors are the Mer-people who live only in the sea? And the Mer-people was particularly friendly with them and even helped them to fight the enemy .


Oh, by the way, they also know the dwarfs . It is said that the dwarf tribes also helped them stop another enemy tribe!


It was enough for him to be shocked . He had spent a lot of energy trying to make a normal appearance and not act surprised at all . But now what did the beautiful old monster say? There are two Godblood Stone in that Zhan boy?!


No wonder he thought the energy of Zhan boy was not very good . It was originally The Godblood Stone energy . But how did he manage to get two The Godblood Stone and stay alive up to now?


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu's whisker-rubbing finger accidentally weighed a little, and he pulled himself back to take a breath of air .


Yu-Wu's tone suddenly changed over there, "But! The Water Godblood Stone, like the Fire Godblood Stone, is absorbed by the Chief in the wrong way . It's not happening now, but the original Fire Godblood Stone energy is suppressing it . But the Fire Godblood Stone energy has been absorbed by you, but your body can't fully exert it now, and one of the most important things is missing . How long will the Water Godblood Stone in your body bring you endless pain, before it destroys you, it will destroy your mind and make you not you anymore?”


Yuan Zhan looks unmoved . Yan Mo sits up straight . "What is that important thing? Is that something in every the Godblood Stone?”


Yu-Wu praised, "You're smart . The Godblood Stone, since it's called god blood, then it contains not only the power of God, but also a trace of the god divinity, which you can also understand as the will of God or his residual soul power . ”


"The Godblood Stone you're talking about is the right way to use it is to remove the residual soul and then absorb the energy?”


"That's about it . "


"Your condition is that you want this soul power?”


"Yes . "

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Yan Mo didn't immediately bite when he heard such a good condition . He said with no doubt, "if this soul power is the obstacle that people absorb The Godblood Stone, then what do you want it for?”


Yu-Wu seemed to have anticipated that he would ask this question . He answered with no hurry: "you are a priest, you should understand that sometimes poison will become a good medicine, depending on how you use it and what it is used for . It happened that the Godblood Stone that Chief got is a water attribute, and I wanted the Water Godblood Stone for a long time . The Fire Godblood Stone was also kept in hope that I can exchange with someone who had the Water Godblood Stone . But you can rest assured that my focus is on the soul power . The energy contained in the Godblood Stone is not worth my efforts, nor is it worth messing with in with for the Mer-people offspring . ”


Yan Mo held Yuan Zhan's wrist with his back hand and carefully examines his pulse . Finally, he examines Yuan Zhan's facial features, skin and nail color .


Yuan Zhan nodded to him, saying that he was in roughly the same situation as Yu-Wu said .


Yan Mo faces Yu-Wu, "when do you want to exchange?”


"It's not easy to pull out the soul power . I also need to prepare carefully, just after battle is over and the Jiu Yuan is settled down . "


Afterwards, Yuan Zhan continued to deal with all the matters in the city, and Yan Mo went back to rest down one step at a time .


When he got back to the woods, the first thing he did was run to see his beekeepers .


According to reason, this season, the beehives should have come out early for activities, but he came back so long did not see a beehive, cannot help but be greatly surprised .


The original beehive has now grown to the size of a small house . Yan Mo was stunned when he put his spirit into the beehive to observe .


When he was just about to withdraw his spiritual power, a little less powerful spiritual power tentatively conveyed to him the meaning of familiarity .


"Please wait, my king . We will become stronger . "


The meaning is not obvious, but Yan Mo can understand it . His beekeepers have abandoned a lot of reproduction and changed to another evolutionary path . When the first queen bee killed the other two queen bees that later separated, it unified three hives and merged them into one . Henceforth, the queen bee will control the number of eggs laid by the queen bee and order all drones and worker bees to evolve during hibernation . If they cannot evolve, they will be eliminated by nature .


In this way, although the number of beehives will be reduced, the quality of beehives will be greatly improved, and the life span of each beehive will be greatly prolonged, and will not have to die in a year or two .


Because it's the first evolutionary hibernation, it took a little longer, and the loss is not small, which is why Yan Mo did not see a beehive when he came back .


