Battle of Ascension - Chapter 170

Published at 5th of January 2019 04:05:39 PM

Chapter 170

Randy's back hair stood, he felt chilling gush on his ears despite he wore a helmet, his heartbeat was beating furiously instantly . The creepy laugh was right on his ears, it was like the one who was laughing was right beside him .

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He rolled forward immediately and looked at his back . There was nothing, there was no one .

Badum badum badum

Randy could hear his own heartbeat . He didn't scare out of the beast; he didn't scare by the hideous monster, but he scared with this kind of things .


It was what came up in Randy's mind . Gloomy atmosphere with sparse mist, a chilling wind which he could feel it despite he was wearing armor, and accompanied by a creepy laugh .


He swallowed a mouthful saliva and became nervous as he kept looking at his surrounding . But only tree and nothing else…

'Eh!? Only tree?'

A light bulb appeared in Randy's mind . He looked at one of the trees as all the tree here was the same . The tree was blooming with black flowers, like Jasmine Flower but the flower had fewer petals than Jasmine Flower .

Randy used his Detection skill on the tree .

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[Black Kamboja Tree]

Description: A tree that can produce dark energy which attracted the evil spirit . There is no special use from the wood of Black Kamboja Tree .


He thought the monster in Bandung Territory was a tree like the Territory King he found in Bekasi Territory . But the information he got from the Detection skill disappointed him as the tree was just a normal tree, not a monster .

He was hoping the creepy laugh was from the tree, but it was not . Randy became even more nervous, the unknown thing was the scariest .

But there was a clue from the tree's information, an evil spirit . The tree produced dark energy which attracted the evil spirit .

"Shana! Shana! What the heck evil spirit is? Is the one who was laughing just now is the evil spirit?"


Shana appeared in front of Randy's face, but she didn't tell Randy what evil spit . She was laughing, laughing while holding her small stomach, there was tear flowing because she was laughing so hard .

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Randy's face flushed red being laughed by Shana, but fortunately, he was wearing a helmet, so Shana didn't notice it . If she noticed it, he was sure she would tease him more .


The creepy laugh rang again . Randy felt chilling gush on his back, also the laugh was right behind him . He pulled his sword, spinning his body, and slashed toward his back . Randy's action was within a blink of an eye after he heard the creepy laugh . It was his subconscious action after hearing the creepy laugh .


Randy felt that his sword was like cutting meat . But after he got into sight what he cut was, he stunned . It was a woman with a mess long hair until her waist, but what he cut was right in her nose, so her head was cut split into two . From the nose upward got cut, and that part slid down along with the hair to the ground .

He thought he was killing a human, but he noticed something amiss as he looked the half part of her head slid down to the ground . The woman didn't step on the ground, but her feet were about thirty centimeters apart from the ground, the woman was flying .

At first, he felt guilty when he thought he was killing a human, but after noticing this, the guilt in his heart washed away . As for the gore scene? he didn't give a damn about this, he was used to it . But the problem was this woman was not human, but a monster? or the evil spirit?

Randy was relaxed as he thought the flying woman was dead . But not long after, the flying woman let out a creepy laugh again . Her mouth moved and let out a creepy laugh of her,


The flying woman lost her half of head yet she could still let out a creepy laugh, she hadn't died yet .

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Randy shrieked and rolled back . He was really scared now, half of her head was gone yet it the flying woman still alive . Now, he was sure this woman was a ghost as he could not kill her .

Why did he assume the woman was a ghost, not a monster? It was because if the woman was a monster, then she would die when her head severed half like that .

Just as he wanted to run away, he heard Shana was laughing out a loud, "Hahahahahaha…"

"Hey, stop laughing, tell me what she is? How to kill her?" Randy protested .


Before getting the answer, the flying woman flew to him, brandished her hands toward him . Randy saw the woman's nail was about twenty centimeters, aiming at his chest . It was like the woman wanted to dig out his heart as she was aiming at his heart position .

Randy kicked the flying woman even before the nail hit him . The flying woman flew back with astonishing speed . Randy used his full strength on that kick .

Just as the woman almost crashed at the Black Kamboja Tree, the flying woman didn't crash to the tree . Her body blurred and passed through the tree which shocked Randy .

"It's really a ghost,"

Randy ran back with his full speed to the Purwakarta Territory immediately after confirming the woman was a ghost . Before he ventured in Bandung Territory with a slow walk as he felt anxiety in his heart, so in no time Randy already back to Purwakarta Territory .

He could still hear his heartbeat as he looked back at Bandung Territory . The picture flying woman which her head was a half gone, blood flowing down, and let out a creepy laugh . That picture was printed deep into his mind .

Meanwhile, Shana already stopped laughing and Randy could see she was laughing until let out tears which annoyed him .

"Uncle! You are so cute, hahaha…" After saying he was cute, she continued laughing .

"Hey, stop laughing already . You are neglecting your duty as an AI, I will report you to Central to give punishment if you continue laughing," Randy just said a random thing to make Shana stopped laughing, but who know Shana stopped laughing after hearing what he said .

He was bluffing that he would report her to Central . He didn't even know what Central was; he didn't even know how to, yet looked like Shana was afraid of Central as she stopped laughing .

"Tsk, meanie," Shana pouted before continuing, "That woman just know is an evil spirit . It's the same as a normal monster or beast which you found, you can get EXP by killing her . It's just that to kill the evil spirit is more troublesome than killing a beast or a monster,"

"You need to dig out her energy core to kill her . If you don't dig her energy core out her body, even her body split into two she will not die . But to dig out her core you need to locate her core first . The core location each evil spirit is different . That's why killing evil spirit is more troublesome than killing a beast,"

Randy let out a huge sigh of relief after hearing Shana explanation . He concluded the flying woman was the same as a monster, so his horror to the flying woman lessened a lot . At least he was not scared as before, his heartbeat was beating back at the normal pace .

Even though Shana said it was troublesome to kill the evil spirit, it was not for him . He would cut the woman into many pieces and let see if he could find her energy core or not .

Randy inhaled and exhaled for a moment to calm himself down . After that, he strode over the Bandung Territory .