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Chapter 374

Chapter 374: Making enemies and consoling spirit

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No one thought that the undead mud man was easily killed by Yuan Zhan .


The mud man also wished to suffocate Yuan Zhan with a part of his body, but as soon as his arm came out to him, Yuan Zhan wrapped him back in hard mud shell, and then . . . No one knew what had happened in that hard shell, but heard the miserable cry of the mud man . Finally, the tall and arrogant savage lifted the huge hard shell and threw it at the head of the city .


Hard shell smashed into numerous pieces, large and small, and everyone subconsciously searched for the mud man's traces in the hard blocks after avoiding them, but all they saw was hard, strange-colored hard soil .


Another perceptive messenger stared at the debris and screamed wildly in his heart: It's impossible!


Because of the special ability of mud man, many people in Louque City talked about how to kill him half-jokingly . Among them, a blood warrior who was good at fire attack from other tribes said that if someone used a very high temperature fire ability and a huge torch to wrap up the mud and burn him without giving him a chance to escape, he would burn the mud man and kill him .


Looking at the mud man's present appearance, is it not like being burnt dry and hard and broken?


Mother God in Heaven! What are the ranks of the savage Chief? The messenger began to recede slowly to the edge of the wall while he was not paying attention . His ability was to assist the mud man . He really will die in a fight . He did not want to die .


Before he arrived, he thought it was a simple task, and like other messengers, he regarded the support as fun . According to the information returned by the messengers who had entered the wilderness before, it would be precious to have a few a 4th rank warriors in this poor and backward ghost place . Most of the small tribes did not even have 4th rank Chief, let alone the extremely rare divine blood warriors .


But who would tell him why he had a blood ability force above 7th rank, and not only a bloody warrior of a single ability?


And this so-called savage tribe also has flying bone object!


The messenger stepped back and tried to escape by informing the Louque City upper echelon of the news . The Moer-Gan, The Huang Jing and Duo Fei tribes must have concealed some very important things from them .


Warriors of the Duo Fei tribe are desperate too . No matter how many arrows and spears they shoot, they do not cause any harm to the man . The big shield of the other side is very strong, but the skin of the other side seems even worse . They clearly see some arrows and spears shooting into his body, but let alone the scars, they do not even leave a mark!


Yuan Zhan while he was ruining the tribe was so happy that he did not see it when someone fled .

The remaining messenger of the Louque City was delighted . He was about to escape to the west side of the city . Everyone's attention was on the savage . Not many people noticed him . Even if someone noticed him, he pretended to attack the savage .


Quick, unfortunately his mount was on the west side, but now also not so much, it is important to escape first, the Duo Fei tribe is doomed .


"Ah!" The messenger suddenly disappeared at the foot of the wall .


The dwarfs below hated this fellow the most, who was able to perceive of their actions in the ground, caught them and came to ridicule them, even caught one of their female warriors and bullied her .


The messenger was dragged into the tunnel, lying on his stomach and not getting up, "Whoop!" and was pierced by a pickaxe in the back of his head .


Upstairs, Duo Fei shivered unconsciously, but for some time he had not seen him . The savage man was so powerful that he was so terrible .


Just one person, he even trampled down a tribe . It's not an exaggeration, it's not description, and it’s real . Everywhere he goes, all the buildings turn into dust .


She has worked hard to build a tribe for nearly two years, and now in a twinkling of an eye it has become an empty with only four walls . Ironically, her walls have not yet been fully built, and some places are still under construction .


"Let all the slaves and warriors attack him and kill him!" Duo Fei shouted .


Over the sky, Yan Mo was always watching the movement below . When he saw Yuan Zhan's gesture, he immediately lowered the bone-bird and released the two hundred elite warriors who had been lined up in the rear to rush out to fight .


Yuan Zhan's attack was no longer aimless, and he began targeting high-ranking and middle-ranking warriors above 5th rank .


Warriors who came to encircle him could not stop him at all . He broke through the encirclement and rushed all the way up to the city tower .


Duo Fei's warriors can't fight at all . They're scared . Even though some high-ranking warriors know their Chief Duo Fei can help them heal wounds and even recover, they still don't have the heart to fight . The savage just kills people if they attack him . Can Princess Duo Fei save the dead?

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The people's hearts have broken down, and Duo Fei has been unable to pull back the storm . Not only Warriors and slaves below, but also the nobles and guards around her are urging her to leave and come back for revenge .


Yuan Zhan stepped on the wall and it collapsed . Even though the people on the wall were ready, they still ran away in great confusion .


"Princess! Step on it! The savage man is fierce . Wait till we get back to Tianqiancheng-Heaven City . . . "Ah!"


"Stop him! Stop him!” Several nobles around Duo Fei shouted wildly .


