Baobei Baobei - Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3


In the morning, BaoBei called her brother-in-law right after she woke up . Her brother-in-law told her that he was unclear about things regarding the concert ticket and promised to help her ask around . Later on, he called back and told BaoBei that he had already sent someone to give her the tickets .


Whatever she wished for, as long as BaoBai was brave enough to ask for it and he was capable of doing it, BaoBei’s brother-in-law would always satisfy it . With this kind of brother-in-law, BaoBei’s roommates were once again filled with all kinds of envy, jealousy and hate .


At 11 . 50am, it was finally recess . Fang Jie went with her boyfriend to eat lunch while the other two girls went to queue up at the cafeteria . BaoBei had went to the school gates to pick up the tickets . When she came back to the cafeteria, her hands were carrying bags of all sizes filled with a variety of things . Xia BaoBei had not visited her sister’s home in a while . So the third young master knew that his wife missed her sister dearly . Hence that day, at the rare moment when the little girl contacted him, the third young master took a list of all the things his wife usually got for his sister-in-law and made someone buy it for her . He also told her, over the phone, to spend the weekend at their place . For him to be able to do these things showed how sincere her brother-in-law was .


“What did your brother-in-law got for you this time?!”Shi XiaoXi fluttered as she saw BaoBei bring in the various bags .


“You’re so shameless!” BaoBei glared at XiaoXi .


“Did you get the tickets?” JiaHui was a Mayday fanatic so she was more concerned about the tickets .


“Yeah yeah, I got them . ” BaoBei took out an envelope from her bag .


“Give it to me . ” JiaHui quickly snatched it . “Not bad, not bad . These are the rock area tickets . If we’re early, we could probably squeeze up to the middle . ”


“Rock area? Didn’t you say you were going to spend big money on standing tickets?” Shi XiaoXi stated . As someone who has never chased celebrities before, her words were quite poisonous to JiaHui .


BaoBei put away the tickets .


“Just now, I saw Chen Xiao again . ” Shi XiaoXi said as her face contorted . The relationship between Shi XiaoXi and Chen Xiao could be described by using the TV show “Nie Yuan” .  [1] Both of their fathers were from the same company and they had been compared to each other since they were young .  They, coincidentally, were also in the same school all the way from kindergarten to university . Luckily, they were not in the same class but they were both in the Law department . They would still bump into each other when going to class, unable to avoid seeing each other .


What’s more, both the ladies had their eyes on the Law department genius . Now they don’t only compete academically but for men as well . It was just too amazing .


BaoBei and JiaHui both smirked as they saw this .


“What did she do this time?”


“She didn’t really do anything . She just waved at me for a bit . Ugh! This Chen Xiao should die! [2]” Shi XiaoXi went crazy as she roared in a low voice .


What a coincidence! Just as XiaoXi roared, the person she roared at suddenly passed by behind her . What’s more, the male lead they were both vying for was there as well .


“ugh” JiaHui immediately choked on her food .


BaoBei calmly gave Shi XiaoXi a glance, then looked down at her food to eat and said, “Seriously? How did Chen XiaoShud die? [3] I didn’t hear anything about it . ”


Shi XiaoXi was at a loss while JiaHui laughed as she choked .


Liang JiangNan snorted a laugh . Only then did XiaoXi turned her head to see the two people behind her, her face was quickly filled with different kind of emotions .


“Senior Liang is here for lunch too?” BaoBei indifferently glanced at Liang JiangNan and Chen Xiao who were carrying their lunch trays . “I heard the department had opened up a new elective course for the first years on the Law of Obligations . It’s on the scope of Civil Law, which is Senior’s best subject . Our XiaoXi just happened to be unclear on a few things and wanted to ask Senior some questions . ”


Hearing that, Liang JiangNan sat on the only seat left available, the one beside XiaoXi .


BaoBei raised her head to look at Chen Xiao, her lips raised at the corner with an obvious fake smile . “Sorry, we don’t have any more seats~” [4]


Bang! Bang! Headshot! [5]


XiaoXi wiped her tears at the good opportunity . Thank you, God! [6]


Today’s lunch was spent much longer than usual . Even after they cleaned up their trays, the four continued sitting at the table, discussing XiaoXi’s “questions” . Looking at BaoBei and JiaHui’s faces, XiaoXi knew that she was going to have to treat them to a big meal .


“Why did a Business Department lecturer [7] opened a course in our department?”

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The Law Department’s best course was the Civil Law course . Tsinghua’s Law Department was newly formed so compared to other prestigious law school, there was a definite gap . However, their Civil Law course was already one of the top in the countrywide rankings .


Liang JiangNan shrugged . “I heard this Business Department lecturer is only a guest lecturer . He is actually a successful businessman in the US . Who knew how the Business Department managed to invite him over . He only taught one class in the Business Department though, and proposed the elective himself . But regardless of his reasons, we will benefit a lot from his class . ”


What a weird Business department guest lecturer, suddenly opening up a Law of Obligation course . The Law Department Dean was actually hoping for him to either teach the third years or fourth years but he was adamant on only teaching the first years . The first years were still doing General courses, and Law of Obligation is such an advanced course . But since he was nice enough to help them teach, they could only accept .  Since he was the owner of a big corporation, they wanted to build a good relationship with him and hope that he could help ease the career problems of their graduates .


“All the first years are fighting to get this course . Since Senior is in the Student Council, are there any ways for us to go through the back door?” JiaHui also wanted to take the course .


“I’ll help you guys ask around . However, don’t expect much . This time, there isn’t much we can do . But no matter what, I’ll help you guys to listen for any news . ” Liang JiangNan concluded .


