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Chapter 373

Chapter 373: Demolition of Cities

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Bone bird has flown over the Duo Fei tribe, just above the front of the Duo Fei tower .


All the bone-birds of the Duo Fei tribe looked up at the direction of the North City Tower, and Duo Fei immediately sent for the two envoys of the Louque City, while warriors of the Duo Fei tribe were ready to attack the bone-birds .


In the bird's head, Yan Mo touched the red left ear, bent his elbow expressionlessly and pounded backwards .


Yuan Zhan laughed, grabbed the bird's eye socket with one hand, pulled him up with one arm, and then flipped over, and landed just above the bird's head .


When Fei Li saw the whole picture of the bird, he was very alert . When he saw an additional person on the bird's head or an acquaintance, he stopped immediately, flapped his wings slowly, and dared not come closer .


He used to think that Yuan Zhan was a 4th rank blood warrior, but Zhe Fei said that his blood ability had reached at least 7th rank after meeting Yuan Zhan .


He did not understand how the savage Chief had changed from a 4th rank warrior to a 7th rank warrior in just one and a half years, but he believed in General Zhe Fei .


But doesn't that mean that both the man and the priest have left the tribe? When did they return? Where did the flying bone object come from?


Isn't the Moer-Gan and the Huang Jing Tribe attacking the Jiu Yuan? Yuan Zhan come back here, why not solve them first?


Had the two tribes joined forces to repel the savage Chief?


No Impossible! Even if this man is a 7th rank blood warrior, The Moer-Gan and The Huang Jing have also came with several 6th rank blood warriors, and they also have the support of the Louque City envoy . How can Yuan Zhan escape without any harm under the siege of so many people? Not to mention repelling all the enemies


He knows perfectly well that those the Mer-people did not say, but that the most powerful part of the Jiu Yuan is the savage chief and the mysterious little priest . Besides these two people, there are no other outstanding warriors


So . . . Back to the question, if the Jiu Yuan is still being attacked, how can their Chief just come and trouble them?


Fei Li was so upset that his instinct made him wave a hand and let one of his men fly down to inform Chief Duo Fei .


Four of the subordinates left one, and three of them, together with Fei Li, pulled up their bows and arrows .


Nearly a hundred meters high, the sky is windy, but Yuan Zhan is very stable on the bird's head . He seems to have ignored Fei Li and other birdmen in the slightest, completely ignoring the bow that has been pointed at him from his opponent's hand .


"Chief Yuan Zhan, this is the territory of the Duo Fei tribe . What do you want to do here?”  Fei Li shouted with a bow in the air .


Yuan Zhan did not want to answer, but he thought Mo had said that no matter what she did, it was best to take a word . At the moment, he smiled hideously and sped out two words: "Getting revenge!"


“Revenge? What is it for? "Fei Li wants to procrastinate so that they can quickly prepare ourselves for the enemy . “Our Duo Fei Tribe has never been close to the boundaries of the Jiu Yuan since it established tribes’ markers . The slaves you wanted have been sent to you . How can you revenge us?"


Yuan Zhan grinned bitterly instead of sneering, "Slaves? Are you talking about these spies? Lan Dier!”


The wind sent Yuan Zhan's roar inside the bony bird .


As soon as the bird's tail was opened, Lan Dier, who had been ready for it, threw down all the things he had brought .


Lan Dier took aim and threw them at the building .



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The things thrown down are round and rolling . Some of them can still keep their original points . Some of them fall upstairs and are breaking in a mess .


But the human head is the strongest part of the human body . Even if the face is broken, the general shape can still be seen .


Chief Duo Fei and others were shocked when they saw the bone birds throwing things down suddenly . The city building was in chaos . Many people were shouting, "Protect the princess!" Protect the Chief!"


The figure of Duo Fei was quickly surrounded by the guards behind her, and her servants were frightened to their legs . When they saw what was falling on the city floor, they were screaming with fear .


"Ah ah ah! A head! That's a human head! Mother God in Heaven, that's terrible, these savages!"