As soon as Fei Li saw that the situation was out of control and that the defeat of the Duo Fei tribe was inevitable, he whistled and rushed down to grab Princess Duo Fei and fled away . His subordinates saw his movements as if they had expected them . No one was surprised, but they flew behind him to help him break the attack behind .


Fei Li's actions, in addition to his birdmen subordinates, were clearly unexpected by the Duo Fei tribe . The nobles and Duo Fei warriors who were left behind looked up at the princess's Royal Highness flying farther and farther . They were all stunned .


Duo Fei did not think that Fei Li would take her away, but she did not struggle, only to look at her tribe and even the last wall completely collapsed . Tears flowed out of her eyes, and she was so defeated . So simple, it was almost vulnerable to that savage .


"Where are you taking me?”  Duo Fei buried his head in Fei Li's arms .


Fei Li looked at such a different Royal Princess . He sneered in his mouth . He thought that his royal highness probably misunderstood something, but it was good enough to avoid any other misfortune on the road . "Back to Tianqiancheng-Heaven City . The Jiu Yuan has become a climate . It is too difficult to build a new tribe on this land to fight against him . If your Highness wants to get revenge, he might as well go back and borrow the strength of others . ”


Duo Fei grabbed his skirt and bit his lips . "Yes, you're right . I'm the princess of Tianqiancheng-Heaven City, the only princess . I should go back . "


Fei Li didn't speak anymore . If General Zhe Fei hadn't sent someone to tell him that the princess was more useful alive than to die, that her beauty and ability could bring some benefits to Tianqiancheng-Heaven City in marriage, he would not care about her life and death .


He heard that the Louque City seemed interested in their princess? Maybe they can get in touch with the Louque City .


Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo both saw Fei Li rescue Duo Fei, but both men did not surprisingly stop him .


When Duo Fei and Fei Li left, the remaining warriors and slaves had no intention of resisting . Lan Dier and Zhu Neng rushed in with 200 warriors and could only clean up the battlefield and integrate the slaves .


The Dwarfs also jumped out of the tunnel . The two sides joined together and were very happy .


Yuan Zhan scanned the battlefield and saw that all the high-ranking warriors were under control, so he went to bone-bird .


Yan Mo stepped out and asked with a smile, "How is it?”


Yuan Zhan shook his fist . "Too little . "


"Ha! This only solved the Duo Fei tribe, which was founded for two years and had a weak foundation . But the Moer-Gan and the Huang Jing Tribe, and the Louque City, behind them, would not be so easily defeated by us . Wait, there will be so many battles in the future that you will have a good time!!”


The leader of the dwarf team was a warlike leader of the Luo Gan clan . When the dwarf saw Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo, he immediately ran over and shouted, "You two, did the bird man save the princess and so why didn’t you chase them with the bone-bird?”


"Just a woman, she run away . " Yuan Zhan waved his hand to show his indifference, but Yan Mo knew that there was a five-year non-aggression agreement between Yuan Zhan and General Zhe Fei, one of which was to let the princess leave alive when necessary .


Lan Dier came and asked, "Chief, Priest Da-Ren, what about these prisoners? Do you want to take them back?”


Yuan Zhan looked at Yan Mo . "All tied up and brought back . Put them on sticks and tie their hands and necks to the pole . But only the men regarding the women, children don't need to tie them . "


"What's in this tribe?”  Although the Duo Fei tribe collapsed, everything was buried under the sand, not much of it was destroyed, and most of it could still be used .


"You search with the dwarfs, and everything you find belongs to you . Remember, don't fight with the dwarfs or rob them . "


Lan Dier, happy, shouted, "Yes!" and then turned back to tell you the good news .

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Finally, Yuan Zhan had all the women, children and seriously injured people caught put into the bone-birds, and the rest of the strong labor was tied up to let Lan Dier walk with them back slowly to Jiu Yuan from the ground .


Lan Dier collected a large number of Duo Fei's war beasts and camels traded in yuan-crystals and piled up all the property he had collected . The Dwarfs had half divided, one by one, and Luo Gan asked if Yuan Zhan wants them to help more . Yuan Zhan shaking his head, he was still a little disappointed .


Ge-Ge and De-De were so happy to see Yan Mo that they quietly came to him and asked if they could go back with him to the Jiu Yuan .


Ge-Ge shyly said, "Da-Ren, we want to continue learning with you, can we?”


Yan Mo did not refuse immediately . He also liked the two dwarfs . "Do your chief and Ancestral Witch know what you think?”


De-De nodded quickly . "You know, when we came out, we told the chief and Ancestral Witch Da-Ren that if you agreed to let us stay, we would not go back!"


Ge-Ge scratched his head . "It's not that we don't want to return . We're going to go back in three or five years . "


Yan Mo laughed . Do they want to study in the Jiu Yuan?


