Battle of Ascension - Chapter 21

Published at 21st of September 2018 08:04:06 AM

Chapter 21

"Do you still not understand what I want to convey to you?" Zhen Yi become irritated with Randy

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Randy shook his head indicating he did not understand .

"You . . . " Zhen Yi really wanted to be angry with this stupid guy in front of her .

"You see and mention the name that is ranked number one in Level Ranking," Zhen Yi told Randy .

"Long Tianyu" Randy replied .

"Now you look at the Guild List and check who the founder of the Dragon Dynasty Guild" Zhen Yi ordered Randy .

Here Randy is surprised, "Eh? There is a new update from the Battle System? Guild List?"

"Just check it, do not ask!" Zhen Yi became more irritated with Randy, even he did not know about the Guild List .

Then Randy look to the Guild List, already 2 guilds that are established that is, Dragon Dynasty and Eternal Shogunate .

Then Randy checked out the Dragon Dynasty .

[Dragon Dynasty]

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Description: Founded by Long Family, Tang Family, Ye Family, Zhang Family, Yang Family, Dongfang Family and Feng Family .

"Did you checked it out?" asked Zhen Yi in a loud voice .

Randy nodded his head .

"Do you know who the head of the family is from the Long Family now?"

Randy shook his head .

"Long Tianyu is the head family of Long Family, Long Zhemin is the nephew of Long Tianyu and I am the fiancé of Long Zhemin"

"It meant you have married fiancée of Long Tianyu nephew"

Randy nodded his head .

"Do you know what status does Long Zhemin have in the Long Family?"

Randy shook his head

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"The successor of Long Tianyu, who will replace Long Tianyu as the family head of Long Family and you have married Long Zhemin fiancée, ME . Which meant you will be the enemy of Long Family for marrying Long Zhemin's fiancé not only the Long Family or even you will be the enemy of the Dragon Dynasty Guild . You understand what it meant to be the enemy of the Long Family and Dragon Dynasty Guild? You and your family might be killed!" Zhen Yi explained to Randy in detail .

Randy became dumbfounded after heard Zhen Yi explanation .

Saw Randy dumbfounded, Zhen Yi stood up and said, "Take it easy, I'll leave your family, I do not want your mother to grieve because something happened to you and the warmth of your family will be ruined just because of my petty retaliation"

When Zhen Yi wants to leave suddenly her hand is held by Randy .

Zhen Yi looked at Randy and said, "What?"

"Are you done with your explanation?" Randy asked

Hearing this Zhen Yi is confused but she nodded her head .

"Well, now it's my turn to ask you, only one question . When you say that you want to stay with this family because of this warmth family, do you really say it from the bottom of your heart or you say like just make me as a shield so you do not married to Long Zhemin?" Randy spoke his question .

Here Zhen Yi sighed, "Of course I really longing to have a family like this . . . Zhen's family is one of the most prestigious families in China and the women born in Zhen's family are used as marriage chips to expand business from Zhen family so we do not have the right there and can only follow the arrangement set by the Zhen Family . After the Battle of Ascension began I thought I can be freed the shackle of the Zhen Family and live up to what I want when I get strong but they threaten me with my mother even though I am strong and can not do anything and can only follow the arrangements set by the Zhen Family "

"Are you stupid?" this time it's Randy's turn to say that Zhen Yi is stupid .

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Zhen Yi is puzzled why Randy suddenly said that she is stupid .

Seeing Zhen Yi's face confused, Randy asks Zhen Yi, "They threaten you with your mother so that you will do what they want?"

Zhen Yi nodded her head

"Do you know where we are?" Randy asked Zhen Yi again

Zhen Yi nodded his head and replied, "East City"

"So how does your family threaten you with your mother? by torturing your mother? killing your mother? or forcibly selling your mother to Brothels? If they do this, the Zhen Family will be invaded and destroyed by those who wear the golden armor . As long as your mother is in East City then the Zhen Family will not be able to do anything to your mother . Fool, afraid of empty threats "Randy mocked Zhen Yi .

Now it's Zhen Yi's turn to be dumbfounded .

"Yes, as long as my mother is in East City then Zhen Family cannot do anything to my mother . " Zhen Yi finally realizes she's been terrified by the empty threat given by Zhen's family .

Seeing Zhen Yi stunned, Randy grinned and said, "So now we can do what the married couple should do?"

"But what about Long Family? Are you not afraid of retaliation from the Long Family?" Zhen Yi reminded Randy of the Long Family .

"You do not have to think Long Family I can handle it" Randy did not know where his confidence came from and said something like this .

Zhen Yi nodded her head .

"Okay I want to sleep now, you sleep on the floor and I sleep on the bed"

"Eh, we're not going to do what a married couple should do?" Randy was startled . He thought after he convinced Zhen Yi, he will soon graduate from his virginity .

"In your dream" Zhen Yi refused Randy outright, but she has become softer to Randy, not cold anymore like this afternoon .

Finally, Zhen Yi slept in the bed and Randy slept on the floor .

"Randy where did your strength come this afternoon when you fought me? You did not use [Burst Strength] and [Burst Agility] skills but you can blow me back with just 1 attack and you did not even get into the top 20 Level Ranking so your stat is definitely smaller than me while your equipment is much worse than mine "Zhen Yi asked Randy when she was lying in bed and Randy lay on the floor .

"I'll tell you when you're officially become my wife" Randy answered Zhen Yi

"Tsk, Stingy" then Zhen Yi did not hear any more answer from Randy .