Duo Fei was bold enough to push the guard who tried to protect her and show her what had been thrown from the bird .


At this point, Duo Fei's eyes suddenly shrink . It's really a human head!


Lan Dier threw a dozen heads in one breath, rubbed his palms alternately, looked at the people below with hatred, lifted his skirt and urinated underneath .


The drops of water float on Duo Fei and others’ faces . Duo Fei looked up . When she saw what the bone-bird is doing, she shouted with rage, "archery!" Kill them!"


Immediately, a rain of arrows and flew .


But the skeleton bird moves up to the sky faster than the flying arrow . The tail of the bird has closed . Before the flying arrows fell on the skeleton bird, they were blown askew by the wind .


Fei Li looked down at Princess Duo Fei's command to start, and he couldn't do it .


"Whoa!" Under the permission of Fei Li, a sharp arrow shot at Yuan Zhan .


Yuan Zhan grabbed a sharp arrow and threw it away .


"Ah -!" a scream, a bird man was stabbed by a sharp arrow into his heart and fell from the sky .


The skeleton bird moved in the direction of the castle that had not yet been built .


Princess Duo Fei below has guessed from the human head that the Jiu Yuan people should be in the bone-bird, but when she hears the bird report that the Jiu Yuan Chief is coming, she still has a heart snap .


Instantly, doubts and conjectures similar to those of Fei Li came into her mind .


"Your Highness, is it the Jiu Yuan people? Did these savages declare war? Can we just watch them insult us and let them escape?” A noble youth approached Duo Fei angrily .


Escape? Where did you see that they were running away? Chief Duo Fei is very silent on this young man . If his father hadn't had some influence in Tianqiancheng-Heaven City, she would not have allowed such a stupid person to be close to herself .


"Are the two ambassadors of the Louque City coming?”  Duo Fei asked the guard .


The guard who was in charge of the order was a little angry and embarrassed . He reported back: "Two envoys, Da-Ren, are enjoying the slave and said they will come later . "


Duo Fei took a deep breath . "Please go again and say the Chief of the Jiu Yuan appeared . "


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The Dwarfs did not know where to drill out and saw the skeleton bird . People of the Duo Fei tribe have never seen a bone bird . They have!


"They are here! The Jiu Yuan people are here! Brothers and sisters, ready to attack the city! Kill those big fools!"


"Oh, is Chief and Mo Da-Ren of the Jiu Yuan coming back?”


"It must be Mo Da-Ren who came back . The last time he sprayed a big fireball with a bone-bird!"


"We've been very helpful this time . I'll ask Mo Da-Ren if he can bring us some baskets of radishes . "


"Good ask for leek, leek! That green grass can also grow in the house in winter and cut many stubbles . ”


"Coal ball, coal charcoal!"


"Actually, I'd rather trade wildebeest with them . "


"What do you want a wildebeest for? Can you climb up on it at your height?”


"Why can't I climb up? I'm not a centimeter shorter than you!"


"Enough! I beg you all to stop irritating me, will you? Save the people first! Don’t forget that we have a club of brothers and sisters who are still imprisoned in the Duo Fei tribe!” Somebody broke down and shouted .


In the sky, Fei Li saw the bone-bird moving . He didn't know what to do for a while .


But the bones move, and they follow .


The bony bird stopped over the castle . The savage Chief standing on the bird's head jumped off the bird's head!


"No!" Fei Li suddenly responded, "He's a soil warrior . He wants to destroy the city! Stop him!"


Yuan Zhan is still a little unruly in gliding in the sky, and when his feet fell to the ground, his unspeakable sense of steadfastness instantly turns into a surge of strength throughout his body .


Although he can use other abilities in the sky, it is not difficult to summon earth arrows, but it is always better when he has a contact the earth directly .


The water Godblood Stone has not been completely solved, but after he digested a piece of the Fire Godblood Stone, his condition is much better than when he swallowed the Fire Godblood Stone .