Ge-Ge is more honest . He completely told Yan Mo his truer thoughts: "Da-Ren, the knowledge you taught us is very useful and helpful to us . I want to learn from you and then go back and teach other ancestor-worshiping children . ”


"Okay . "


"Da-Ren? You agree?” Ge-Ge and De-De were surprised .


Yan Mo nodded with a laugh, disseminating knowledge can help him reduce SCUM VALUE, and he also wants to have a good relationship with the Dwarfs . He was not afraid that the dwarfs would learn and grow stronger in the future, and in turn beat the Jiu Yuan .


If the Jiu Yuan did not even have this measure and courage, even if there were no dwarfs, he would not be able to persevere for long, sooner or later, he would be replaced by other powerful forces . On the contrary, only when the neighbors are strong can the tribe have the motivation to strive for more . Besides, he is not teaching everything to dwarves . The most important and essential knowledge is of course reserved only to the most loyal the Jiu Yuan people . As long as they ensure that the Jiu Yuan always walked ahead of others, he is not afraid of students' counterattacks .


Ge-Ge and De-De were ecstatic, jumping and jumping together, and then running to tell the other dwarfs the good news .


Other dwarfs were happy for them . They lived in the Jiu Yuan for a long time, knowing that they could live well even if they stayed in this non-dwarf tribe, perhaps better than in the dwarf tribe .


Finally, Luo Gan and other dwarfs stayed in the Duo Fei tribe to rest, while Ge-Ge and De-De followed Yan Mo and returned to the Jiu Yuan .


The bony bird flew again . Yuan Zhan stood at the bird's eye and looked down at the field below . Suddenly, he said to Yan Mo, "When the battle is over, let's build the road . "




Yuan Zhan turned . “To build a road to the dwarf tribe . Population, food and roads, as you said, complement each other . There are many savage tribes on this land . I want to bring them all into the Jiu Yuan, and there is a way for my idea to come true . "


Yan Mo was a little shocked . Yuan Zhan said to build roads, but he heard huge ambitions from the seemingly plain tone of his opponent . No wonder this fellow is so unkind to the Duo Fei tribe, and he just tramples down the human tribe . He wants to unite the barren land?


Yuan Zhan changed . No, maybe it should be said that he gradually exposed himself . He no longer concealed his ambition and desire when he gained strength . He wanted more power and more land and people . The joint attack of the Moer-Gan and The Huang Jing Tribe only gave him the best reason to invade other tribes .


Yuan Zhan, who had this idea, turned directly to the river on the way, and wanted to know first-hand information .


At the riverside, the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu, joined the rebellious force, and the enemy retreated quickly . The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu offered sacrifices to more than 500 prisoners of war who had been captured at the river bank by the Mer-people, cursing all enemies who wanted to attack the Jiu Yuan would lose their walking ability if they stepped on the Jiu Yuan territory .


At the beginning, The Moer-Gan and The Huang Jing Tribe did not know what had happened to their own team until someone screamed and shouted that they had offended The Water God and was cursed by the Water, and the leaders of the two tribes only responded . But it was too late . As long as all the slaves and warriors crossing the boundary marker set by the Jiu Yuan fell to the ground, no matter you are a common warrior or a divine blood warrior, they all lost their walking ability .


Do you think that Jiu Yuan warriors will be unhappy? They have no sympathy and compassion for these enemies who attack the Jiu Yuan . All these enemies, who are always angry with the enemy, will fall to the ground .


In less than half a day, the Moer-Gan and the Huang Jing Tribe dared not send any more people across the river and the boundary marker .

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When Yan Mo and Yuan Zhan arrived, they happened to see the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu as the center, He was surrounded by rivers of blood, hundreds of prisoners of war were cut off from their necks and fell to the ground, and their blood was streaming down to the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu's feet .


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu stood barefoot in the blood pool with his hair spread out . He held a skull stick in his hands and did some weird movements in the blood pool .


The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu had never been seen by Yan Mo like this before, and before he came near, he felt a gloomy chill coming from the killing ground .


Such Curse-Witch Zhou Wu makes him strange and shudder .


So many corpses, at least a thousand, The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu has killed!


Yuan Zhan and others have been used to this kind of scene, but Yan Mo is different, he almost shameful felt his soft feet fall .


As a doctor and researcher, he had seen corpses and even went to some war zones to buy them . But he never saw so many corpses at once, and now he's killing them!


Standing outside the circle of corpses, he even felt that he heard the gurgling of blood from the prisoner's throat .


Yuan Zhan held Yan Mo's arm as if to help him before everyone noticed it .


Yan Mo looked back, paled . "I'm all right . " He whispered .


He was just shocked by Shifu's big move . Should he thanks to The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu for not telling him his intention?