Yan Mo had no objection to Queen Bee and Bee Guard's plan, but felt that a lot of life was being lost in the beehive . Out of the intolerance of the bee guard who were totally loyal to himself, Yan Mo cut his finger and squeezed more than a dozen drops of blood into the beehive .


"My king! My king!” The spirit of joy and blur came to him, and Yan Mo simply squeezed some blood into it .


On the second day, Yan Mo released the bone-bird, The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu operated one of them, led the team of Zhang and She-Gu to the support of the river port .


Ying Shi of the Black Water Tribe took people into the tunnel to kill the enemy . Before he left, Yan Mo wanted to tell him that he must rescue Wen Sheng and Da-Shan, but he was afraid that Black Water would not be able to do anything because of his command .


Yuan Zhan personally brought 200 people to destroy the Duo Fei tribe . Yan Mo was not confident about Yuan Zhan's body and followed him in the name of only he can manipulate bone-birds .


Meng is in charge of liaison, Zheng and Bue are in charge of staying at the Jiu Yuan .


In the bird's head, Yuan Zhan looked at Yan Mo as if he was keeping his eyes closed . He did not disturb him, but sat down beside him .


But Yan Mo quickly opened his eyes and a complicated smile appeared on his face .


"What's the matter?”  Yuan Zhan put his arm on his shoulder .


Yan Mo turned his head and rubbed his head around his neck . "I have a strange ability to see who has faith in in me piously . "

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"Faith?”  Yuan Zhan's eyes softened into a pool of water . Was his little old man playing coquettish with him?


"It's more respectful than respect . Looking at me like a god . "


Yuan Zhan's eyes suddenly darkened, but his expression did not change . "This ability is good . Later you will know who is truly loyal to you . "


Yan Mo raised his head and shook it . "People's hearts have changed . Faith today can also become hatred tomorrow . The evidence is that after the Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice of yesterday, many of our enemies believed in me . "


Yuan Zhan laughed cruelly . "That's right . Put these people forward and kill everyone else . "


"Don't!" Yan Mo was contradictory . Although he has lived in the world for many years and has mastered one side of power, his previous education has left a deep impression on him . He knows that killing people is necessary sometimes, but he hates to kill several enemies at most . He can't kill prisoners of war on such a large scale, even if he was attacked by the same prisoner of war .


"They are enemies . "


"I know . "


"What are you going to do?”


Yan Mo felt that Yuan Zhan's voice was dissatisfied with his voice . He had grabbed his chin and twisted himself . "There is always a way to deal with the tribal exchange of property, selling, or leaving them to work a coolie . "


Yuan Zhan hummed, "To send them back is to give our enemies strength, and when they slow down, they will bite us as well . "


"Then sell it in exchange for slaves from other tribes . "


"The Moer-Gan is the nearest tribe . If we want to exchange so many people, we have to go further . But once these people change hands, they will surely sell the news of the Jiu Yuan . The Mer-people probably doesn't want their habitat to be known . "


"Strong words make sense! Without those people, our affairs would be spread out by The Moer-Gan, The Huang Jing and even the Snake Man .


Yuan Zhan said that he had a strong argument . “What can you do?”


Yan Mo twisted his ear with anger, "then keep all of them as coolies!"


"How can we have so many people to control them when we have trouble managing them?”


Yan Mo stared at him .


Yuan Zhan remained unmoved . "Killing is the best, because not only deters the enemy, but also reduces the threat to the future, but also reduces the food rations for prisoners, whose flesh and blood can fertilize the soil and the beasts in our territory . "


" . . . Can't kill . I have ancestors staring at me and killing so many people . He will punish me . ” It's impossible for him to pretend that he doesn't know anything about such a big thing . Yuan Zhan will certainly talk to him about it, and maybe the priest will have to pray to calm the anger and resentment of these prisoners .


Yuan Zhan was angry . "Was the ancestor god unreasonable? They attacked us, not us!”


"Killing enemies and killing prisoners in Zhan arena are two different things . And there is a great disadvantage in killing prisoners . Not only will your reputation become cruel and bad, but when you encounter enemies again . If they know that as captives they will not survive, and they will fight to the end . Then, even if we will be able to win, and there will be a lot of death and injury to our own people . " Yan Mo thought he should pacify his A-Zhan, but when he saw the old man in the other's eyes, his outstretched hand stopped for a moment .