That night, the four girl were in their dorm room, constantly refreshing the school’s webpage . It was rare to see Fang Jie not going out on a date with her boyfriend .  Due to the sudden surge of students into the site, the elective course page crashed .


“What a popular lecturer!” Fang Jie gritted her teeth .


“I passed by the Business Department to get a look . He’s so handsome! He also has a successful career, the ultimate handsome man!” Shi XiaoXi said as she relentlessly pressed the F5 refresh button .


“Oh god oh god! This elder sister must get his course!” JiaHui exclaimed .


BaoBei nodded her head as she also refreshed the webpage . Actually, she just wanted to join in the fun . Unlike her friends, it did not really matter to her whether she got the class or not .


With much difficulty, they finally managed to log in to the site and choose their electives . Now they only had to wait for the results and see if they could get chosen .


“Awww…… I have no idea if we can get chosen . ” XiaoXi said as she suddenly took out three pieces of straws and started to use them as incense to pray at her screen .


“Don’t worry, the result would be out by tomorrow . Just be patient . ” BaoBei started tidying up things and got ready to clean herself up .


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The next day, the results were announced . Xia BaoBei and Shi XiaoXi got in while JiaHui and Fang Jie started to angrily curse……


But even if they didn’t get chosen, they still couldn’t slack off their usual class .


At 7 . 40am, the four girls from 409 were already sitting at the very back of the lecture hall . With a bun in their hands, they were eating while trying their best to stay awake .


Who said that university will be 4 years of fun? In your dreams! For law students, the classes were quite heavy . The person who said it was fun must have been a stupid head!


BaoBei was not especially hard working . However, she still paid a lot of attention in class . She obediently memorised all the things the lecturer taught and would quickly ask questions if there was anything she didn’t understand . And so, at the end of class, her class notes became a hot commodity as the students fought to copy it .


Today, the course was taught by a highly respected professor . The professor was a friendly guy and you could also advance at any time .  However, the problem was that they had to roll call at every class .


After the roll call, BaoBei took out her notebook and got ready for class . “A teacher who uses a roll call to keep students is like a woman who uses her body to keep a man . ”


“Xia BaoBei, stop joking around!” XiaoXi clutched her heart, trying to curb the laughter .


Sometimes, one innocent little sentence from this child could unravel the truth .


408’s Lu Ran only appeared after the first period break . She seems to think that being late is not a problem . BaoBei, who was at the podium asking the professor a question, saw Lu Ran came in with an arrogant look . Her make-up was perfect, her clothing was elegant and on her heels were a pair of high heeled shoes .


With a glance, the other three already had their heads together as they started to gossip . Shi XiaoXi once said, “One of the happiest things in life is to group together and gossip and gossip and gossip . ” How true!


Later when BaoBei walked back to her seat, she got dragged into the gossip circle .


“Look at her shoes! That’s MiuMiu!” Fang Jie .

“She’s using a handbag!” JiaHui .

“Her dress is a Valentino!” BaoBei .

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“Her earrings are Chanel!” XiaoXi .

“Her whole body is filled logos . Is she afraid someone wouldn’t know?” JiaHui .

“You can smell the make up on her face from a mile away . ”[8] BaoBei .

“This elder sister could go to the night market and get the whole set for 200 . ” XiaoXi .

“Is that your jealousy talking?” Fang Jie .

“Did your brain turn into bubbles?” XiaoXi .

“If it was then just fish up a tall, rich and handsome guy . Whether you’re getting played or not doesn’t matter . It must be worth being turned into that . ”JiaHui .

“Just look at her, she’s like a peacock with her tails opened . ” XiaoXi .


BaoBei smiled as she heard what they said . She cradled her hands on her chest and leaned back on her chair, a sneer on her face . “As the peacocks reveal their tail, their assholes are also revealed . ”



“BaoBei, that’s so true!”



“Class . ” The professor suddenly called and the class started again .

[1] 孽缘 is apparently a Chinese TV show that I didn’t bother to look up . You guys can google translate the baike if you want .

[2] Oh God this pun is amazing >_< You guys are missing out . Originally, the text here says 这陈晓烦死了(ze chen xiao fan si le) which says “This Chen Xiao is annoying to death!”

[3] And here BaoBei said 陈晓凡,怎么死的? “Chen Xiao Fan, how did she die?” The word 烦 and 凡 are homonyms thus creating the pun and BaoBei’s beautiful save >_<

So if you looked at it, XiaoXi said, “ze(this) chen xiao (Chen Xiao) fan (annoying) si ( [to] death) le”

And BaoBei saved it and took it as ” ze (this) chen xiao fan (Chen XiaoFan) si ( [is] dead) le”

Which is why I rewrote is as Chen Xiao Shud . however, Shud is not a real Chinese pronounciation but meh > . >

[4] Here BaoBei used internet lingo to talk and sound cute so I added the tilde .

[5] The word used here is actually Second Kill or SecKill . This is a game lingo which refers to how fast (how many seconds it takes) for you to kill a monster in games . I used headshot because that sounds like an okay substitute .

[6] Here she said 大恩大德 which means something like “Great Kindness” . She’s showing gratitude so I decided to use “Thank you God . ”

[7] The words used here is actually 教授 which translates to professors . But since guest lecturers aren’t really professors, I’ve decided to use “professor” or “lecturer” for 教授 interchangeably .

[8] I have no idea what BaoBei said here lol . She said “迎面就是一股俗到掉渣的暴发户味道” Which meant something like her face had a really strong vulgar smell? I have no idea though so feel free to correct me >_<