But neither Yuan Zhan nor the other warriors of the Jiu Yuan nor even the Mer-warriors were shocked when they saw this scene . They had fear on their faces . They feared the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu's ability, but not seeing so many dead people .


Yan Mo took a deep breath and was coughed up by the strong smell of blood .




"I'm OK!" Yan Mo repeated, telling himself that he had to adapt to a world that was not his original peaceful world, but even in his original world, in which religious wars and genocides were waged in certain countries and regions, and that situation was not much better than it is now .


Yan Mo forced himself to breathe in . After several breaths, the strength returned . He gently pushed Yuan Zhan away and went to the forefront of battlefield .


At this time, the Mer-people warriors were still fighting underwater with the beasts sent by The Moer-Gan .


Jiu Yuan warriors were cleaning battlefield and alerting, the fighting was suspended, and ambulances were running back and forth along the river to find their wounded warriors .


Zhang and She-Gu saw the two and came up to salute them .


"How is the situation?”  Yuan Zhan asked .


"We have repelled them twice . There's Da-Ren, the cursed ancestor . None of them can break through here . ” She-Gu said, looking with awe at the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu standing in the pool of blood .


"What about Meng?”


"He went across the river to spy on the enemy . The Moer-Gan Tribe, afraid of curse, has retreated to about five miles behind the boundary marker . But the Huang Jing Tribe was separated by the river, and they hid in the woods on the other side and did not withdraw too far .


"When Meng comes back, you will join me in killing the river . First, kill all the enemies of the Huang Jing Tribe!"




Yan Mo watches The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu, an old man who knows that his life is not long enough to carry out such a big curse, but he does .


Didn't he know that curses would bite back? He is the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu, how could he not know?


So is he trying to die? The old man lived happily and arrogantly, but he had no desire to die .


Then why is he . . .


Yan Mo understands that The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu is doing this for him .


He is the priest of the Jiu Yuan and the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu is his Shifu . About this old man who is a bit old and childlike thinks that as a great curse ancestor, he should never lose face in front of his apprentices . He also wants the Jiu Yuan people to know how good he is . So he made a big move in front of so many people .


Yan Mo is angry and feeling funny . The angry old man disregards his body and smiled at the old man's heart and soul for his half-way apprentice .


Shifu, you can rest assured that with me, I will never let you die casually . You still have to live as a nuclear weapon for the Jiu Yuan .


Yan Mo twisted his neck and broke his hands, signaling that everyone next to him would leave the area .


Da-He and the other two guards immediately cleared the ground .


Yan Mo looked around the river and the trees on both sides . He saw a relatively flat rock near the river and climbed up with Da-He's hand .


"Look, but don't let anyone shoot me with an arrow . " Yan Mo is half-joking .


Da-He was very nervous when he heard that .


Yuan Zhan looked at Yan Mo and frowned . Wouldn't this person want to jump The Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice again? It's not necessary at all .


Yes, Yan Mo is going to dance The Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice, not to inspire warriors, but to comfort the dead souls on the battlefield, and to alleviate Shifu's reaction .


the Because of the curse, there was too much resentment on battlefield, and since he danced the Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice, he has become particularly sensitive to these residual spirits .


This is not superstition or illusory soul theory . Rather, he knows that when people die, especially those who died strongly unwilling or resentful, the person who dies will leave behind a special magnetic field, which has been verified by curiosity in his previous research career .


Most of these special magnetic fields dissipate very quickly, but there are also special cases . The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu used the life of prisoners of war as a source of strength to curse the enemy . This force was forced to gather together to drain the life out of the enemies feet’s . Although the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu's energy was so strong, the resentment of the dead warriors was also condensed .


There are also the hatred, attachment, reluctance and so on left by our warriors after their death . If we leave them alone, he can't bear it . These men fought for the Jiu Yuan and died for the Jiu Yuan, who, as The Priest, at least hoped to give them a final ride .




When Yan Mo stood on the boulder and performed his first action, the ringing tone of a bell passed faintly around him .


But Yan Mo didn't have bells on him . He just took off his shoes and socks and bared one arm for dancing conveniently .


On the other side, the Chief of the Huang Jing Tribe, who was watching the other side in secret, asked his men, "Who is the old man? What is he doing?"


The Huang Jing Tribe couldn't recognize the old man . They remembered that the Jiu Yuan's Priest looked like a teenager, but they could guess the identity of the old man by looking at his movements and clothes . "Maybe another witch . "


The master was angry . “How can they have so many powerful witches? Did they have their own temples like all the cities?”


The people at hand could not answer, they could only laugh bitterly .


The master looked at the old witch on the other side moving smoothly . He seemed to hear strange and pleasant voices in his ears . He was afraid that this was a new curse or sorcery . He repeatedly ordered his warriors, "Let the arrow go! Throw a spear! Shoot him! Don't let him jump down again! Quick!”