Battle of Ascension - Chapter 200

Published at 16th of January 2019 08:27:37 AM

Chapter 200
After leveling up his innate seed and tested out what the upgrade was, Randy came out from behind his tent . He began preparing for his lunch as he took out a Silver Steel Alligator and a Silver Wolf .

He intended to have grilled alligator, alligator soup, and lastly wolf roll . Because this was the princess camp, a stove and various kinds of kitchen utensils had been prepared . Not only that, but the ingredients also there, what he need to do was to cook .

With kitchen had been prepared, Randy began cooking his lunch . Later, Rosikh came back and noticed Randy was cooking for lunch, he came over, helping Randy .

Randy didn't mind sharing his lunch with Rosikh as he prepared a whole alligator and a whole wolf, so it was still enough even if Rosikh joined him eating a lunch . But later Audrey also came out, he thought Audrey would not join him for lunch as she had a private cook, but to his surprise, she joined as she immediately took a seat at the table had been prepared for her .

Looking at this, Randy decided to add more dish and invited his fellow earthling too . He only knew to cook grilled meat, roasted meat, and soup . But to his surprised, Rosikh was quite skilled .

Rosikh made a "stew" and two unknown stir-fry veggie . The lunch menu was quite messy, a wolf roll, grilled alligator, alligator soup, "stew", and two unknown stir-fry veggie .

Not long after Rosikh and Randy finished cooking, Randy's fellow earthling came out from the tent . Randy didn't know if they didn't have any shame or had a thick skin, the three directly took a seat as it was natural for Randy and Rosikh cook for them .

They were eating while in another side wall the Crimson Cloud Kingdom's army and the second wave of beast horde clashed . The clash lasted longer than the first clash despite the second army had more people than the first one .

Rather than resting at their tent, Randy and his fellow earthlings under the Crimson Princess lead were watching the war from the top of the border wall after eating their lunch .

Looking at the beast horde from the top of the wall, Randy tempted to join the war again . But Rosikh told him with a serious look he must follow the rule of Crimson Cloud Kingdom's army, not letting him acted as he wanted to when he was in the Crimson Cloud Kingdom's army .

Randy could only look at the sea of beasts with regret . In his eyes, those beasts were EXP for him, but what a pity that he was part of Crimson Cloud Kingdom's army and must abide by their rule .

Also, his identity was a trialer, it was not wise for him to contradict Crimson Cloud Kingdom's army . Moreover, he noticed the people from the Crimson Cloud Kingdom didn't have a good impression for trialer like him, especially for the noble of Crimson Cloud Kingdom .

Somehow, he felt the noble of Crimson Cloud Kingdom despised the trialer like him . Audrey told him the people who berated them in the throne room was from noble, the highest noble in the Crimson Cloud Kingdom .

There were also many nobles in the army and he got no lack of disdain and contemptuous look from them as the vice-captain of Rosikh's squad also from nobility . If not for his identity as "Crimson Princess' Private Guard" he was sure that vice-captain would look a trouble for him and his fellow earthlings .

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Randy believed there must be a history for the noble despised them, trialers openly without bother to hide it . But he had no clue about it, even Audrey told him nothing about it when he asked .

He just wanted to finish his mission smoothly, get his unknown reward and went back home . With that thought, he didn't want to make trouble from the supposed allies, the Crimson Cloud Kingdom despite being despised by Crimson Cloud Kingdom's nobles .

They were watching the war which was lasting for 9 hours before finally, Crimson Cloud Kingdom's army wiped out the beast horde . Meanwhile, Randy and his fellow earthling were sleeping on the top border wall, Crimson Princess and Rosikh included .

Randy only woke until the war finished . Because the princess was here with him, no one bothered them despite sleeping on the top wall, instead, ofthere was someone delivering the blanket to them .

'Even though this princess often played a prank on him, but at least, the treatment he got was not bad . As long as I hug her thigh, then there will be no one dare to bother him,' Randy thought as he looked the soldier who was on guard on the top wall .

The guards around there were looking at him and the others with envy . Randy ignored the guards and looked at the bottom wall where the second army of Crimson Cloud Kingdom back .

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Afterward, he looked across the Elingdon plain, where another beast horde showed up . Even though the sun had set, and the night came over, Randy could see clearly . Even though he could see far ahead in the night, but it was not as clear as now .

He surprised a little before remembering what Shana told him . After integrating bloodline, Shana told him his five senses had also got enhanced . Now, he guessed his five senses also got enhanced after Bloodline Awakening .

But he didn't give a further thought about his five senses as he focused the new beast horde . He thought the Vanguard Battalion would go in action tonight to defense from the third wave of the beast horde, but he was wrong .

Tonight was the army called Blazing Cloud Battalion in duty to defend the border wall . The Blazing Cloud Battalion was the Crimson Cloud Kingdom's elite army . There were 80 . 000 people in Blazing Cloud Battalion and their duty was until the morning .

Randy surprised after hearing the arrangement from Rosikh . He checked the time; it was 9 PM, if the Blazing Cloud Battalion was until the morning, then at least they would clash, at least, with two waves of beast horde .

He was surprised and thought inwardly, 'This Blazing Cloud Battalion is a real deal,'

If they were on duty in the night until morning, then they would defense at least two waves of beast horde . But he didn't care about how strong Blazing Cloud Battalion was, but he cared most was the EXP from the beast horde .

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'Shall I sneak out in the night?' Randy thought as he didn't get a chance to join the war .

It was over million beasts . Even though it was a low-grade beast, but the level was quite high . In the afternoon, he leveled up for six levels only in five hours . But after recalling how stern and serious Rosikh was when he was telling him to not act recklessly, he threw his thought to sneak out .

Afterward, he made his dinner before going to sleep as he knew he would idle tonight . He even didn't bother to see the one so-called Crimson Cloud Kingdom's elite army while the normal soldiers were excited when they heard Blazing Cloud Battalion would go in action tonight .

Apparently, Blazing Cloud Battalion was where these normal soldiers dreamed off . It was like people on the earth met their idol .

The next morning, Randy woke up at 6 PM . Just as he wanted to prepare his breakfast, he noticed there was someone in the kitchen . Randy came over and noticed it was Crimson Princess' private cook .

'Look like he was uncomfortable since yesterday he did nothing because of me and Rosikh were the one prepare the meal,' Thought Randy as he looked the princess' private cook busied himself .

Crimson Princess' private chef was a woman, a beauty at that . He didn't dare linger longer in the kitchen as there was a beauty busty chef in the kitchen, he went back while murmuring to himself, "My wife is better, my wife is better, my wife is better…"