He could feel that his energy reached a critical point and could break through at any time, but according to Yan Mo, the intermediate level training method only opened up a part of the energy running route . If he wanted to break through, he had to know other energy running routes in his body, which should be mentioned in the advanced level training method, but Yan Mo had not yet got them from the ancestors .


Yu-Wu also said yesterday that his energy has actually reached the 10th rank or even higher, but limited to certain conditions in the body, he cannot use all the energy of 10th rank level .


In the past, some urban construction forces have reached the critical point of human energy, but failed to break through, mostly because they do not have the correct training method, that is, they do not know how to smoothly import the overflowing energy into other parts of the body, and at the same time exercise the body, so that the body can accommodate more energy .


Mo said that the human body is like a ball with many channels, energy is like water, and the pineal gland of the eyebrow is like a pool . Some channels are clear and direct to the pool . When there is water in the pool, it can flow into the channel and then back to the pool .


When the outside water enters the human body gradually or in large quantities, the pool in the eyebrow cannot be filled and it has to flow into the channel . But the channels in the human body are not always connected at the beginning . They need strength to get through . They also need to know where to get through the best . Some channels need to be dug and widened to accommodate more water flow . Similarly, the pool in the eyebrow needs to be deepened and enlarged .


The training method is equivalent to telling the body what channels are in his body, how to open and widen, how to recycle, and how to use them . It also includes telling him how to use the energy to impact the pool in the eyebrow to make it bigger and deeper .


If you don't have the right training methods, energy goes by a fork or there's nowhere to go, the result is . . . "Bang!"

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But his Priest Da-Ren didn't seem anxious about getting advanced level training . He can also figure it out by himself based on the initial and intermediate level, and look at his expression as if he was eager to test it on him .


Yuan Zhan doesn't care that his priest tests things on him . It's not entirely out of trust, but he enjoys all kinds of compensation from Mo after he tests him .


Yuan Zhan's imagination of compensation was interrupted by numerous arrows and spears, which made him unable to resist the slight effort to demolish his castle .


The tall man walked down the castle step by step . As he moved, the magnificent castle of shape and momentum was like a sand pile, and it was visible and collapsed by the naked eye .


There are people screaming to escape from the castle, some people cannot escape, and even jump directly from the castle .


The slaves of the Duo Fei tribe, who had been carried by war slaves and polished by them, suddenly lifted the slabs from the ground and flew around like stone knives after seeing that they were not beautiful houses for slaves and civilians to live in .






Where man walk, where slates are smashed, all the shaping houses are disappearing, and smoke and dust are spreading in the Duo Fei tribe .


"Ah ah ah! Devil! Devil!”




"Arrow! Arrow! Don't let that man escape!"


Yuan Zhan is not afraid of these attacks at all, but he is not willing to be shot around like a target . A huge shield appeared with a flicker of his hand . He waved it and banged out all the arrows and spears .


The shield is black and solid, and the arrows and spears can only leave a few white spots .


Puff! Pooh poo! What is going on? Did the Jiu Yuan people start?” De-De got out of the dust and coughed .


Ge-Ge found a stone and cut off the straw rope that had been imprisoning him . Immediately after he freed himself, he rescued De-De .


Other dwarfs are also self-helping . They were all locked up at the top of the castle . How did they know that the castle suddenly collapsed? If they were not used to living underground, they might not be able to climb up under the sand like the Duo Fei tribe .


Ge-Ge, seeing that many of the same dwarfs were saving themselves and helping each other, he took De-De forward and wanted to see what happened to the Duo Fei tribe .


"Ge-Ge! Get down! Watch out for the arrows!” De-De jumped at Ge-Ge .


Before Ge-Ge fell, he saw the tall and familiar figure in front of him, "Chief Yuan Zhan!"


"What did you say?”  De-De did not hear clearly .


"Chief Yuan Zhan is here! Let's cooperate with him, don't walk on the ground, and go down first!”


"But most of the tunnels below are blocked, and the one that can detect us . . . "


"No fear, there's Chief Yuan Zhan . Those two people don't need to be worried about at all . Look at the sky again!"