Yuan Zhan, with a sharp eye, grabbed the hand that stretched out to him, pulled it into his leather skirt, and said with great shameless tone, "if you want me not to kill them, you must persuade me . "


Yan Mo gave a low laugh and asked seriously, "How can I persuade you?”


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Yuan Zhan touched his lips and his eyes were ablaze with fire .


Yan Mo opened his mouth and said slowly and slightly vaguely, "Oh, you want me to convince you like this . "


"More persuasion, one mouth is not enough . . . " Yuan Zhan's nose became heavier and he couldn't help saying a very nasty and shameless remark .


Yan Mo rolled his eyes and took a bite in his mouth .


Yuan Zhan cannot bear such a frank provocation, forgot all the foreplay, threw his priest down at once, and then kissed away .


Yan Mo grabbed his face and licked his lips with the tip of his tongue . "Don't move around, let me kiss you . "


Yuan Zhan color makes him dizzy, reaching out and stroking his priest, making a promise in her mouth: "yes, you have to convince me like this . Afterward, all you have to talk to me is like this, I will listen to whatever you say . "


Xsshole, all the same! Yan Mo . . . Bit him hard .


Yuan Zhan's lips were bitten and painful . He could not help biting them back . He would not let them go if he bit a person's tongue . Where does a savage kiss? If Yan Mo hadn't taught him, he would never have imagined such a close way . Sometimes he even felt that such a kiss was more intimate than mating .


Warriors in the belly of the bird were all very excited . Some of them were still riding bone-birds for the first time . They could not help showing off in a low voice when they had traveled before .


Many people are whispering about the Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice of Priest Da-Ren yesterday . Everyone talks with great longing and admiration .


Before yesterday, many warriors were afraid and worried, but a few people said that, afterwards all who disturbed the army will be whipped . But now they are not afraid of anything .


Lan Dier and Zhu Neng, the leaders in charge of the team, opened their eyes and watched everyone whisper into a group without stopping them, let alone the others, who are their leaders . Yesterday's excitement has also continued to this day, and it has not been much less .


Inside the bird's head, the great Priest Da-Ren grabbed and rubbed the skin hide under him with both hands, making him groan in pieces every time he struck behind him .


And Chief Da-Ren, who had been sent to a dizzying Priest Da-Ren, was afraid that his little old man's body would not be able to take it, so he lifted the whole man from his skin hide . . .


Yan Mo hated the slow transmission of information in ancient times, but sometimes he was glad for it .


Now, for example, the Duo Fei tribe has no idea that they have defeated the enemies of the other two tribes and brought people to destroy them .


And Princess Duo Fei at this point . . . No, it should be said that Chief Duo Fei at this time, with a little bit of aspiration, embarked on the Jiu Yuan tower .


The Duo Fei tribe is small and half of the city is still under construction . One of the most prominent is the construction of a castle near a water source, which has not been completed .


Fei Li saw Duo Fei walk up the tower and he gave her a gift .


Duo Fei was followed by four maids and twelve guards, as well as several nobles dressed like Fei Li .


Fei Li knows these people, who are close courtiers of the princess who ventured thousands of miles from Tianqiancheng-Heaven City and are also her most loyal people .


But Chief Duo Fei didn't know that most of the people she thought were loyal to be General Zhe Fei, who was not easy to see and kill, so she found some reasons to force them out to find the princess's "waste" or thorns .


About a third of these people died when they crossed Fushan Mountain, and when they reached the border between Granma Mountain and the barren land, they fought with the dwarfs who were building tribes . Nearly a third of them died again, and less than a third of those who can stay with Chief Duo Fei today .


Most of the people who survive today have certain abilities and become Duo Fei's dependence to capture the Jiu Yuan . Unfortunately, before they joined forces with the other two tribes to attack the Jiu Yuan, the dwarfs came first to support the Jiu Yuan .


It was easy to deal with the dwarfs at first . A few birdmen warriors and a 6th rank blood warrior were dispatched at random, and the dwarfs seemed to be stunned .


