Battle of Ascension - Chapter 198

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Chapter 198
More or less, Bloodline Awakening was the process to make him stronger, he would get more stat point each time leveled up, he could learn more about the bloodline power . For example his bloodline after Awakening Bloodline he could use more Chaos Dragon's skill which was making him excited .

"So, when will the Bloodline Awakening start?" Even though Shana told him, it would be more painful than integrating bloodline and about the same when his Fire Seed evolved into Fire Essence, but this Bloodline Awakening made him excited .

Even before Shana answered, there was a knock on his door . He got up, opening the door, but before he could even see who was the one knocking the door, three people snuck in .

The three people were Evan, David, and Limera . Randy wondered why they came to his ten square meters "tent" which was smaller than the princess' luxurious tent .

Even without Randy asked them, Limera spoke first, "You are going to Bloodline Awakening, right? We are also the same, we are going to Bloodline Awakening too,"

"So, let's use your tent for our Bloodline Awakening,"

The other two also nodded their head . Randy's tent was safer if compared to other places, also they trusted the fellow earthling compared to the human in Ascension World .

Also, Randy surprised by the fact they had a bloodline too, also the difference of level seemed not far between them . Even though they were rather close in the last seven days, but each of them was unaware of each other strength .

So with the Bloodline Awakening, Randy more or less could estimate his earthling fellow strength . Still, the news about the three had a bloodline was still surprised, this indicated not only him, people on the earth who knew about the bloodline .

Just as he wanted to ask Shana when the Bloodline Awakening started, he felt his heartbeat was beating faster and faster . Soon, he noticed the other three already curled on the floor while their hands on the chest whilst their face showed how painful they experienced .

'The Bloodline Awakening is started,'

Soon, he felt the pain on his chest, he too collapsed on the floor . The pain almost struck him faint, but somehow, he felt, the pain was making him could not faint as he clutched his chest .

Cold sweat streamed down from his face and back . The pain was unbearable; it was like his heart getting squeezed .

The process lasted for an hour, it was quite unexpected . He thought he needed to endure the pain for a day, but it only lasted for an hour .

After an hour, the pain was relieved but different from evolving Fire Seed . There was no comfortable or fresh feel, instead, he felt uncomfortable . Also, somehow, his heartbeat was beating loudly as he could hear it .

Ascension System: Congratulation! You have succeeded in Bloodline Awakening .

Ascension System: Your bloodline has become stronger, obtained 120 stat points each time leveling up . (Note: +16 Strength, +16 Stamina, +20 Vitality, +12 Agility, +16 Spirit, and 40 stat points freely allocated)

Ascension System: You have awakened Dragon Skill, Dragon Aura .

Ascension System: You have awakened Dragon Skill, Dragon Scale .

Ascension System: You have awakened Chaos Dragon's innate Elemental Power, Dark Elemental [Shadow] .

Ascension System: You have obtained additional skill, Shadow Drive .

Enduring the uncomfortable inside, he heard the series of notices which delighted him and made him forget the uncomfortable feeling .

Closely after that, he checked the skill he got .

Dragon Aura: Emanate Dragon Aura .

The Dragon Aura information was so simple, he didn't even know what this Dragon Aura for .

Dragon Scale: Transforming your skin into a Dragon Scale to get extra defense .

Randy tested out the Dragon Scale skill . Soon, his skin turned into the Dragon Scale, the scale was black in color . Also, he could manipulate the scale, he could transform his whole body, including his face or he could only change his hand into the Dragon Scale .

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Even though he didn't know how strong his defense when he activated it, but he satisfied with the Dragon Scale skill .

Afterward, he checked the additional skill, Shadow Drive . But soon he found there was no explanation on Shadow Drive . His window stat only stated there was a Shadow Drive, nothing more .

Also, he found something different from other skills; It was there was no level in his new skills . Out of three skills, he found there was no level on the three skills .

He asked Shana about it .

"Those skills are indeed no level one or you can call it Growth Skill . It's a skill that depends on your stat, the stronger you grow, the stronger the skill become . For example, your Dragon Aura . The higher your spirit is the stronger your aura . By the way, Dragon Aura is pretty interesting skill, it can be used to intimidate or scare people with it,"

Shana explained why there was no level on his new skills, also in her last words, she made an evil smile as she was talking about Dragon Aura .

Hearing Shana's words, finally, he understood what was the use of Dragon Aura . But he found it was useless in battle?

'Nah, there's no useless skill, only useless user,'

Based on what Shana told him about Dragon Aura, he could use Dragon Aura for a surprise attack . Surely, his opponent would be stunned for a while if he released out the sudden terrifying aura and he could finish his opponent off with ease .

"Then what about Dragon Scale? Also, what with this Shadow Drive?" Randy asked . He tried to use Shadow Drive but found out the skill didn't work or it was him who didn't know how to use it .

"Dragon Scale skill interconnected with your Vitality stat, the higher your Vitality, the stronger defence you got from the skill . As for Shadow Drive, you will know when standing on the shadow . The Shadow Drive itself is interconnected with the Chaos Dragon's innate Elemental Power," Shana replied with a mysterious smile when she mentioned about Shadow Drive .

He wanted to test out the Shadow Drive outside, but he found out the other three were still clutching their chest on the floor . He stunned for a while,

'They are the first one starting their Bloodline Awakening, but I'm the one who finished early, Weird,'

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He stopped his steps, "I will wait for one of them to finish the awakening first before going to test the Shadow Drive,"

With that Randy sat down on the floor, checking his window stat, allocating his stat point and skill point .


Name: Randy Christian

Title: [The First Champion of the Ascension Tournament] [Assistant of King's Killer] [Overlord] [Lycanthrope Slayer] . . .

Level: 103 (56/100% Exp)

City: East City, Evergreen City

Guild: Happy

Territory: Evergreen Territory

Bloodline: Chaos Dragon Bloodline

Elemental Power: Level 2 (16/100%) [Fire Essences]
Level 1 (0/100%) [Innate Dark Seed (Shadow)]

Stats: Stats Point: 0
[Strength 1-star]: 765

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[Vitality 1-star]: 481
[Stamina 1-star]: 379
[Agility 2-Star]: 121
[Spirit 1-star]: 554
[Luck]: 315

Skills: Skill Point: 352

Level 1 (0/102) [Sword Master]: Increase the sword attack damage by 22% . You have formed Sword Energy in the swordsmanship . Imbuing Sword Energy into the sword for extra attack damage . The level can be raised using the skill points .

Level 2 (0/36) [Detection]: detects the name and level of the beast/monster, the level can be increased using the skill point .

Level 1 (0/4) [Burst Strength]: increase 50% strength for 1 minute, level can be increased using the skill point . Side effects: after the skill finished, strength will decrease 50% for 20 minutes .

Level 1 (0/4) [Burst Agility]: increase 50% agility for 1 minute, level can be increased using the skill point . Side effects: after the skill finished, agility will decrease by 50% for 20 minutes .

Level 25 (0/90) [AI Helper]: helps and guides during Battle of Ascension, level can be raised using the skill points .

Level 5 (0/128) [Dragon Roar]: Roar of the Dragon . Effect: Inflicted dizziness in radius 60 meters

Dragon Aura: Emanate Dragon Aura

Dragon Scale: Transforming your skin into Dragon Scale to get extra defense

Shadow Drive