De-De looked up and was surprised . "Bone Bird! Mo Da-Ren is here too?”


"Should be, go, take everyone into the tunnel, the eastern tunnel we dug has not been used, Duo Fei people certainly do not know about it . When the Jiu Yuan warriors come down to attack the Duo Fei tribe, we cut down the legs of the Duo Fei people from below . "


The city of Duo Fei is in turmoil, and the dwarfs have not forgotten to take revenge on their escape .


Originally a tribe made up of the vast majority of slaves, the centripetal force can be imagined that many slaves took the opportunity to escape from the city or other hidden places .


War slave leader shouted loudly, forcing war slaves to attack Yuan Zhan and arrest the runaway dwarfs .


But when war slave saw the tall man in a leather skirt, no matter how many arrows and spears he had coming at him, they could not hurt him . Wherever he passed, all the buildings became dust .


Such a force makes the slaves fear from their hearts . The knowledgeable slaves also know that this is the blood ability force of the earth-control class . Those slaves who were originally savages see Yuan Zhan as if they saw God .


Many of the slaves even dropped their weapons and kowtowed to Yuan Zhan . No matter how the slave leaders shouted and beat them behind, they dared not raise their heads .


Of course, the slaves who kneel or lie down like this are only a part of them . There are still many slaves who are controlled by the leaders of the slaves . These people are terrified, but they have to rush up and kill Yuan Zhan .


Yuan Zhan didn't let go of any of those who rushed up on their own initiative . All of them were killed by a shield .


He could plunge the tribe into the ground, but he didn't . One is that he does not want the ancestors to find reasons to punish his priest, and the other is that he does not want Duo Fei Tribesmen to die too fast . He wants the Chief, the leader, the witch, the people and the slaves of this tribe to watch the tribe's destruction with their own eyes, and feel helpless .


Duo Fei rushed to the towers to face the tribal side and watched incredulously as the savage destroyed the tribe she had worked hard to build for two years .


"He's the leader of the Jiu Yuan, the 7th rank earth-control warrior?”  The two ambassadors of the Louque City finally arrived, not because they had received a second request, but because Yuan Zhan pulled down the house and they had to escape .


"7th rank? This man is definitely more than 7th rank!” A man who can become a mud man snorts and clenches his right hand into a fist .


Before knowing the details of the demolition, both men wisely did not immediately confront Yuan Zhan, but went to the city building to ask Duo Fei for information .


Duo Fei hated to say, "Da-Rens, please go forward and deal with the savage leader . "


"You don't say we'll do it, but . . . " The mud man's eyes revolved around Duo Fei's full and enchanting body .


Duo Fei pinched her nails into the flesh, but a charming smile appeared on his face . "As long as two of you can solve this savage, I'd like to go with you to the Louque City . "


"Good! Your Highness Duo Fei, don't forget what you said . The mud man has long coveted Duo Fei's beauty, but because of the identity and ability of the other side, he has been difficult to start, now it is difficult to get the other side to relax, he will not let go of this great opportunity .


If Duo Fei's abilities hadn't interested the Louque City's priest and indicated that she would be sent to the temple, he might have taken the princess who wanted to be Chief of the tribe into private custody .


Another the Louque City envoy felt a little sympathetic to the princess . The innocent woman thought she could use her force to get the land and valuable red sticks . But she did not think about it . Even if it was far away, how could the Louque City lose the fat meal and give it to another city in the presence of red salt, the rare Mer-people and dwarfs? Your Highness the Princess is she still a concern?


Sadly, the princess did not know that she was one of the targets of their Louque City . It had been ordered that when the Jiu Yuan is brought down, the princess with healing power should be sent to the temple . They were sent here at this time because of this order .


Well, the princess's business can be settled anyway, but the savage man . . .


The messenger frowned, and his ability to detect told him that the savage who was wreaking havoc in the city was probably something not the mud man can deal with .


And the fact is that is exactly what he expected!


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