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Battle of Ascension - Chapter 199

Published at 16th of January 2019 08:27:38 AM

Chapter 199
After allocating the Stat Points and Skill Points, Randy was waiting for the three finished their Bloodline Awakening . While watching the three in the process Bloodline Awakening, he remembered that he had not asked Shana about his luck stat .

"Shana, tell me how to increase my luck?" Randy asked Shana as he idle, watching those three clutching their chest on the floor .

Even though he was not sure if he could increase his luck directly or not, but at least he should know how to increase his luck first .

Shana hologram popped out on his right shoulder, "There are two ways to increase your luck . First, you can increase your luck by drinking Luck Elixir…"

Without waiting for Shana finished her words, Randy cut her off, "What is Luck Elixir? Also, how I can get the Luck Elixir?"

Shana responded Randy with a glare, showing she displeased because Randy cut her off before saying with an annoyed tone "Can you let me finish with my words first?"

Hearing this, Randy shut his mouth up, obediently hearing Shana words .

"Good Uncle, Luck Elixir is, of course, an elixir to increase your luck . Also, the elixir itself created by nature with an unknown process . There are four grades for Luck Elixir,"

"The lowest grade is Common Grade Elixir, it can increase your luck by 10 to 100 Luck . The third is Rare Grade Elixir, it can increase your luck by 100 at the least and 200 at the max . The second is Ancient Grade Elixir, it can increase your luck by 200 at the least and 500 at the max . last, the highest grade is Legendary Grade Elixir, it can increase your luck by 500 at the least and 1000 at the max,"

"But, It's hard to find Luck Elixir, harder than getting saint bloodline . Most likely you can get Luck Elixir from the chest, Divine Chest . Also, you cannot use your Luck to find the Luck Elixir either, but for the current, you to defeat the Saint or even Divine Beast?"

Shana shook her head, basically, she was telling him it was impossible for him to defeat a Saint Beast or even Divine Beast which was guarding the Divine Chest .

Hearing this, Randy let out of ruefully sigh . Shana already told him for the Divine Chest, there was a guardian beast guarded the chest . If he wanted to get Divine Chest, he needed to kill the beast, but the guardian beast was at Saint Grade Beast or even Divine Grade Beast .

He realized it was indeed almost impossible for him to get Luck Elixir into his hand . Looking for Luck Elixir which was not in the chest? Nah, he didn't have any clue where to find it, so it was almost impossible to find except the lady luck, the goddess luck, and god stood on his side, then there will a chance for him to find Luck Elixir .

Knowing the chance to find Luck Elixir almost nil, Randy asked, "Then what's the second way?"

Randy put his hope on the other way, at least, he was hoping the second way was easier than the first one .

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"The second is Lucky Animal," Shana said with a mysterious smile when she told him the second way to increase his luck .

"Lucky Animal?" Randy blurted out .

"Yes, Lucky Animal, not Lucky Beast . It's a normal animal, like the animal on the earth before the Battle of Ascension . Even though it's hard to find this Lucky Animal, but at least, it's easier to find Lucky Animal rather than finding Luck Elixir," Shana nodded her tiny head .

"Lucky Animal?" Randy mumbled before saying, "Then what I shall do if I find a Lucky Animal? Eating its meat? Or is my luck will increase as long as I find a Lucky Animal?"

"Non non non," Shana moved her forefinger to and fro, "You need to please that Lucky Animal to increase your luck as such giving its favorite food, bathing it with the best water, giving it a suitable and the most comfortable place for it to live and more . As long as you please that Lucky Animal your luck will keep increasing . "

Shana smiled brilliantly as she continued "Also, you don't need to worry how to bring it back with you, it will directly pounce toward you when you meet the Lucky Animal . So you don't need to worry about how to tame it,"

Hearing this, Randy stunned for a while before blurting out, "Isn't it the same as a slave?

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Shana only smiled at the stunned Randy . But suddenly there was a voice rang in the room .


Randy looked at the where the voice came from, it was Limera's voice . He was still clutching his chest, his face showed how uncomfortable he was .

The other two also already finished the Bloodline Awakening .

"Oh nothing," Randy shook his head and stood up, "You guys have finished, right? I need to go out first," He winked his right eye toward them before going out from the tent .

But just as he came out from the tent, he realized there was no place for him to test Shadow Drive skill . Randy didn't want others saw him tested out his new skill .

The Crimson Cloud Kingdom's army took over about 10 square miles for the army camp while Redin City was about 30 miles away from the border wall . As he was in the Crimson Cloud Kingdom's army camp, he could not find a quiet place for testing his skill .

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"Don't worry, Uncle . You only need to stand up on the shadow, others won't know what you do as Shadow Drive was not that flashy skill like Dragon Scale or Dragon Roar . Also, you are better to control your Dragon Aura, it's a passive skill, like Shadow Drive skill . If you don't hide your Dragon Aura, you can attract expert with your aura,"

Shana was like being able to read his mind as she gave him a solution and warned him about Dragon Aura . Dragon Aura was like Elemental Energy inside his body, the different was the Dragon Aura was outside his body while Elemental Energy was inside his body .

Randy retracted his Dragon Aura as Shana told him so . Because it was still afternoon, the sun still hung on the sky, and Randy easily found his tent's shadow was a good place for him to test out Shadow Drive skill because around the Princess' camp are was spacious, about 50 square meters so there was no soldier would pass this area .

Afterward, he moved to his tent's shadow . At first, he felt nothing and frowned, but later he found something miraculous . He felt like he was blending in with his tent's shadow . Afterward, he moved and found he could move freely in the shadow, it was like fish in the water . He also found his speed was two times faster .

When he tried to step out from the shadow, he found something awesome . From the soles of his feet to his knee, there was nothing wrong, but from the knee upward, it was becoming a shadow itself, pitch black shadow .

"Don't too happy, uncle . Even though your body blended with the shadow itself, but it's still visible to the naked eye, you can still be seen . You need to level up your Dark Seed to improve your Shadow Drive," Shana reminded Randy amidst his happiness, testing his new skill .

Hearing Shana's words, Randy's eyes shone . He checked his Storage System and found 3207 Dark Energy Cores . It was core from killing Spirit in Bandung Territory, he stuck there for a few days and managed to amass over three thousand cores . Also, he got these cores from Rare Spirit .

Without hesitation, Randy began consuming the Dark Energy Core one by one beside his own tent . He didn't realize he was still beside his tent and there was a possibility for others to see him, but luckily there was no one passing the camp as he consumed the energy core .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!