But these dwarfs learned to become intelligent after they had been taught a lesson to hurt some people . Instead of walking on the road, they made holes in the ground .


Since they changed their strategy, the Duo Fei tribe has had a lot of headaches .


The Dwarfs seem to have received the message from the Jiu Yuan, they were no longer rushing to the Jiu Yuan to support them, but staying near the Duo Fei tribe to start tunnel and guerrilla warfare with the Duo Fei tribe .


They know that the front can't be rivaled and often make raids in the middle of the night .


You say that even the most powerful warrior, he always sleeps, right? But if you sleep in the middle of the night when its sweet dream, a big hole suddenly cracks under the bed, you have not responded to that and then few dwarfs will come by stabbing you a few knives . . . Well, even if blood warriors are fierce and quick to react, who can eat and defend themselves if they do so night and day?


That's not true . So far, many high-ranking warriors from Tianqiancheng-Heaven City have been killed because of these despicable raids! Not to mention other ordinary warriors .


Besides sneaking warriors in the middle of the night, these cunning dwarfs will set fire in the city . The most disgusting thing is that they have found food and weapons warehouses and moved them all away!


But that's all over when two guests from the Duo Fei tribe came .


The two guests are both 7th rank blood warriors, and are from the noble Louque City, the Louque City regard Tianqiancheng-Heaven City as the lower city force . What is most satisfying to Duo Fei is that their abilities, one can become a mud man who can never die, the other can detect any minor movements and changes in a certain area of the underground .


With these two men, especially the latter, Duo Fei no longer has to worry about the dwarfs playing tricks underground and making midnight raids . Last night they captured a batch of them alive to make trouble .


The dwarfs are united, tribesmen were captured, and other dwarfs will come to their rescue . They just have to wait .


Chief Duo Fei is really happy at this time . Although the interests should be partly divided to the Louque City, the Louque City is far away from here . They want to send people to occupy the place, which is not realistic at all . As for the Moer-Gan and the Huang Jing . . . Should she worry about the two tribes as long as she has the Louque City in her hands?


She could even use red salt, the Mer-people and dwarf slaves to establish diplomatic relations with the middle city and even the upper city, and then trade a large number of slaves as her own strength, so that the Duo Fei tribe could develop rapidly, and perhaps soon the Duo Fei tribe would become the Duo Fei city .


At this moment, Duo Fei is full of all kinds of beautiful imagination about the future, and there is a beautiful smile on her face .


A hoofed noble man looked at her fascinatedly, thinking that nothing in the world was better than her Highness, especially her hoofs, whose curvature, hardness and shape tended to be perfect .


Suddenly, the man saw the princess's face changed . Besides that, the princess rushed out quite nobly, rushed to the guardrail and looked up at the sky not far away .


Fei Li found the foreign body in the sky earlier, whistled to several birds and flew to the sky together .


On the bone-bird, Yan Mo rubbed his waist and looked down . "That's Duo Fei Tribe? It's small . "


Yuan Zhan held him from behind, helped him massage his waist, looked down and said, "Not too small . The Yuan Ji Tribe was not half the size of this tribe . Her Highness is not very ambitious . "


Yan Mo noticed something strange behind him and could not help twisting his neck and cussing two words: "Fxcking animal!"


Yuan Zhan grimly capped him . "No way, The Godblood Stone eats too much and I have too much energy to vent . And my Priest Da-Ren, you're so useless that I can't stand the crying and screaming in a minute, waist pain in a minute, buttock pain in a minute, which makes me reluctant to do it hard . "


" . . . You haven't had acupuncture for a few days . Your skin itches, right?”


Yuan Zhan, not afraid of his threats, bowed his head and licked his ears .  Lowered his head and lick his ear . "My Priest Da-Ren, do you want me to listen? Then you have to satisfy me . You can't stick me with needles all the time . Let me do you three times the next day, and I will listen to you when you say anything . ”


" . . . " Yan Mo only likes to have such a super beast when he has no brain .


"Mo, don't cuss at my animalism in your heart . Our guest is coming up . " Yuan Zhan sucked his ear heavily before he arrived .


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